What Would Be Offered On Anime Rental Market?

90s style houses I love them

This is definitley a post that is going to peek all the curoisty, have no idea how I come up with this crap really lol 

If over the last few posts I have been noticing a pattern of relating to happenings in real life and creating something connecting to anime. I have come to really enjoy writing this kind of posts because this says me for my blog, makes me feel like this is my standout point from the rest of other anime blogs. So would you believe for the the past 3 weeks my brain has been filled up of nothing but looking at rentals (not for me but family) and my brains about to burst of overwhelmed. All that congested energy is now being poured into this brilliant idea of a post (not). 

The rental market right now is trash and it didn’t take long to discover, leaving the fate of getting a rental in owners/agents hands is worst kind of anxiety. There isn’t much you can do to sell yourself like “hey I am good upstanding citizen, I’ll always pay on time and keep the place clean”. You put that application in and sip on earl grey tea to stopped the wired anticipation sending you into a spiral. You are not always going to get the rental you want but in my case definitley got lucky there! There are either some appalling, okay, don’t fit our options, or out of our budget options. It’s amazing how many of the good rentals you find, fit your criteria but are knocked off within seconds for one reason or another.  There should be no settling for anything less, if you want my honest opinion to live in decent premises, If I learned anything this should be a non -negotiable. 

This whole experience got me thinking if a anime rental market existed, what options would I like to be available? 

Magus English Cottage

Pets Allowed
Old Charm
Ancient Fireplace
Original furnishing Included
Woodland Hikes and Paths

As someone originally from the english land there is nothing like english countryside, ultimate suburban/city escape you have been wishing, aching for. Set in a quaint setting in the midlands, near places like Devonshire for example, not far from main town among a celestial plain. A something however the hell old english style cottage resides among the lush of green and woodland. Nothing says english heritage as cottages, bring the feeling of home like no other style of housing, cozy for those winter months and picturesque witnessing of springs first bloom. The quiet life is not far for you of this rare to have the magus, magic life.

Closer To Nature Arrietty 

Pets Allowed
Unique Furnishings
Nature Is On Your Doorstep 
Colour And Flare Throughout
Owners Built Secondhand

If there was such a rental to call unique Closer to Nature arrietty is certainly one. You like nature? Want to be immersed and on your doorstep? This rarity is the place for you. Nature is pouring out every inch of every room from carpet of greens to wooden benchtops. Decked out hallways of wood leading to massive kitchen with a pot stove top, nowhere else has such an addition. Tiny stained windows that let all the natural light through for all the decorative plant foliage to soak up and look be happy 24/7. Be close to nature in the best possible way! 

Quintuplet To Cater Apartment

They have fancy apartment!

Pets Negotiable 
Brand New Built
All The Modern Furnishing
Spectacular City View 

Like being in centralised city? This lush space is a winner for you then! Open living plans something that is becoming the normal, this apartment goes big on that with a modern in-built TV mount, massive open kitchen with all the bells and whistles. A stream of big windows where natural light will become your permanent best friend forever. An upper floor with four spacious room exuding the perfect private solitude for yourself. Seeking modern plus space, the Quintuplet will cater no problem.


Yumemi Ordinary Japanese 

Pets Allowed
Japanese Classic Vintage 
Quiet Suburban

Something a lot of Japanese lovers of the culture find the darndest cute is their small way of living. Yumemi’s Ordinary Japanese is the ultimate authentication to lead this lifestyle if that. is something you have desired for yourself. This cute, quaint little home has all the Japanese classic features and furnishings, located in a quiet suburban area where not much goes on. Nothing beats classic for the majority and this cute Japanese style home will win you over fast. 

Clarines Regal 

Pets Allowed
Spacious Quarters On A Floor (not whole castle you’ll have reign over)
Most Luxurious Furnishings
Most Splendid Nature Walks

Luxury is only a step away in the kingdom of Clarines where you will have a whole floor to yourself, full of the finest furnishing you will have ever seen in your life. We all want the life of spoilt somewhere within us and you can have that with this incredible opportunity here. Just beyond the main castle walls is a thriving town always humming a tune of warmth and homely feel but beyond that also lush green terrain yet to be walked upon. Fairytale won’t feel like a dream but become the rental dream come true you never thought possible before. 

I made sure pets would be allowed everywhere because some people aren’t flexible but also understand no-one wants their property ruined by disgusting humans as they do exist. I’d be the most flexible and comprising within reason. But not everyone is opposed to people with pets it can go either way with or without upon personal experience, loads of other factors come to matter more. This was a joy silly post and hope you find some amusement out of it. 

What anime rental would you like to see on the market? 

See you in the next post guys!



13 thoughts on “What Would Be Offered On Anime Rental Market?

  1. This really is a cute post idea. I did end up dropping RPG Real Estate but even there I loved their many different types of homes. Of your list, I’d most likely choose Magus English Cottage or Arrietty ^.^

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww thanks Marina!! I didn’t know about real estate anime sad to hear you dropped it but I might give it a go as I am interested. Ooo magus cottage definitely for me too 😄

      Liked by 1 person

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