Spring But NO. . . Wait It’s Autumn

Hello Autumn.

According to logic we’re in spring but the Southern Hemisphere is the not logical part that can never be changed.

This coming weekend we’re about to get into the new spice of flavour, Spring 2022 anime season. Even though Autumn is showing its Colours, so like always leaves some readers feeling confused here on why I am talking about Autumn. They’ll be like get your seasons straight… but they are.

Compared to the other seasonal anime there is something about Spring that excites all fans and the line up for this year is looking sublime. I already know that I am going to be watching more than for Winter. I’ve told myself I’ll put some shows on hold and come back to them when I’m done with completed ones. Hehe let’s look into what has made it on my watch list.

Rising Of The Shield Hero S2

My baby got delayed once already originally slated for October and then to April. Can’t believe the time is upon me. I truly fell in love with this Isekai, the first in so long for me. Protagonist Naofumi, a vigilante who was not your run of the mill lead, created a new dynamic and was immersed in it quickly. Ah so stoked for where things will lead with Naofumi and his gorgeous harem of women. It’s even more fantastic Season 3 has been in the works for a while also, nice for once to not leave me wondering if we were going to get more..

Komi Can’t Communicate S2

Don’t think I’ve mentioned Komi for the blog. I watched this alongside someone and definitely made the experience more enjoyable. This is an example of a series I would never start on my own unless later on. Komi speaks to every inner introvert out there and the struggles. Great mix of parody comedy and scenes Komi’s life grows richer (which kills your feelings). I’m looking forward to being entertained once again by Komi and her oddball gang.

Spy x Family

No surprise to me this popular shounen received an anime. Assassins impersonates a family. I have never read the manga so I’m excited to go into this blindly. I have no doubt this will be good and will be a very fun series for fans to watch.

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie

Rom com gotta have one every season but seriously I am missing some good Shoujo over here. I liked the sound of the plot, heartthrob girlfriend where we are already a couple. This could be quite cute, PV trailer amused me and this will be a cute watch hopefully.

A Couple Of Cuckoos

Did I say I was watching one rom com? I said to myself I was but then this complicated rom com appeared on my radar. Haha the plot sounds quite chaotic and well. . . We’re here for that. Messy romcoms can be very entertaining: a mix up at birth and two main characters have no idea they are actually betrothed already. cliffnotes giving here but potential here there is.

Ascendance Of A Bookworm S3

Wait what. Since then I have completed and caught up to this. Surprise there haha. Someone got me onto this watching it with them and made me see the hype for this fun Isekai. Definitely need to do a blog post or something but I have never met a girl who loved books so much. Many good things to say about this series and I’m looking forward to the return of this humorous Isekai.

Dance Dance Danseur

Billy Elliot Anime incoming. Ooo this one caught my instantly Ballet anime dappling into sports, romance, drama realm. By studio Mappa, why would I not add this. I noticed this series last minute and main focus on male dancer reaching to become a full fledged ballet dancer. This series has all the chance to make a mark for itself, excited for this one!

Skeleton Knight In Another World

The only reason this Isekai made it to my watch list was because a gamer wakes up next minute as a Skeleton and PV trailer interested me. Curiosity is more reigning me towards this one, I’m trying to listen to my Isekai curiosity more as I don’t go out of my way to watch it a lot. This is a wait and see choice.

Love All Play

Purely I’ll watch this sports anime because I’ve taken up badminton in real life for fun. I had a feeling of déjà vu when this came up on the spring lineup. Watching this one for fun haha maybe it can give me some badminton tips haha.

I’m Quitting Heroing

Realised when was the last time to watch something with fantasy in it so this light novel adaptation sounded fun. Quite a turn around plot here that exudes some intrigue. Whipping an opposition’s enemy force back into action where the main character defeated the enemy once before but didn’t get the Thankyou you think would occur. Cliff notes here but this could be an interesting time.

Ten. . . that’s an alarming number for me but there was so much I was interested in. Now just because people come out with their lists doesn’t mean we stick to all these series, I bet I’ll drop something. This week’s post is a day late if you don’t follow my on twitter I did announce it wouldn’t come out till the weekend but I changed my mind. 

Do let me know what you are picking up this Spring season? 

I’ll see you in the next post! 



3 thoughts on “Spring But NO. . . Wait It’s Autumn

  1. I’m with you with Spy x Family and Dance Dance Danseur! I’m hoping Spy x Family keeps the quirkiness of the manga. And DD Danseur… my former ballerina heart is fluttering. I can’t wait to see how that pans out with MAPPA at the helm.

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