Hi And Foods Wars Knows Foodie Me

Mapo Tofu Y’all

This impromptu time of no posting wasn’t planned but Food Wars was of great comfort for me. 


I spent 20 minutes looking for the right gif to describe how the past month has been since my last post but just Usagi hiding in safe covers, sounds about right. That edge point where Usagi had reached her limit from various stresses and brain capacity just shuts down. Me indefinitely at this point.   

Feels weird after a month to be writing, you think you’ve forgotten how to blog? maybe I have slightly hahaha. I haven’t touched my computer in this whole time so I’m sure not alone in this feeling. It would be weird me to come back and pretend like nothing happened so addressing it briefly, I feel I owe you guys that much. Keep things pretty brief on the subject, since last post many life curve balls were thrown my way and I decided there would be no time for blog and. . . . there wasn’t even for my normal hobbies. It has all felt a big blur past month. 

Making many moments not feel blah was randomly getting to watch on and off 2015 Shonen Food Wars. 

Food Wars was one of the very first seasonal anime I ever watched. 2015 was when seasonal anime really took off and since then I’ve been meaning to complete this fun shonen. How convenient for me Food Wars anime is fully complete now but even writing this as of now I’m still on season three. During my crazy month watching any episode I could during my breakfast or lunch times have been a massive highlight. Food Wars when it first came out massively critiqued excess of people’s salivating food ecstasy moments, the slide of fan service creeping in there. Seemed unnecessary. Weird scenes of people jumping around in tuna suits from the saltiness of tuna to Soma hunting for his bear meat. A strong interpretation of how our minds explode when we eat food that is too good, you don’t know what to do with yourself. Food Wars may take that to ridiculous heights at points but in my foodie mind has been the best kind of interpretation. 

I watch this show for two reasons: the salivating food and Yukihira Soma. The animation sells the food, visually best experience for any foodie like myself will have and Yukihira is such fun shonen protagonist. Yukihira from the get go is a unique balance of shonen fundamentals of how we know this genre’s protagonists traits to be. Yukihira a typical underdog to reach the top but filled with pride that doesn’t set off a mass ego. Yukihira is just all round such an interesting shonen main lead through his actions, challenging someone to a shokugeki defending his dorm friends: at the same time advancing himself. This moment took place during season two autumn selections and exposed another side to Yukihira I found amusing. Yukihira’s pride he keeps in check majority but only when the occasion rising he will show off a little. His pride in his cooking and for food also, Yukihira holds in the highest regard always not wavering. That is something I admire a lot about his character. 

Yukihira ransacking his culinary brain to whip up a cracker dish is exciting. He makes and reminds the joy food brings us. That is what I find fascinating in Yukihira moments, soon as that Soma music comes in, he was just inspired or light bulb went on. I can’t help but get excited. Even now as Yukihira is climbing up the ladder however or wherever he ends up, I don’t care. Just watching his character sparks endless joy for how he loves food and lit up expression when he is cooking.  

Watching Food Wars over past month may have prompted me to eat more than a few goodies. . . well inspire. There is a few pics, a taste of that inspiration. Definitely prompted to go with my friends to try our first Korean dinner. It was amazing! I was having many foodgasms at this time hahaha. Not that I was imagining I was in Japan eating their chicken, that would be an experience. I felt like Food Wars was created just for foodie me and explosion of happiness eating great food creates. Best food porn in the world, wouldn’t you agree? 

What’s a joyful dish you’ve had recently? or a favourite from Food Wars?

I didn’t know what to write about as my “hey I’m back” . . Food Wars helped me there. Something that you have been invested in is best way to go with sometimes. Now as for my schedule will be resuming next Sunday, though next post might not go up till Monday as next week I’m adjusting to a new life routine.

I have a million comments to reply to and posts to read, so bare with me for the time being. 

I’ll see you in the next post guys!! 


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