Can I Look At The Idea Of Weddings The Same Again? – Wedding Peach First Dive

The one thing I love about anime, it makes the impossible, appear before you. You want a sports series about the magnificent power of the booty aka booty wars like Keijio. Then there is Wedding dress heroes will save the day with their bouquet. 

You may or may not know I do a podcast called FanGirl Trash Can Podcast with two other friends, we just put out a recent episode after an unplanned hiatus. We discuss our nostalgia days of youth, somehow from this episode thanks to my friend/host Naja I’m currently watching Wedding Peach. This 90s Mahou shoujo is lesser out of all I know of to barely ever be mentioned. Naja spoke of a fondness and hold for this ever mentioned magical girl series among a time Sailor Moon was top tier. While Sailor Moon was captivating audiences by the day, Naja was all about the Wedding Peach. I couldn’t help be drawn in for her love towards this Mahou Shoujo. 


Magical Girl space I’ve only seen a handful, but recently there was an itch to dive into something. Wedding Peach is going to keep me busy. . . 51 episodes from looking on Ani List. I’ve only seen the first three episodes so far but I wouldn’t be talking about if there wasn’t enough to mention about it. 

Wedding Dresses Will Save Us 

There is no doubt that right off the bat. Sailor Moon Ripoff. Convincing me of this fact even obvious traits was after the transformation scene was Momoko opening slogan “I Am Wedding Peach and I’m very displeased”. Oh the gooey cheesy factor this 90s anime showed in the first episode but every time Momoko speaks her opening line, my eyebrows rise every time. I’m not a dumbass who would not expect the imperfections Wedding Peach would posses and that’s okay. I don’t watch 90s anime to be an old crone critique, it fascinates me the ideas that were put out in this era of experimentation. No matter how bad, average or good.  

Wedding Peach clearly for me is a great entertainment to break up my busy saturated life at the moment. Nothing was laid out transparently as to what the hell is going in the beginning, all I know is an evil queen Raindevlla who is your queen beryl replicate wishes to banish love from the world. Then we have some Greek Mythology referencing of Goddess Aphrodite sending Limone her knight?? I think. To seek out love angels and gathering the saint something four? So far there is no elaboration on that element. A lot of plot elements mashed together and you get I don’t know what to describe. Wedding Peach is definitely one of those anime if you can go along with the disjointed story then makes for a great entertaining time without no expectations. 

I tried to watch the anime in the dub but my mood was feeling for the sub. Unusual for me as I preach nothing about my love of watching 90s anime in dub but not this time I guess. So far character wise I have grown attachment to mainly Momoko main girl, she has those usagi traits, hungry, boy obsessed but definitely more whiney. Momoko isn’t unlikeable, can be quite irritating at times but I find her hilarious especially taking on the role of a love angel and becoming wedding peach. Taking all on board like it felt natural and living it up since she is a wedding fanatic anyway. 

During episode one god I couldn’t wait to see the whole transformations scene. . . it’s I didn’t know what do think. Momoko weapon of choice: bouquet of flowery doom. Then came her cheesy after take, if I couldn’t take it seriously then how could the enemy hahaha. The transformation aspect got even better. . . fighter form. A mix of Wonder Woman and Xena Warrior Princess feel. I like this vibe but I don’t know which form is better? that’s hard to answer. Momoko as main girl I have a feeling I’ll grow quite the attachment, I haven’t got far getting to know Momoko friends Yuri and Hinagiku yet. 

Now this wouldn’t be a mahou shoujo without a boy interest. Yousuke, Naja was convinced I was going to like and she wasn’t wrong. He is definitely different to others I’ve seen before, reminded me a lot of Hayate from Pretear. The jerk but soft hearted kind underneath. I can see the slow chemistry beginning from Yousuke and Momoko. Their banters feel natural and I could feel chemistry flow easily. Will see if I like him at the end Naja? hahaha. 

So after watching this, will I still love weddings in general? I don’t know yet. The story seems it will stick it the wedding theme, angelic wedding heroes fighting the devils and the Jama jam (strange creatures) with flowers of fury addition of cheesy slogan. In the name to protect the sacred ritual of weddings is my impression so far. 

I promised for the past two weeks I’d write an impression for Naja, she’ll be happy to see more Wedding Peach talk. Whenever I complete this I’ll do a write up of where this series lead me. Read Naja’s brief fangirl talk here on Wedding Peach.  

Hope you discovered something to add to your own anime list! 

I’ll see you in the next one! 




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