Understanding Is Either Embraced Or Rejected

It is Mecha March but there are other things I’d like to write about in between. Like this movie that took the meaning of understanding in relation to Disability giving a hard glance on the reality of it all. 

I’m always getting to things so late these days, last Friday night I was in a mood for a anime movie, quick scroll through my plan to watch, Josee, the Tiger and Fish came up. No secret one of the biggest reasons I wanted to watch, it was theme of disability played. This theme in anything will always drag me in, think I consider myself an advocate for it. The addition with personal relation to the theme, if you have read my post for OWLS on Silent Voice then you’ll know why.

Hole Yourself Up

It’s important to me when the theme of disability is included that the representation is strong. I’ve watched some half ass things, that irritate me to no end. We’re all like that with one thing that is so connected to ourselves that you turn into a control freak over it. This movie’s representation for disability made my soul happy, a side that I don’t feel has been explored much as I’d like. A Silent Voice is one of my favourites that advocates very strong but what I loved about Josee, the Tiger and Fish approach was on meaning of understanding. 

Trying to make someone understand your point of view is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to disability. Putting into words for others sometimes feels like your choking on your own words, because they won’t come out. Josee’s cold nature and shrug off nature towards Tsuneo when he becomes her caretaker is a accurate depict of how some people may react. Josee’s reluctant, dismissive manner towards Tsuneo isn’t unjust, a natural response from her the walls going up. Along with the non-believe anything will change. Josee grandmother’s you see truly cares for her well being but not letting her venture out of the house, is suffocating Josee and depleting away at her own thirst for life. 

Josee character was solid good for this movie, all her reactions and feelings I can get behind 100%. As someone who is autistic for everytime someone rejected that fact about me only would damage the believe more that someone would. The way Josee was hauled up in that house felt like a representation of that her own damage that had taken so many blows. The damage of someone who had lost believe and hope in people and life itself. These parts of the movie involving Josee really got to me (in a good way), thrilling to see deep crevice towards main theme. 

Cannot Remain Same


An aspect of understanding faced on Josee’s side which I love how that was explored, she couldn’t remain holed up forever where it felt safe but damaging at the same time. Josee is forced a shift that challenges her to step it up for herself. To become independent which is one of the scariest things in Josee’s position or anyone in similar circumstances. In this instant Josee denied this new understanding for her life, again her reaction of denial is not unjust. Josee’s thinking is torn into two divides, if things remain the same I’ll be safe and then if they don’t I’ll miss out on life. 

If I were Josee I would feel the same as her, deny this new understanding that is happening in my life. I’ve always gone at my own pace to take the time of this life understanding. Sometimes you don’t get the time and fast projected into uncomfortable zones that make things worst. And sometimes when others aren’t able to grasp or take into account these understandings, in how you deal with them, everything will feel so far away. It took Josee sometime until she found her footing but movie is a meer glimpse into reality of it all nonetheless expressed the damming eclipsed emotions towards new life understandings splendidly. Along with addition of a angle of understanding I wasn’t expecting and raised the bar higher for the film. 

Embraced At Last 

The first taste of a crepe and visit to the aquarium are only a fraction of Josee’s wishing that felt so far for so long. Last type of understanding the movie touched upon was: embraced. It’s a journey of embrace I felt for Josee in the cards she was dealt, for her it was within 1 hour and 40 minute time frame. For me it’s still my whole lifetime worth of embracing all new understandings that come my way in my life. Josee’s taste of the sea for first time sets up the tone, climbing that ladder of embrace that she knew was there but was overshadowed by denial. Without the aid and support of Tsuneo I don’t think she could have gotten their on her own. 

I know I couldn’t without support, in whatever form that may come in. Josee found embracement for herself but also Tsuneo loving understanding. Acceptance is something we all seek but in regards of disability those roots venture much deeper in Josee’s relationship with Tsuneo. “That all in” feeling one individual has towards you just might mean more a bit then those who currently already do. A special understanding that would be hard for me to describe. Josee finds that special understanding through Tsuneo and I can tell you personally when you do experience that unapologetic understanding, makes you want to cry. A wash of radiant light sweeps over you and that impossible feeling fades away everytime you see them. 

Cycle of understandings Josee went through to reach ’embraced understanding’ was my favourite thing about this film. A binding fact that spoke too much to me, has to go up there with A Silent Voice now, hehe.

Ah once again I discovered something that knew how to poke and prod me that I had to at least speak about it somewhere. I may have done some personal advocating here for this post a bit but I couldn’t help it, when something gets you that’s it you have to put yourself in it. 

I’ll see you in the next post! 



One thought on “Understanding Is Either Embraced Or Rejected

  1. I haven’t seen this film yet, but I was curious about it based on the cover art. To a lesser degree, I have the same issues with disabilities being represented in media. If it’s not a solid portrayal, or even worse misguided and half-assed it can be hard to commit to a film. So I’m really glad that Josee The Tiger and the Fish was a success in that regard.

    Turning to your blog post, I don’t quite have a good comment to follow up on your thoughts. I just really appreciate reading your thoughts because they’re so passionate and well articulated.

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