Exploration, Fixtures For Kino Corner 2022

Rewired, Refreshed, Revived

What is up everybody!! I’m shy of a day late with the whole new year thing. I’m sure some were doubtful if I would be around as much because much as changed. 

New year beams down!

Hello from the Sunny Side of Jupiter~!

I do hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Years! I had a wonderful December busy as hell especially your birthday slap bang in the middle. Going to take me a good week or two for the new year to set in because I’m a slow processor at this transitioning time. Before I give a glimpse into what is set for 2022, I wanted to take a moment to mark certain things in 2021 because it was a huge year of change for me, both personally and hobby wise. 

How Did 2021 Go Briefly? 

My 2021 blog plans I achieved nothing but the fact of keeping things chilled on the blog. . . well slightly. They were small goals, I was ready but by February that all went out the window. 2021 was the most wonky year for my blog, my posts were all over the year. Many were written in the moment and published right away to not be thought about again. No wonder it lead to me taking a massive 4 months away from the blog. You can read my reflection from my time away but that was therapeutic in ways you can’t do if you continue the thing that is causing you grief. 


Just because my year of blogging was wonky and first half of the year, I truly didn’t pick anime I wanted to watch, there were positives. The second half of 2021 I lost track of all the anime I watched chosen with not a half hearted effort. Truly set in a motion for me a renewed energy towards watching anime in general, along with new influences both here and in real life. The old bad bitch mindset is gone!


Speaking of which anime in 2021 I did achieve one thing in my one of my posts, I picked out five anime I was looking forward to, I’ve watched 3 out of the 5 which is pretty amazing for me, as they were all seasonal. Let’s see there was one more positive thing for the blog in 2021:

I can’t find the original screenshot but the blog reached the big 1K, but I forgot to mention that at any point. This is a massive number to reach for as long as I’ve had this blog and just wanted to acknowledge that achievement because it is important. 

Exploration and Fixture 2022

Okay 2021 for the blog wasn’t strong

2021 wasn’t the strongest for the blog out of anything, everywhere else it was though. The blog is coming up on 7 years in like a week, it’s mind blowing I’m still here doing this gig, my enthusiasm to strive for new things and goals is pretty dead at the moment. So what is something I can do different to the rest who are setting their new year goals?


Exploration and Fixtures 

I feel like why should new years be about setting new goals, where it can be to rectify a small number. 2022 is going to be about nostalgia and mending for my blog this year and here’s how I intend to achieve that: 

Knock Off 100 –  My plan to watch list is sitting on a nice number of 700 which is high time was knocked right down. I’d like to complete 100 shows for this year. Now originally I had planned to watch 1/4 off the list but I was advised by someone that is a illogical goal. They were correct even by breaking it down to even getting my list down to 10% of what it is now. I would have to watch 2 anime every couple of days haha. I intend for my choices to be sound ones, who have been stuck on my list forever including those unknown titles I never truly brought to this blog. 

Once A Week – I’ve spoken by spill on schedules that have been successful or failures. Honestly it is whatever to me, I can change the tide to suit my flow and right now Tuesday nights are going to become writing evenings. Post will be scheduled for the Wednesday. This time slot will become sacred to me, I can feel it. But one post a week you can expect for the entire year. If an extra one comes out then I must have had a spare minute. Because my life has never been busier and I’m making this change because I want to fit in my other important hobbies like AMV Making and Podcast. 

Informal Writing – I really loved sounding proud of all the research and facts I found out for those anime reviews I hardly do anymore. My approach to my posts is going to change drastically like how I sound in this post pretty much. Very informal. If I had to describe what kind of blogger I was: In the moment one. Took awhile to figure that out but the best post to me is not a pre scheduled one but one written in the moment then boom pressing the publish button.

Assortment Post Goody Bag – One thing that has never changed on this blog is my random posts. That is continuing on. Manga and light novels I have barely dabbled into the last 4 months, that content has gone down hill for this blog but doesn’t mean I won’t talk about on here. Books I like having for me and anime is really more of for this blog. But just letting you know it’s still staying but I think talking about light novel or manga in a combined format makes more sense. 

Blog has a new light!

Mending and nostalgia is what 2022 is all about for me and who knows what avenue that will go into. I think this is the happiest direction I’ve had for the blog for a long time. I do hope to be more present because I won’t lie… I haven’t touched my wordpress reader for 5 months there about. But long as I’m here I still feel connected to my blogger people and followers. I hope you guys enjoy the blog this year, I bring you some laughs and welcome, thankyou to all the new followers to my humble blog.! 

I wish you guys a fruitful year in however you are pursuing it and may it be least a happier than the last especially for the world. 

New schedule kicks off 4th January! 

You can keep up with my amvs stuff here or my podcast  

I’ll see you guys in the next post! 


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