//Whats On the manga Docket// #2

Watcha Reading? Let me see

Gee golly whizz when was the last time manga was last mentioned on here? Haha.

You thought and myself thought another new segment was going to die out but eventually you get there in the end making it work or fitting in. This segment to show what I’ve been reading. I’m very much over writing first impressions specially in a seperate format, this is easier, plus lets face it I talk more anime than manga. Lately I finally felt up to restarting this segment. This year I haven’t accomplished much on the manga trail but doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading in the background slowly. Manga I’m real slow with and I Iike it that way. 

My reading has never been all over the place but that’s okay. 

The Girl With The Sanpaku Eyes 


I saw this floating around Twitter when it was announced. There are different aspects to books that attract you and title was this time for me. My library had the first volume and had no idea it was a phamplet size book similar to boys love series Cherry Magic’s publication sizing. But bonus quality for this title it was all in colour, you don’t see that a lot as black ink is the manga standard. This quality only made it even more of a refreshing read, these kinds of reads you find more enjoyable in colour publication. 

These kind of reads? What does that even mean? We have a pretty straightforward formula here of a girl who has fallen for a boy and now the impossible task to get him to notice you. Well least attempt too, these kind of stories win me over all the time, being the romantic junkie I am. It’s hilarious reading the authors afterward section they just wanted to create a series where the eyes took focus. The goal was definitely met in every expression Amane main girl made through every thought and encounter to do with her crush Katou. As the saying goes “I can see it in your eyes”. Going back to a second my meaning of reads like this firstly a short read, I completed within 20 minutes, a premised delivered strongly through Amane’s eyes. Secondly the colour publication really fitted the format of this story. Where words are minor and facial expressions are doing the talking. It’s a special quality that I haven’t seen too often. Thirdly this was just stupid cute of Amane’s fluttering fits and awkward consideration towards her crush.

A fantastic quick short read that won’t disappoint for a quick romance fix.

The King’s Beast 


Viz Media

Last year I was astounded to find out another Rei Toma was getting english release by Viz Media. Dawn Of Arcana was first work I read by her and became a fan. The Water Dragon’s Bride after that I got to volume 3 and was done with. So many people loved that particular work but I had a few issues with that title, I’ll write about sometime. I was disappointed as I really wanted to like it but The King’s Beast reaffirmed my love for this author once again. Set in the same world as Dawn Of Arcana w’ere going for a romance, fantasy. Volume one was a strong start focused on twin brothers who are torn apart from each other early, creatures known as Ajins. Rangetsu is hell bent on revenge for the death of their brother after becoming a beast servant for a royal noble. We got some strong themes emphasised with marking presence, the discrimination from others, social society divide between Ajins and humans which is very gruelling. Along with descriptive moderate abusive background for the creatures, Ajins. You can guess at what might trigger you here but in my opinion was kept moderate. 

One thing that intrigued more about the story was Rangestu is your Mulan male in disguise as apart of the process to find out what happened to her brother. The manga cover hid this detail well. It wasn’t til about halfway through the volume Rangestu female side begins to show and I could stop seeing her as selling a male too well. Her desperation at revenge and history has strong conviction which if didn’t grip you then this story would have fallen apart. This made me go “Rei Toma is back people”. Besides strong impressions another thing I loved was seeing how much Toma’s art has flourished, everything was gorgeous. 

Really strong start for Rei Toma and just really happy to see another work in english from her. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

Kodansha Comics

What do you know? I actually completed a manga within 2 days which hardly happens these days. I was in one of those moos wanting a quick shoujo fix. This title I saved on my list after hearing about from some anime YouTube I use to follow. Blindly diving in what first thinking was alright: shoujo with sports. What I got? Minus the sports focus and two sports athletes who had never made it to novice kissing base in there life. Instead of practicing their specialised sport Nohara and Takaya are your novice virgins who make a pact to help each other reach their individual romance goals. Practicing 50 hugs and kisses. 

Once I started reading and knew what this was: I couldn’t stop. At first was hilarious the sheer serious and efforts by two characters to “get it right”. Like romance was ever that simple. Reminds you of yourself practicing kissing on your pillow case. . . You can’t tell me you never did that. Ironic the two don’t realise going from practice to real actual feelings makes things complicated from the original outset. Nohara and Takaya are adorable to follow but by volume 3 things took an annoying turn broadcasting to their families, the whole world, the grand event of losing their virginity. The forceful intent for the main pair to loose their virginity was oversaturated for me big time by the end of it. Things ended a typical, satisfying note but that loose virginity part made into a mission ruined it for me by a quarter. 

Cant deny the hotness factor in here, the physical let’s get physical people! Otherwise I did enjoy accept that one factor. I would still reread despite so want a hot read? 

I think its impossible to not start so many series but the resistance isn’t powerful enough for me to actually resist. You know what that is like right? 

Please do feel free to shoot at me titles you’ve read or anything, I am a open diversity towards my reading! 

Till next to see what is on my docket! 


4 thoughts on “//Whats On the manga Docket// #2

  1. I’ve read two of the three you have here! Sanpaku Eyes isn’t bad, but didn’t really turn out to be my speed. Meanwhile I had no idea what I was getting into with Practice Makes Perfect aside from these two characters in sports trying to understand love, but it actually turned into something where I was mildly curious about where it would go. Hearing about it’s turn in volume 3 though doesn’t sound too good though, so it sounds like a series that I should check out if it goes on sale at any point.

    You may want to check out Our Teachers Are Dating! if you haven’t already Lita. It’s a very sweet yuri series.


  2. I really have strong hopes for The King’s Beast. Dawn of the Arcana felt a bit muddled after the time skip and with its ending, so I don’t want The King’s Beast to falter like that one did.


  3. The art in The King’s Beast really is gorgeous. I’m quite enjoying the story so far and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. I’m also reading The Girl with the Sanpaku Eyes and it’s pretty cute. I hadn’t heard of Practice Makes Perfect, but it sounds pretty funny.

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