Mini Update

This will only take a moment of your time!

I don’t like doing update posts much anymore, I try and drag it out much as possible but it’s time for one. 

This will not take up much of your precious viewing time with those eyes you use everyday. But just a couple of things wanted to cover regarding the blog and podcast. 

Things are about to get busier!

At the start of this year I implemented myself a schedule for the first time in a long time, me and schedules have never jellied past tense. Though maintenance of this blog was important to me over being more productive, currently post comes out every Wednesday which is still going to continue. Even though there were some Wednesday’s I missed. Pretty proud of myself over here for keeping a momentum going. I would like to make the extra effort of achieving another post a week, we’re going to take small baby steps with that. Gradually it would be nice to reach my personal goal to write every day in some small way. But when life gets in the way even in the smallest form I get thrown off easily. Equally achieve what I want to achieve, no way can I help get like this, my current processing system over this issue. So will see how rest of the year goes! 


For those that know or don’t know I run a solo podcast over on anchor (other platforms) called Anime One At A Time Podcast currently I have been putting out a episode a month *sometimes* lately it’s not gone that way.  July was a big month but I was about to start to do two episodes a month then towards middle I got the coco virus. I’m running at 70% currently as I took quite a beating. My voice is not quite recovered for me so the next episode will be mid August. It’s not as bad as it was but just need more time to recover. I am dying to record right now but I sound like a frog, haha. 

That’s all I have to inform you on in this update all in all means more is coming not less, that’s because I’m in a space where I want that. Not because we’re doing it to please the masses and get to productivity levels the whole world has absorbed themselves in. 

See you on Wednesday!


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