Ahh That Next Season You Were Waiting For

Me praying things would progress better at times

I’ve held off talking about this dilemma next season for Shield Hero until I got stop myself from writing a mass words of more than 3000 words or something. 

If there was any next season I was stoked for the return of was Shield Hero Season two. This Isekai regained my interest in the genre after so long. Mostly Naofumi coming along as your different protagonist as a anti-hero, his actions in the first season example taking in slaves, the harem (people dubbed as) consisting of Filo and Raphtalia. This action never got him brownie points with some fans but Naofumi was the decision maker here in his repulsed circumstances. You can condone his actions at the beginning but Filo and Raphtalia become more than slaves in his eyes as the first season progresses. Naofumi interested me in his actions and had me addicted in the first place.  

Being delayed from October last year to April finally the time came. I was just excited to see all the characters once more, honestly wasn’t too focused on where the story would go. First episode for season two was great (was too high on nostalgia there) it’s from after that point around episode 5 little cracks began to appear. Now as a whole Season Two is half and half for me had some great moments then questionable ones. I enjoyed certainly parts of and the characters but you know when you can’t ignore certain factors even if you choose nostalgia the reason to overlook those. 

Rishia 2.0

Wohoo! Our tossed out Rishia from Itsuki’s party seen as a burden joining Naofumi’s harem was a good move. A massive positive from season two this girl grew a pair haha. Got to see the real Rishia which I knew was in there all along during her clash with that Abysmal enemy Kyo. Her tone, green glow in the moment pictured above gave me my favourite girl Jupiter vibes and I was immersed in this moment. I may have slightly teared up a little so brownie points for being quarter reason of continuing to watch this season. 

Call Yourself A Villian 

I’ll give you something to laugh about

Who wrote up this egomanaic pitiful excuse of a series villain. A good written one for me gets under my skin every time they are on screen. This guy I wanted to shove his head in a toilet, everytime he opened his mouth. Evil back chat to Naofumi was 0/10, nothing but melted cheese talk that meant no frontal threat. He was one of the biggest drawbacks for the series definitley, I just couldn’t with him. 

Maze and Kizuna 

I find it very random the series split itself off half way through Naofumi crew being transported to a random maze then meeting Kizuna belonging to Glass’s party. This took away excitement for me with the main plot at hand and narrative that bored me in parts. Naofumi calling Kizuna a loli just made me roll my eyes, why is this dialogue being used. relevance? there was none. As for Kizuna her introduction, whole character didn’t really do anything for me. I didn’t care about her. This was another season two boo boo.

Last Episode and Animation Drop

These two factors are probably the series biggest downfall. Shield Hero I normally don’t comment on animation quality but yours was very noticeable for season two. You can tell if you google image from season one, there is a beautiful glow to the shading of Raphtalia hair for example, where in season two it didn’t have that quality. Just bland with no extra life to it. The drop in animation quality can be seen everywhere which is a crying shame for this series. That bold afterglow affect that could be seen everywhere (to me anyway) left a nice shine on the shield but we’re given dull and bleak. It’s not nice for me to crap all over the animation but the quality drop is too obvious to not comment on. 

The last episode I’m questioning of why it was a recap of the series past events. I actually only watched the first seven minutes and turned it off. What the hell here. 


Where did my dream comeback go? 

I stopped myself from this being a complete shit post but it’s still true there were some good moments that saved me from dropping it entirely due to being so attached to the series. Raphtalia sacrificing herself for Naofumi and everyone else could go through the portal made teary for the shear dread you can see above, how much Raphtalia has come to mean to him, more than a slave. That was a sentiment nice to see through Naofumi eyes. Another moment I enjoyed. 

I know I wasn’t the only one who felt this series was the way it was. Have no idea if I will watch season three at this point, I’ll decide when it comes out at the time. 

Please feel free to leave your commentary, if you’re like me with hows this series turned out. I encourage you to share your feelings if you have held back like me till now lol. 

Hopefully next post is on the lighter side haha.

Lita xx


One thought on “Ahh That Next Season You Were Waiting For

  1. Same here Lita. 2nd season 1st cour is a let-down big time. The only thing that came from that is Ost Hourai. The spirit turtle …. er wow it looked terrible. The “battle” with spirit tortoise I found it bland, even boring. The 2nd cour, it was a bit better, holy crap though still boring as hell. Kizuna meh. I found myself being drawn to Theresa and L’Arc. Kyo, holy f, did he bring down the entire 2nd season, “shoving his head in the toilet, every time he opened his mouth ” – funniest line and truer words written. Evil back chat, couldn’t even rate it – it’s that crap.

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