Isolation With Anime Experience

Wish my computer, desk had been in my room for this

I evaded since the pandemic began until past week of being stuck in my box room. It was an experience. 

I feel pretty lucky after all this time avoiding the isolation everyone in the world and around me have gone through but your time comes eventually in these precendenting times. Just to mention now before anything I didn’t get the thing, I was all well throughout. Lockdowns are a thing of the past nearly that and isolation being stuck in your room are very different experiences entirely I learned first hand. You can’t do much in that instance and just accept what is happening, for me it came out of nowhere but that rush quickly settled down. It’s the most disruption I’ve ever had affect my life and definitley for whole world who’s gone through this. 

Only one thing: ALL THE ANIME TIME!

Isolation is just a unplanned holiday, that’s my advice to treat it as if you find yourself in this situation. Mine was only for a week as I know isolation periods vary for different countries. I certainly wasn’t going to waste this time and nothing was wasted. I wanted to go over what anime got cramped in as I didn’t just watch anime whole time. That might have happened if I had no other interests but spending time on manga and asian dramas was divided out as well. 

You definitley grow a big head thinking of the time you’ll have to watch all the things and I’ll tell you. . . that is not how it will go for you. It didn’t for me because by day 4 I was tired from not doing much instead of the reserve. I didn’t spend whole time in front of a screen, went outside in the garden (I was allowed too) to remember my body has to move. Other factors if I wasn’t in the mood to watch something, you really, really need to divide your time to other things when your stuck in a box is my other strongest advice: switch it up!. So what did I manage to get to during my unplanned holiday?


It has been ages since I watched a “unknown” title to me. This supernatural, romance series I started week before going into isolation and didn’t manage to get into till now. Ripen age of 2010 title that I definitley had not heard of and really enjoyed this one. A fair while since watching a supernatural series, I do plan to do a podcast on this for next episode, it was a very cute watch. Focuses on four girls who are known as half spirits, they become apart of a new organisation with the military called the ‘Ministry of Spirit Affairs’. The girls are partnered up with three second lieutenants, whom solve incidents involving different spirits and are representatives for humans and spirits alike. 

I loved the western modern setting at a time Japan is transitioning based on this part of history, really worked with the story well.  The characters were a funny cast and all very likeable. If you’ve been looking for a cute, enjoyable supernatural then definitley give this a go. 

Dr Stone 

Never made it past episode 3 when Dr Stone first came out, one of those cases I got distracted. After Zakuro felt like visiting a Shonen, my Dragon Ball Super binge could have continued but really wasnt in the mood for that. A recent conversation with someone I remember brought up how much that was a favourite of their, spurred me to binge the first season. At the moment still making my way through Stone Wars Arc but I feel bad for sleeping on this shonen. God I really enjoyed my time with this shonen, made my isolation feel like it was going fast. There are so many good things to say about this series, I’m waiting to write a post on this one. Already it has made into my top ten favourite shonen. 

Living-Room Matsunaga-san

Not a whole lot of manga reading for done a little but but I managed to finish this sweet shojo off my list. An age-gap romance that has been very popular with manga fans, I can get behind this one. The characters are the reason I can, lot of individuality here and humour that back this story up strongly, make it all work. Those kind of fundamentals for stories about age gap romance need to be there for me personally otherwise things can fall apart quickly and fan discourse with age gap happens quite often if it’s not there. I understand that, so it’s so great when a title like this comes along and proves bring satisfaction to the mix. Again hopefully get a chance to go into more detail in a post whenever that happens but this was an enjoyable age gap, god damn it’s been a while. 

Cleaning Freak! Aoyama Kun And SSSS.Dynazenon

These are fresh series I have started, Cleaning Freak Aoyama Kun seemed like good change up in my watching first episode was very amusing about a germaphobe who loves soccer but refuses to get dirty, touch other players, headbutt ball etc. It is very funny and I don’t feel I’ll get much else from the series but adds a good dynamic to things. Now SSSS.Dyanzenon was a series in 2021 I never got to from my post of anime I was looking forward too. Studio Trigger once again delivering on it’s whacky factor and episode starts that never make sense. Because they never do. SSS Gridman start I got all over again no idea what the hell is going on. Into episode three and now things are beginning to take shape, fully into this title already like Gridman. Trigger shows just have such a entertaining factor to them which I just love a lot. 

Laid-back Camp 2 

Girls and their camping is something never thought I would fall in love with so much until I completed first season. This season 2 I had been putting off for right time. Autumn has hit now and it’s perfect watch to wind down with. I watch in small increments, I like to savour every moment especially the food parts. I’m only half way through but loving every second. 

What an interesting experience but by last day I was ready to face the full on of life once again. One thing I was reminded was how important watching anime on a daily basis was even if some things have to fall on the back pedal. If I didn’t dedicate lot of my evenings to watching anime, more blog posts would happen but I’m not giving up that up. 

Which is why if you have found yourself in Isolation have you used your time wisely? What did you get around to watching? 

Now back to the normal grind! 

I’ll see you all in the next post! 



11 thoughts on “Isolation With Anime Experience

  1. I love the idea that Isolation is just a unplanned holiday. Cases are soaring here just as my work decided we should show up at the office so maybe I’ll get an unplanned vacation soon! And I actually want to watch Zakuro too!

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  2. Cleaning Freak! Aoyama Kun sounds very interesting same with Zakuro. I am also glad you now understand the hype of Living Room Matsunaga San too lol :). I hope you are doing well now after the isolation, and I am glad you consumed some media in the process. Also let me know if you know where the anime that the girl is searching for the book/manga? It looks like fun Haha!

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