Sparkle, Sparkle Boys Love

Too many sparkles

I’ve never seen such a boys love sparkle so much in my life.

(wrote this during isolation)

I didn’t know whether I was going to do one big post on Winter anime actually completed (that was the initial plan). As I write this I’m currently in Isolation (I’m well before you ponder) going to be here for next seven days, got to use the time wisely. No better time to catch up on seasonal anime like some mellow, cute boys love anime that has been a happy dose each week.


Truly has been a minute since watching a boy’s love during the seasonal season, barely can I recall the last one I watched. What I say here about what Sasaki and Miyano don’t see might be different from what fans think. A boys love that dished out cute, mellow and innocent vibes from the first episode and that only progressed through twelve episodes. Classic, fluff between two young adolescent boys navigating through new territory that is terrifying. What a cute trait to have Miyano into boys who love manga and using that as the main connection for Sasaki. An obvious tool, to me to use but while the boys were experiencing first love ties their connection in a nice bow.

One thing that frustrated others but not me was the ending confession everyone was waiting for Miyano. Sasaki was a patient boy giving our innocent flower time to process Sasaki’s confession. Do I remember the last time this happened in a boy’s love? Hahaha no. That time does feel drawn out a tad on Miyano’s part but each new realisation Miyano has is handled delicately. The delicacy taken on Miyano part, truly adored my favourite parts in the episode. Sasaki easily killed me much as Miyano, his yearning anticipation growing to be close to Miyano was as real as it gets when you want that somebody. That feeling your body is burning up by just looking at them, Sasaki’s heated face expressed this with hot intent. Time and consideration was the forefront for boys’ relationships and I thought that aspect worked out really well.


Last thing that I truly enjoyed more than anything else was Studio Deen utilises animation harmoniously to the main relationship. The intimate moments of Miyano and Sasaki were saturated in Dopple of speckles, sparkles of pink warm tones mixed with other warm colours. Last scene in episode twelve is a great example of this looking at Sasaki face toned over in warm deep pink and auburn red. Ah it’s gorgeous how the sparkles affected the intimate moments, levelled up the series entirely, Animation for me was such a key component in this series.

The last thing to say about this boy’s love was an easy recommendation for anyone who is curious about the genre. Never watched any in their life, adorable, appropriate first venture into boys love scene. I’m so glad this anime exists now for the genre showing the diversity of what it can offer and not just be known for triggering content that does not vibe with all audiences. Sasaki and Miyano cater to the tastes of important audiences who want to give this genre a go.


If you watched this did you enjoy the sparkles like me? And I think it’s a good recommendation.

I’ll see you in the next post!



4 thoughts on “Sparkle, Sparkle Boys Love

  1. Yes, this was such a wonderfully sparkly series! I loved how all the heart warming scenes were highlighted with dreamy colors and floaty sparkles. There really needs to be more BL like this!

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