Winter Anime 2022 That Froze Over For Me

These ones didn’t make it for me

I started with 6 to 8 shows for this seasonal I think. . . but while it’s great to gloat about the watches you stick with. Equally as important to discuss the ones that didn’t. 

When I started out blogging, it was rare I would discuss the anime I would drop. I was afraid to express those thoughts all the time. The more posts I wrote, more confident the courage would grow to be less afraid. Doing this for 7 years now, I’m not afraid to tell how it is on why a show doesn’t make it all the way with me. It happens more regularly than before but that’s due to accepting what is actually enjoyable or the latter (I’m forcing myself just to see how it pans out and my entertainment levels suffer). Streaming anime I feel has brought this convenient luxury especially with seasonal anime for dropping a series just by the first episode. Personally I think is due to the high expectation that is surrounded on each new season about to start up. The greedy feed for everything to hit the mark and effecting the patience levels of fans. Kind of a sad fact but I consider myself a patient one who gives a fair shot. 

The Winter shows that didn’t make it for me I got well past episode 3 (expect one) but sadly had me stuck in a blizzard for rest of the time. 

Tokyo 24th Ward

This original anime had a pretty strong start for me, solid 50 minute introduction enough to intrigue me. Animation work was really great and played a huge part in particular dramatic parts that occurred. The sound of future situations playing out and three main characters had to find a way of avert such a disaster, using their skills and abilities together. Everything seemed to be going well for this original series barely anyone was giving a mention but after episode 54 things began to fall apart for me. Open plot holes in the story that didn’t make sense, the main boys that gripped me at the beginning faded quickly. Their frequent bickering got old fast putting a dampening on their chemistry as main group. The reason this froze over for me was the plot was trying to achieve too much I felt and forgot it’s original purpose. It’s a shame because the potential here was so damn good. 

Love of Kill 

Now this anime I never gave a mention in Winter shows I was watching. . . this show wasn’t worth that. Love of Kill I already knew about from the manga circulating for a while, it sounded cool assassins and romance chucked in there. Romance junkie I am as entinced. I dropped after first episode, I watched this with someone else and they thought the same things as I. All the feedback I’ve seen of this series has failed to mention the extent of how triggering main male Son is. His deranged stalker behaviour towards Chateau is uh ugh no. I can’t remember the last time a first episode made me so uncomfortable. . . Oh wait that was Goblin Slayer ahahaha. 

I have to commend the acting of Son, ahh so good but that’s the only compliment you’re going to get out of me. Extremely triggering Sons tendencies and strongly urge those who know this might upset them. I’ve gave you a full heads up. I really did not imagine this show to turn me away as it did, originally excited but complete turn off. A deluded love from assassin no thankyou, this can stay in the ice lake. 

The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt

 Ah this was the show I mentioned that I was about to start during writing up my Winter watch list. Funny it’s an Isekai because as you know I haven’t watched a whole bunch just lately. Someone mentioned they were watching this as they are a Isekai junkie and I decided to give it a try. There wasn’t much to the plot accept a prince who is trying get his country out of debt and how much he hates all the responsible. Just wanting to runaway. Really entertaining Isekai, I love the whiny scenes of arbalest having a fit how it is all too much. But after episode 4 the show didn’t have much else going for it. I could have continued it at a gradual pace but I decided to not put myself through the something that would have turned old for me. Perhaps one day I’ll pick it back up but super doubtful. 

Dropped three shows not bad and I realise after writing this I was watching 6 in total. There are still many I have not checked out yet but this amount was enough for me at the time. Spring is looking a whole other ball game of what I’ll be watching. I can tell you already I have 5 lined up. Next week I should have my post up of what I’ll be watching for Spring, that will be fun to write. Well sorry these winter shows will remain in the frozen wasteland for eternity especially one in particular hahahahaha. 

See you in the next post! 



8 thoughts on “Winter Anime 2022 That Froze Over For Me

  1. Genius Prince feels really derivative from Realist Hero. I know Genius Prince is supposed to be isekai but that plays a very minimal role in everything after the first couple of episodes. The protags are so similar that I identify them by the color of the leading lady’s hair, gold or platinun.

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  2. Man, I’m almost jealous that you had 6-8 to start with. This season I’m had my single title (Rusted Armors), which I already know I am among the few enjoying it. But I can say that I do look forward to it each week so I think that’s a win. I’ve always been super picky though, so maybe that helps?

    I always love seeing why people drop titles though. What works for one, doesn’t always work with another and seeing the different perspectives are so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

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