I’m Watching More Than 2 – Winter 2022 Anime

You cannot contain your proudness of me right?

I’d be pretty proud of me too were watching more two seasonals and remaining consistent. 

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After Rain Comes Sunshine

Finally making a start on writing those posts in my blog notebook that never made it to the computer screen and shine some rays on a series that I was sure about at first. 

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2021 Was A Good Anime Time

Lots of new favourites

I am so stealing this idea from Irina, wasn’t initially not going to write it but after reading hers. No we’re doing this. Besides my ideas get stolen from under my nose I have noticed sometimes? 

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Spinning Tops A Weird Gateway

Roughest Sport Out There

Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z were among my classic staples as a kid but there was a show that lead me down the weird avenue of anime, to what this medium would create about anything. 

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Exploration, Fixtures For Kino Corner 2022

Rewired, Refreshed, Revived

What is up everybody!! I’m shy of a day late with the whole new year thing. I’m sure some were doubtful if I would be around as much because much as changed. 

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