Podcast Update #2

Just a brief update on latest episodes that are out and if you didn’t know I run this solo joint

Besides this blog if you are new around here. I started up a solo podcast for myself last year focusing on a single anime each time. I’ve really grown to enjoy the personal space here I’ve created for myself to achieve what I didn’t before. When it came to discussing series in a focal direction. Sometimes also it’s nice to have another option if I don’t feel like writing.

I try to aim for one new episode a month, 2022 I’d like to aim for two or more as possible.

Me when I forget what I was suppose to say while recording lol

Since last update there are an additional three more episodes, particular one I had fun talking about was Blood +. Only reminded me I need to cover the less talked about a bit more this year but I’ve already got a few under my belt, I’ve seen a fair few times that I can do easily. I save those series for when I’m doing research on a particular series. My podcasts are still running around 20 to 40 minute mark which I think is enough of listening to my oh so annoying voice haha. 

Anyway this was just a brief update, I seem to forget about doing but oh but if anyone does listen my annoying voice gush over anime let me know. I’m curious to know, there are people who do listen but I’d like to say I know someone officially haha. 

Every since starting to get over 200 plays mark I’m astounded to be honest, doing it solo definitley you have to the drive and discouragement hits often behind the scenes. It apart of the process but I weed my way through it because I remember why I wanted to do this in the first place. This is crap I don’t feel podcasters talk about enough but far from it goes perfect behind the scenes. I’ll go into detail in another post.

You can listen to my podcast on numerous platforms! 

Thanks for reading.


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  1. OMG, I love your feature image! It is so true of all anime bloggers. Wow, doing a blog and a podcast, that’s pretty impressive. Sounds like a lot of hard work. I tried to do a podcast too, but I was terrible at keeping up with it and I always ended up sounding tired on my podcast. Congrats and keep up the hard work. You’re showing all us lazier blogger that it can be done!

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