New Episodes ! – Podcast Update

 I realised I haven’t spoken on podcast since launching. . .  oops.  

When you do too many things on the internet you forget to update all the time and I have noticed a few faces around on the blog. So if you are new here, I started up a solo podcast for myself (once again) I tried nearly two years ago prior and was not a success. The original one lost it’s purpose and starting a fresh again has already begun to head in the direction I wish too. Each episode I focus on a single anime whether new, old, not heard of, depending on where my anime watching goes and talk individually on. Since first episode in April there are additional 3 more episodes: 

Jockey Fun: Fanfare Of Adolescence #12 Anime One At A Time

Welcome to the twelfth episode of Anime One At A Time! The show where I take a pause to appreciate and discuss series one at a time. There are those shows that never get even a bit of attention which is how I felt about for this anime during spring 2022 seasonal and those myanimelist rankings just make you want to say your piece to put out in the world hoping to change a mind. I appericated fact we got a horse related series because there are not many out there in anime but Fanfare still had something to offer to the table. 
  1. Jockey Fun: Fanfare Of Adolescence #12
  2. Oldie Era: Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory #11
  3. Unknown: Zakuro #10
  4. New Favourite: Kono oto Tomare Sounds Of Life #9
  5. Unknown: El Hazard #8

I don’t have a current schedule for the podcast but at the moment once or twice a month is current aim. There will definitley be one for July if there are any more during any month, well that is just a bonus and I had extra time. Next episode I’ve planned a lesser known title currently I’ve been making my way through, I’m always extra buzzed to discuss titles I feel are barely mentioned. The podcast is available on most platforms to listen anchor, Spotify, itunes etc before it wasn’t when I first launched but searching up should be easy now.

That’s all I have to say on podcast and you’re all updated! 

See you in next one! 

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