Just A Bit of Book Excitement

A fresh new book store!

There is a stock pile of posts I’ve been dying to write for the last little bit but we don’t have the stockpile time in the world to achieve this so I’m starting out small to a refurbished bookshop I was darn excited to go see. 

Up until few years ago I had not picked up a book in a long time this is including manga. 2019 is when that changed and got snuck back into the manga scene and reading in general, ever since my reading has remained pretty continuous because I thought it would fall off the bandwagon fast. I wouldn’t say I am a hardcore reader more so in the moderate range, dipping in and out of novels, manga mainly. My reading really elevated when moving to Australia and relying on a library close by because we didn’t have internet in our new home at the time. Our computer was still on the boat crossing the ocean so frequent visits to the library to use their computer, planted a new reader seed in me. 

Another experience that did was when visiting the city and a great bookstore called Borders here, it was a readers dream nook, all the books and a cafe inside, seats everywhere to plant your ass on and forget the world. Sadly that Australian business went under, was a very sad day. So what is there now? 

Part of the new layout

America has got the barnes and noble, and I got a place called Dymocks. Now there are other bookstores I go to that sell manga but Dymocks is one of the main book retailers in Australia. I was so sad early last year they closed down the city store being the main bookstore for the city. Yet until early last month reopening from renovations and being in a new location in the main mall. Me and my friend had wanted to visit for ages finally beginning of this month we got the chance. 

The new Dymocks was on upper floor below some other shops, used to be a sports store but placing the bookstore there was the best choice. Going up the escalators, my mind was transported “See you a few hours bitches” because the first thing that jumped out was old high ceilings with old vintage art above in all its glory. So gorgeous and the amount of space had tripled compared to where the store had been situated before. 

manga section actually was bigger

The main goal for the visit was to see if the manga section was any bigger than in the previous store, beforehand it was poxy. Pleased to say it was a least an improvement to see a bigger shelf for the manga and all doubled shelved on either side. We sadly don’t have the luxury where I live that Barnes and Noble offer especially people’s vlogs that present the luxury America has to a beautiful bookchain. So seeing the manga have a bigger stance is a big deal to me, also great to see they had chairs about if you wanted to sit and read. I gave into temptation and bought myself volume 5 of candy color paradox one of my favourite boys love manga, had been sitting on my amazon list for like two years haha.

No doubt every city visit I do from now on, I will spend some time there because it was so lovely to have new bookstore this nice. More than nice for the city I live in. If you go somewhere like Sydney the bookchain their Kinokuniya you’d class as Barnes and Noble I suppose, closet thing anyway. But It’s more fulfilling having an addition like this because my regular anime store I go to, the manga section has shrunk so much. Majority of the the things use to be in there have shrunk the appeal to go in there has lessened drastically which is sad. My attention already I know for city visits will change a lot from now on. Going to nice bookstore really matters to me because I’ll more likely spend than hesitate like I have been for the past year lol

I just wanted to share my imitate experience with a brand new bookstore and manga look in of what it’s like where I am! 

See you in the next post! 


One thought on “Just A Bit of Book Excitement

  1. Ooo, nice book store! Oh, there was still Borders Books in Australia?! There used to be a huge Borders near where I lived (Washington State, US) but it closed down a really long time ago. I didn’t realize that the company was still around. I’m happy it managed to survive in Australia a bit longer. Too bad it closed down there too. The Dymocks looks very nice! I wouldn’t mind having one of those book stores to replace the missing Borders Books in my neighborhood. Hopefully one will make it’s way to the US!

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