Warfare Aspect That Tears Deeper

Happy Mecha March!! I nearly completely forgot this was coming around. I am not prepared like last year but doesn’t mean I’m not going to participate. If anything is my jam it’s mecha. What better way to start is discussing a mecha I was ecstatic for last year. 

Before I get into the current discussion if you are not familiar with Mecha March. Every March bloggers and other creators discuss anything mecha throughout the whole month. My blogger friend Scott over at Mechanical Anime Review is the one to start this grand tradition, check out what he has planned for March here. He is always on his top game unlike me here haha. 

Cut Throat Discardment 

The amazing Lena!

Aldnoah Zero is a series ever since watching I hold in high regard for a different war aspect focusing either the win or lose but factual truth war needs no excuse to not occur. I never thought I would see this aspect again but then Eighty Six came along diving into the crevice of ruin war will, has done and always will. Sometimes I save certain anime to talk about just because you never know but purely now is because Mecha March but more so of what is currently transpiring in Europe right now. It aches to see the news coming through of something that nobody thought would occur. 

This is going to be the weirdest description of an anime but Eighty Six set up, everything is disgustingly good. Empire Giad no longing standing in the war between them and Republic of San Magnolia. Unmanned machines “legions” lead forward the assault until they no longer function in due time. It’s amazing the republic has had no casualties, the people are living in ease and peace of mind. This is war, there is no such thing as loss. The republic have their own creation unmanned Juggernauts but lying underneath such a lie are outcasted republican people known as the 86 living in the hell and piloting these machines. 

The meaning of discardment sings a sad swan song throughout this cut throat from the truth mecha anime. Republic of San Magnolia built on nothing but lies to its people and own values, a country that lost sight of human dignity and decency long ago. Racial divide plays a strong role between the Magnolia and those that aren’t, if you don’t have the distinct silver hair and eyes, your discardment is adamant. The way this is demonstrated is pretty cut throat it’s brilliant yet disgusting.

The lies, discardment hits harder, having main character Lena only sixteen youngest commissioned officer, come from a line of nobility is caught between an impossible divide. When becoming known as ‘handler’ of the eighty six team communicating with them through syncing technology known as para-raid. Never being directly involved, just afar to give guidance and orders to leader of Spearhead Squadron, Shin given the name “undertaker”. Discardment is a strong dominant here but so is meaning of divide, we have racial but connection between Lena and Shin creates non-understanding divide. 

Lena’s noble intentions and caring factor isn’t welcomed and appericated by the Shin and his squad members at first. The disdain, sheer hatred they hold is valued and with every right they should not feel these feelings towards their own that was quick to turn their own back. You really root and connect deeply towards the spearhead individuals impacting deeper than I ever imagined. Lamb to the slaughter they all acknowledge their fates, fighting for their own selves and group and never for their own so called country. The abandonment Shin and spearhead members accutley echoes of the current events transpiring. Experiencing an abandonment of the worse kind, you’re not addressed as anything, you are in the way of how things should be. You’re existence is not in accordance so disposable. 

It was sick to watch before Shin’s comrades became new brain fodder for opposing legion forces, Shin made a vow to put to rest himself with his own hands. A tolling burden that just seem to become bigger every time Shin had to do it. The value of a person or individual is held in the lowest form in Eighty Six for me made me stomach turn on itself, but this proves how amazingly good to achieve this is kind of feeling. 

Eighty Six looks war through no filter, unapologetic towards in it’s hell picture. The tiny moments of peace Shin and his comrades get to experience mean everything. Then Despair coming knocking on the door next moment. This war between empire and republic feels pointless then everything. The unpredictability of war, isn’t afraid to be example, more than I’ve seen in any mecha yet. A warfare aspect that tears deeper a bit more than Aldnoah Zero did. Disgustingly good mecha here. 

My thoughts are purely based on from first season of Eighty Six, I’ve been waiting for it to hit March so I can binge second as last two episodes are suppose to be coming out this month. Glad I got to at least discuss this series somehow, right now seemed the right moment. This mecha is everything for me, hope to eventually do a podcast episode gushing more about it! 

I look forward to writing more Mecha posts for March!


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