Oversharing Leaves No Privacy

Don’t get me wrong I’ll never shut up about anime

You may have seen me last year write a similar post on sharing your anime passion online but I’m covering a different angle here. 


This post is a continuation from my last one here where I focused on sharing your love online isn’t always daisies and roses. Everything I expressed still remains true expect fact you don’t control you’re social media, the opposite: it controls you. An advertising tool above anything else. But what else is there for us to use expressing our hobbies and passions. I’m relating in this post about instagram, twitter, tik tok rather than  blogging.  

I find blogging different, when writing a post a surge of almost urgency to share all my thoughts and feelings overtakes. Never has blogging once dimensioned or diverted me from holding myself back to say what I want to say. It’s hard to explain why to be honest just hasn’t. Never affecting me to not want to talk about that anime or manga. 


Platforms like instagram, tik tok, twitter, youtube are a different story. 


Invisible Pressure To Tell 

I’ve mentioned and others have about this invisible pressure that we are conscious of pulling into sharing our thoughts more and more. Even ourselves wanting to do it, the pull of pressure is still there. Social media game ultimately like instagram, tik tok and twitter trying to take as much of our time as it can. This fact we already know, myself knows. Yet I still use these platforms because we don’t have a dream platform where it feels safe and comforting. Feels like a pipe dream for those like me who desire that. 

There is a reason why in my previous post of sharing your love of anime online, I expressed primarily using this blog and twitter to share my love. I no longer use instagram to do that. Twitter is just for retweeting blogs, interacting with anime fellows and finding out latest anime news, I’m at peace with that. However my experience with instagram particularly #mangastram aka manga community on there realised wasn’t my space. I’m grateful to learning of new manga to read and people I did meet through it. In the beginning it was great getting to share my thoughts on different volumes I had read. Discussing with mutuals, strangers. After a while it became zero fun.

I got into BIG time as soon as I finished a volume of manga, posting my thoughts right after. Getting into reading challenges didn’t help after that, wanting to participate and keep up with others in sharing with others. Thereafter the consuming need to keep posting on the regular, feeling like you have to keep climbing the ladder. It’s a known fact that if you have more than 11 thousand followers or more (that’s how many you need to get the swipe up link) you won’t gain the notice and interaction that others get. Getting to that deep in the hole your once passion for said hobby is scorned after a time. Seeing all these people post every day of what they’ve read or watched is commented as amazing. They do that daily but to me they are swallowed up in the whirlpool of stolen time.


This urgency needs to tell the internet, whatever platform you use of what you just read, must be shared immediately. I don’t think it makes you stop and think of what you actually just ready. Not allowing your brain to process what you just consumed. It’s natural to allow ourselves a pause, moment to take it all in. When I was in that “zone” rarely did I take a pause. The feelings of expectation and reply from others out weight to take anytime but rush to open up insta, twitter to report your findings. 


Offline Mode

The allowing for yourself to take things at your own pace in an offline mode has never looked less. I’m not blaming others for my experience with instagram, I blame the model of it much like other social media platforms. The whole experience only guided me to a better mindset of loving my privacy with my hobbies. Not everything I consume the whole world needs to know right that second. Since the end of last year, I went on a permanent offline process with my manga reading. The difference is amazing, like my old days none of what I described in this post exists and it’s just you and the manga. I have never consumed so much in a good long while like I have since the start of 2021 in particular. What works best for me to discuss what I’ve read is through youtube livestream (whenever I do them).

It’s funny how whenever I discussed what I was watching on instagram never affected me like it did for my manga reading. I think it came down to me being an anime person more than manga. Same on twitter, I love sharing what I’m watching sometimes. Yeh I don’t know about that one. Moral of this post is not all hobbies the world needs to know about. We need certain things for ourselves and I realised manga reading I like in my private time. Offline mode is seen as almost the enemy these days. . . which is so wrong, what the hell. Being constantly “plugged in” would make me go insane, that is what social media wants for us to do. Unplug and go offline to learn that privacy of the now we live in is a sacred time for yourself, your thoughts and mindset. 

Tiktok you’ll never catch me on. 

Oversharing I never worried about affecting my actual privacy towards my hobbies way back when. Course these days are so different is an actual issue I find. I just wanted to write my own experience here and this  this year I announced as anime only blog  won’t be the case anymore. .  .

Just anything and everything. so next post is reviving the manga docket. 

The issue I raised here, have you had a similar experience? Do you agree that this is an actual issue? The power of media is making us forget about privacy? Because I bloody think so ahaha. 

Hope you enjoyed the read and see you in the next one ! 



  1. As someone who shares a lot on her blog, like stuff about my actual life, I honestly am not sure where I stand.
    Privacy to an extend is an Ilussion, I dont really mind if you knew what I was doing at all times because it doesnt matter. I am human and even the bad things I do, everyone does, so I feel no pressure losing THAT privacy.

    Where I do mind it and why I don’t Insta is how its tested to the public morale. Say if I cook and share a meal, people will comment on me eating meat, saying vegetarian is better for the enviorment. If I watch Pirates of the Carribean , I get called out for supporting Johny Depp, same for sharing Dragon Ball and being dubbed casual.

    I dont fear the pressure of you guys knowing what I am doing, I do fear the pressure of being corrected into “a better person”

    I have at times when I was active at social media at times been wantimg to produce content.. but rather than making thr food I wanted, I made food people would compliment me for, or if I had a bad day, I had to force myself doing something to share with others, as if I am public domain or property of the people rather than my own person

    So I think we might not actually lose privacy but actually individuality, we dont only feel pressured to share but also for that share to get loads of likes so you have to look good. Its not as extreme as it may sound, and I try to not fall in that hole but I do think its there

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  2. I’m finding more and more, that everyone has a different concept of oversharing. My own small network of friends has completely opposite ends of the spectrum of what they deem ‘oversharing’. It’s been really interesting to see what they consider over sharing and what I consider it. There’s a happy medium in there somewhere, but it’s on a person by person or even user by user basis. I think this ties in a bit to the idea of self censoring as well. Not quite a fully developed idea on my end, but I think there’s a connection in there somewhere.

    I’ve always worried that on WordPress I’ve come across as too impersonal. A lot of earlier posts I remember cutting huge chunks out of drafts because I’d get a little too carried away. I think there’s a healthy amount of details as to who I am as a real human being, but nothing dox worthy (I don’t think) scattered about my posts that anyone reading a handful can tell I’m a real human being behind the screen. In general I try to keep my own life updates on the blog vague just in case, and because on here that’s not what people came here for lol.

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  3. Really good post, Lita! You’re right. Social media controls you instead of the other way around. Most of the stress and anxiety I’d been experiencing was related to social media. It’s been a huge relief to step back from it, though there are times where I wonder if this comes across as me being too antisocial or something.

    I also noticed I was spending too much on merch or games just to be able to engage with others.
    Sometimes it feels like you must have the latest stuff just to get anywhere. As long as you’re a fan, I don’t think you need to own something related to it just to prove that. And there’s nothing wrong with purchasing merch, either. All the more power to you!

    I’ve never tried instagram before so hearing about your experience was fascinating. It reminds me a lot of booktube.

    I like how you brought up how this weird notion nowadays about how not sharing can be considered a bad thing. That’s crazy. You should be able to choose what you want to keep private and no one should demand otherwise. I’ll never forget that one person who tried to manipulate me into oversharing. I felt so disrespected. It took me too long to gather the courage to block them because I felt like I had to be “nice” since we were mutuals.

    I’ve made lots of lovely friends online, but unfortunately I’ve had just as many bad experiences. Thanks for talking about your experience. It definitely made me feel less alone in feeling this sort of pressure. Hope you’re well and safe!

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