Advanced Update: Bye Bye For A While

I’ll be back soon!

This going to seem sudden but important update. Before you start reading Lita is not leaving the blog world okay. 

Hello there! 

I’ll disappoint without the usual posts I write but this is an important one.

About Midnight I’m writing this as I don’t even have a spare minute this week to write an important update. I’m in a weird place with life right now and blogging is going on hold as apart of that. My free time is limited a lot and stewing over this for past two weeks, I decided I wish to dedicate my time to other hobbies for a while. Right now I wish to dedicate the time to solo podcast and amv making. That’s where my energy and inspiration wish to go but I had to sacrifice something. You really don’t have time for everything that has become more true than ever for me this year. Making a sacrifice is not bad, you’re following what is best for you and this is direction I want to go. 

I finally have the means to create amv’s I always wanted to make. Going from my 2011 dell laptop using Sony Vegas 10 to mac computer using Davinci resolve is a massive leap. AMV making is something always felt I’ve been good at (even though self taught), an art form that utilises expressing emotions that align with my own values. It’s why I love it so much. I want to make some AMV’s I never got the chance now and can do. 

As for new-off ground solo podcast, I’m doing the same thing I do here on the blog accept using my voice. I enjoy doing this podcast for myself and have a few things I’d like to achieve with it, give it some time it deserves. 

The beckoning answer you wish to know when will I be back here? Mid December. 

That’s quite a while I know but end of year is I’ll appear again. I don’t want to say during this time I wont be writing, If I do ill be scheduling ahead for much later on. I doubt any new post will appear from now till then. 

But this break period wont start until September 1st. So I hope to post couple or three posts before then! 

You can follow my youtube and podcast  !

Feel free to join my private discord

To see when new videos or episodes go up. I usually tease on my twitter but most of the time drop with warning. Right now I’m working on a Sk8 The Infinity AMV which is turning out to be a fun piece and should be out by next week. 

All will be quiet here for a quite some time but I’ll be floating about other people’s blog when I have a moment. I’lll miss here but I’ll be back. Until then least couple posts will be out before my break starts but I’ll say in advance:

I’ll see you all later for now and Kino corner will come back! 


Lita xxxxxxx 


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