Post Answer: Do You Think Anime Can Change Someone’s Life?

Fuck Yes. Period. 

Maybe I consider myself one of those extreme fans who takes her obsession over anime very seriously: Yep definitley am. Fellow blogger Yomu put up a touching question which a simple leave a comment answer would not do to reply with. Anime has changed my life look at what I bloody do on the internet dedicated to it but also brings forth that any media film, tv series changes people’s life for a single individual reason. |

When I started watching anime discovering there was more than just Sailor Moon out there was purely out of interest and curiosity nothing more. As time has gone out I reached many conclusions for why this media has become such a huge part of my life, a speciality place with me. The creators, authors who bring forth their different ideas, unique storytelling in ways you never think will ever touch you, Storytelling in anime though may be weird, gross, beautiful all of the above knows how to tap into our emotive. Drawing out every ounce of emotion in the less likely way sometimes you don’t expect. I’ve been caught out many times, A Place Further Than The Universe I watched earlier this year journey about four girls going to the antarctic, a deep attachment is formed within the first episode. A warm reception of comfort you are greeted with and continues through to a parting sun over your heart is in a puddle by the end of it. 

Any fandom you may be apart of can form the most lasting connections and anime is never different for that. Apart of this culture has brought me connections that have run deeper than with people I see in my life on a daily or weekly basis, which is so strange. Munto Tv I have spoken on here many times like here about how such a short series lead to a everlasting friendship with a dear person and finding a whole small fandom who adore this show. I believe anime has a stepping stone power of bringing particular connections together that felt like they were just meant to be, I’ve come to strongly believe through my own experience.

Anime has become a constant source of happiness for me on a daily basis, whether that is blogging, scrolling through latest anime news. My endorphins are set ablaze for the day over the biggest or smallest thing whether again if I just thought up a new blog or video idea or continue anime I’m bingeing when I get home from work. The real happy comes through when I am creating something to do with anime, I’ve never not been without ideas upon writing about anime. Constant flow of untapped ideas is always churning for me and never leaving me feeling  bored. Anime never leaves me feeling bored, I can’t remember the last time thinking “I am bored”. Seeing that written here only makes me realise I really am never bored then ahahaha. 

Finally anime has added to my identity, can’t just call it a mere hobby when it has become apart of something I identify with as a person. Getting anime as gifts for Christmas and Birthday every year reminds me how embedded for others they know anime is something I enjoy. Everything in your life from people, experiences are apart of the process of how you identify with yourself and I believe hobbies play a role in this factor as well. 

People I’ve seen ask themselves “I might stop liking anime one day” or think they will no longer love it. That may be the case for some but not me. Anime has a strong resonance with me that I could never merely toss aside, I love enjoying it every day of my life and that’s ever changing enough right? 

You can go read Yomu original post here! 

Thankgod the power didn’t go out again!! (terrible weather recently) I could squeeze in this post! 

See you next post!


4 thoughts on “Post Answer: Do You Think Anime Can Change Someone’s Life?

  1. This was a wonderful read! Your passion for anime is truly inspiring, and your so right, for someone that dedicates enough time to write a whole blog about anime, clearly has been effected by anime and it has changed their lives.

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  2. It’s great to see how much of a positive impact anime has had on many people, myself included!

    I’ve definitely gone through moments where I didn’t watch as much anime and sort of stepped away from it all, but with every new season bringing more fun series to check out I can’t see myself ever getting sick of it.
    At the end of the day it’s a great and powerful form of media. No different from books or any other form, and I’m sure book lovers know that they will never stop liking books also!


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