My Happy Marriage Light Novel – Tickling All My Fancy

It’s not a crime to start a book because the cover visuals are stunning which was the case here. 

Got You To Initially Read?


We are trying a new found approach to writing about things I read, because feel like some change is in order. This new casual format will make the words flow for me, I don’t struggle when it comes to talking about anime. I struggle when it comes to discussing manga or light novels. There are many reasons I was interested in this title but the first was the volume one cover, it’s the kind of cover that is spell binding, mean look at the exuding life that is springing upon from it. I knew nothing about it just I had to know these duo’s deal. 

The Lure Synopsis 

Miyo born without a supernatural ability among her own prestigious family Saimori. From a young age abused into an existence serving on hand and foot for her. Till Miyo’s father decides to marry her off to a notorious military commander with a calicious reputation of being cold and demeaning. Miyo’s suffering seems about to take a deeper dive but giving in to her fate when meeting the beauty Kiyoka. Miyo makes the discovery the rumors are false of her betrothed then the two are drawn slowly opening their hearts for the first time. 


First Few Pages

I bought My Happy Marriage on the kindle to read on the plane for a mini holiday. Just from reading the synopsis it sounded like the read I had been looking for, something to excite me. Romance, supernatural set in Taisho, Meiji era all things I adore if they are in combination. But then referencing to cinderella “a girl in servitude” cast off to marry a rumoured evil man. Sounded tragically beautiful, my anticipation was running away with me the moment I started reading, Miyo’s tragic existence and upbringing is laid bare and full of sheer anguish with the first few pages. 

A submissive, meek girl subjected to torment from her despicable sister Kaya and stepmother, treated her no more than worth a plant torn from its own roots. Miyo’s backstory was written and presented in a demeaning light as it should be gearing behind main characters you want to and if the tall tale isn’t convincing of that then selling this storyline to readers would be hard. 

Continuing On Or We Stopped?

No I totally stopped after Miyo is about to meet Kiyoka the cold monster. Are you kidding?!? after this point I was in love with this title. I love the way author describes anything in the story but the way describing Kiyoka as a person and his appearance has a wonderful allure to it. Matching to the visual image of him on main cover and what’s described in the book is identical, I could envision his long silver hair and calm demeanor. Miyo and Kiyoka are two magnets towards one another Miyo finding some trust and self worth herself and Kiyoka exposing his heart he didn’t think was possible. Miyo’s character I am hoping will have some good nurturing throughout, their are a few moments of self realisation Miyo has for herself for first time. Discovering her inner independence is what I hope to see as a woman. 

I could already tell this is going to be a slow burn romance, we’re not exuding fiery, passion atmosphere here but more about warmth and blossoming growth. I love Kiyoka caretaker Yurie already a pending influence over Miyo and Kaya and Miyo’s stepmother remind of cartoon villains. But I have distaste for both, the parts when Miyo addresses her abuse, distaste quickly overtakes. The supernatural concept of the gifted and fending off creatures known as Grotesqueries leave some to be desired curiosity. There were some a couple of things in the plot at the end that strangely was settled suddenly which I’m not sure how I feel but maybe will be explored in the next volume. 

The Final Rundown

My Happy Marriage Volume one ticks all the boxes for romance lovers depending on your dosage, everything right now is at the getting to know stage for Miyo and Kiyoka, who knows where it will lead too. It’s far and few between to be bless with a title like this set in Meiji, Taisho era with holding supernatural, social class setting. I will practically scream this in people’s face if you have been seeking something enthralling to submerge yourself into. I am in love with this story and must be off to buy volume two. Crazy as of writing this an anime and live action series has been announced for next year already, well go figure.

Wow we actually talked light novels for once and one I plan to keep a track because it’s the only one I’m following. Let’s see how big my light novel list will get by end of the year. 

See you in the next post!! 



2 thoughts on “My Happy Marriage Light Novel – Tickling All My Fancy

  1. I’m also looking forward to the continuation and the upcoming anime. I just hope their relationship will continue its sweet growth without being tooo slow. They’re just such a couple you want to root for.

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