Falling For The Fall

My best look at 8pm ready for a anime binge

I have zero time any of this week accept today to write my seasonal thoughts because we stupidly thought, let’s wait till first three episodes are out. 

Fall anime 2022 we have been keeping up with, Fall 2022 I have really fallen for in my choices of shows which you can find right here. I must be the most patient little lamb than everyone else waiting for Saturday to roll by and catch up on seasonal stuff. The most free day I usually have and current schedule makes me look forward to Saturdays even more. Currently I am watching four out of my list at the moment, Spy x Family and My Hero I have been waiting for the dubs. As stating above really loving the Fall season over, all the shows each has struck a different pleasant for me and I won’t leave till the end to say: Yes I will be continuing them. Because I intend too. 

Mobile Suit Witch From Mercury (Ep 1 – 3)

Holy Gunny guacamole! I said this was my most anticipated, I said I had that feeling this was going to make waves. Holy shit it has let’s be frank here. Same Gundam formula but added freshness that has not been seen in any other one I’ve seen yet. This is without a doubt to me the boost the Gundam franchise needed from anime perspective. Suletta our first main female pilot ever has some many endearing qualities that I would need a whole scroll to fill to quote them all. A makeup of beautiful feminine shy, sweet nature and soulful, willfulness to say how it is even though she is probably scared. That is how I will describe in that short sentence. First three episodes is a taste of turmoil and treacherous for what is come, the set up so solid makes me want to cry, how good it was. 

Mecha school’s regulations for how they duke out duels is fun and exciting addition demonstrating an individual’s values, beliefs and skills which really got me to like Suletta first opponent. Episode 1 left waves in the social media space bringing sexuality themes to the mix, I’ve seen it in 00 before but it’s this introduction was clean and cut. Clasping for your attention but I’m not sure if it will be truly taken seriously at this stage but the move certainly caught attention for anime fans who have never seen a Gundam series before. That is one of the reasons I love this series, a singular move like that makes it stand out. There is so many interesting dynamics going on here that would take some time to break down here, the animation is gorgeous, Political themes are strong and enticing. Witch from Mercury has no problem getting your attention and sweeping you under its spell so far. 

Raven of The Inner Palace (Ep 1 – 3)

I don’t know why I honestly thought this series was out in china already and just had Japanese voiceover done on it. Until we read oh “in china fictional setting”. Such a smart moment I had but a rarity of light novel adaptation we have here. My god this series is just oozing in mysteriousness, curiosity and addictive atmosphere. A supernatural consort who is not where you’ll find her in the royal bed. The confliction amongst the noble, royal is dark and cut throat in the practices if you are found doing the wrong thing. Full of slander and opposition that is the addictive atmosphere I am talking about here that I am loving so much from this. The historical backing sprinkles over what is already good here. 

What a loveable consort Ryuu is, the moment emperor brought those buns for her and seeing her face light up is when I began to like her character. It was unexpected of how she appears on the exterior, only adding charm to Ryuu. She has many layers to unveil to us yet. Her relationship with the emperor is most peculiar in their interactions so far but I adore the hot chemistry that is sprouting. The supernatural part is just divine to me, the scenes of Ryuu blowing her pink blossoms everywhere calling forth a spirit are beautiful. Reining in everything ever so nicely for this splendid historical that any history junkie would love. 

Bibliophile Princess (Ep 1 – 2) 


Shojo fans wants nothing more than the “perfect shoujo” and already people are shitting on this rarity of a romance seasonal listing that we have not seen for yonder. I like shojo to make me feel desire I don’t know about you, that is one of many reasons I love shoujo. An subjective fantasy one has to be desired for in different settings, this series is just oozing in this factor. Purely this romance for me is just sheer indulgence and comfort, instead of shitting on it, I’m basking in it’s shiny glory. 

I knew I would love this moment from watching the first episode. Elliana is off the backwater of running traits that female leads possess but I can’t help but find her so adorable. I vibe with the great desire for reading that she craves all the time and her facial expressions madhouse nailed down that hard. Those shoujo aesthetic expressions that wouldn’t make a shoujo, shoujo really without those. Maybe would have been nice for first two episodes to be combined together, making for a better introduction, that is just a tiny nit pick. Sometimes we have to take what we can get and I feel this series falls into that category, because it’s been so long since I’ve seen an anime like this adapted. Maybe we could go read the manga or light novel down the line but that’ll come later. If you are a romance fan who doesn’t care like me searching for perfection in every romance then get your popcorn and indulge!

More Than A Couple But Not Lovers! (Ep 1 – 2)

Now this was one on my list I was going to start later on but I was pretty hooked by first episode surprisingly. It interested me fake marriage was apart of school curriculum based on ranks and how high to get your scores. I already for some strange reason like the love triangle that has been established already. Jirou for main lead is a sweetie reminds me of main lead from the quintuplets a bit. Shiori and Akari the rivals for Jirou (though still forming) either one I could root for getting with Jirou. They both have different but good qualities. I chose this series for a fill in during my seasonal watch and it’s gone up to surprisingly what I must watch now category in this post haha. One aspect really like so far is the animation style reminds of the style a bit from digimon tri movies. Suits this series really well, the pinks and blues palette make everything stand out. Things have established themselves pretty quickly which is good for once  So far I’m liking this rom com.


Best girl Suletta so far!!! Halloween is not on my brain right now when I feel like it should be but it’s not. All my attention is on these seasonal watches and other side anime I have going. All so good and now you know why I fell for the fall! 

See you in the next post! 


5 thoughts on “Falling For The Fall

  1. I read volume 1 of Bibliophile Princess, and while I liked the setup, I wasn’t a fan of the novel itself. I want to check out the anime and hope it improves the storytelling.


  2. Yes, Raven of the Inner Palace and Bibliophile Princess are both really good anime that I look forward to every week! It’s kind of funny that I like both of the main characters, yet they are total opposites. In Raven of the Inner Palace, Ryuu is cool and confident while in Bibliophile Princess Elliana in sweet and a bit shy.

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