Reconnecting With My Anime Self

Feels nice to be back behind the keyboard after so long. I thought my comeback post would be “hey look I’m back” with a surprise factor but seems wer’e starting off mellow. 

Well, greetings followers, of this blog who are still here, to the blogger people who are still here and newcomers. I did say I would return but I was never certain if it wouldn’t extend till the new year but my prediction was spot on. I had no idea where my mindset or life would be but let’s just say it’s amazing how drastic changed comes around. All in all it is nice to be back on my blog and next question on your mind might be, How was the break? 

Taking breaks from blogging are viewed by bloggers as a bad thing, that you’re neglecting your precious blogs. The same can be said for any hobby, work whatever. Breaks either have purpose or they don’t, for me this one was to give focus on my podcast and amv making. Repurposing your time towards something else I believe is a very good thing and through my enjoyable break of not blogging, I found new energy and fulfilment. The podcast has a built schedule now and also free in and out dipping into amv making. The first part of my break was a success and so was the second. . . which I never mentioned before off disappearing. 

As much as I do love blogging about anime it was semi killing my enjoyment towards enjoying a show without me going into analysing mode. I was getting to a “tired” stage knew I couldn’t carry on that way. Comes to the second part purpose of my break doing some reconnection, which didn’t involve much other than watching crap ton of shows without blogging in the mix. I’m surprised at the amount of shows I’ve completed from August till now. Looking back on my Halfway Through Anime 2021 post found in my findings, I wasn’t picking in some instances what I truly wanted to watch. For the second half of the year I wanted change that by December and I did. 

2021 Anime Looking Mighty Fine post I wrote in January, I’ve mostly completed, which is something that would end up on the empty promises pile to myself. Finally I got around to watching Blood Plus for example, a series on my years of years to get to, then discussing in a podcast episode. I achieved and found lot of lost fulfilment during this break but mostly finding a old sense of myself from a time ago in my early watching days, that got lost somewhere. I found my reminder of what anime means for me and don’t intend to lose that important value and love again. This didn’t imply that my love of anime beforehand was really lost but I needed, wanted some dedication time for just me and anime. So all that is left to come after this post in some desperate anime talk and entertaining rambles.

You’re here for the rambles really haha. 

Ho Ho! 

I totally forgot . . . 

What a timed return for crazy month. . . crap. 

Well I shall see you in the next post! 

( Bear with me while I remember what was my posting schedule again HAHA)


5 thoughts on “Reconnecting With My Anime Self

  1. Welcome back!
    You know, in retrospect, maybe part of why I choose to write celebratory reviews instead of critical reviews is so it’ll be more fun in the long term. I hope you can continue to have fun writing because I have missed your posts!


  2. I definitely understand how you can get burned out, especially doing this for a year now. That’s the biggest reason I basically cut my post length in half and doubled what I do. It lets me be less analytical and talk about more to keep things fresh. I make sure that I like what I’m doing above all else. It’s definitely hard to balance, though.

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