Splash Some Ani Colour

let it be a colourful Friday!!

I saw a rainbow yesterday in finally what feels like Autumn over here then that reminded me. . . that tag I almost forgot about.  


I miss the schedule last week, life likes to be on the fast forward right now and don’t see slowing down till next week. Thank god it’s Friday, and a weekend of freedom awaits. I see the freedom of blue just on the brink but what colours do we associate with anime itself? The kind Edy from Convoluted Situation tagged me (Thankyou Sir) in such a colourful tag by Anime As A Cup Of Tea. I’ve done that cool collaboration with Irina on associating anime with lyrics but now we get to do colours. 

The Rules:

#1 Share your favourite stories—movies/books/anime/manga/drama/songs—by classifying them on these seven colours’ traits:

  • red: passionate, exciting, invigorating
  • blue: peaceful, calming
  • pink: romantic, caring
  • orange: warm, motivating
  • black: mysterious, thrilling
  • green: fresh, unexpected
  • white: random

#2 Send this challenge invitation to at least one of your friends. Let them fear your superiority, as you—decide their fate.

#3 Link back to the original post here! And, enjoy! 

Hmm let’s display some under the scope anime on the canvas. 


Red – Plunderer  

I’ve barely heard a word spoken about this 2020 anime from last year. I’ve still yet to do a post on my experience with this series which will be interesting to share on here. Choosing red was from Licht cape as for the other highlighted meanings. Oh this series fits the criteria but not in the sense you would expect. Plunderer. . . is a hard series to even begin to put the words together, creating a paragraph of where to begin. Me and my friends were ready to write off this series from episode 2, sheer ridiculousness but the protagonist Licht and plot kept us going. Ended up being one of the best experience watching anime with others for me. Passionate, exciting, invigorating hits all the marker if you like excess fan service, sheer ridiculous, crazy ride. I’ll tell you about this before the month is out. But I really enjoyed this hard to describe experience, it was many things. 


Blue – Patema Inverted


Patema Inverted almost forgotten anime film with a gravitating concept of an experiment gone wrong flipping the world on it’s literal head. Creating a visually wonderful experience treating to a deepest blue galaxy full of skies and bluest skies of happiness we like to look up when there is. An original film with experimenting ideas and upside visuals is one of the most intriguing, beautiful watches, I’ve had pleasure of seeing. 


Pink – Haikara-san: Here Comes Miss Modern


I’m really challenging myself here. Benio wears a lot of pink plus the emphasis on romance is strong here. A rare historical romance you don’t get a WHOLE lot these days. This adaptation was split into two films, a adaptation from 70s manga Miss Modern, quite a iconic title even today. At a time of western society taking influence over Japan, tom boy Benio who isn’t like the other elegant ladies at her school. Sent there to be wedded off. Benio has other plans for herself but obviously that doesn’t go to plan either. I did enjoy this historical for what it had to offer, the romance was sweet between Benio and Shinobu. A comedic aspect which made things feel loose, not quite what I expected.


Orange – Code Realize 

Otome people will know this so well. But as for anime adaptation people I’ve met didn’t know it even existed. Code Realize truly surprised me and became my favourite otome adaptation I’ve seen yet next to Hiiro Ni Kakeru. It may follow only one route from the game but really enjoyable. Not totally perfect otome adaptations aren’t this still delivered to be different by giving us a female protagonist who wasn’t a door mat or empty doll. Cardia blossomed into quite the resilient women by end of the series from her unfortunate circumstance. It was a warming experience watching her unexpectedly showing personality and plus all the orange rusty tones used in steampunk backgrounds made me pick this one. 


Black – Fate Apocrypha

This was a really hard choice, I haven’t watched anything with a great mix of thrill and mysterious. Definitely need to look at my plan to watch list better after this post is done. Fate Apocrypha is the closet I’ve watched to for thrilling ride, I’ve talked about in post already. Shrouded in mystery from your typical fate that here we have two teams of servants and masters. I had no idea where this series was heading from first few episodes which kept me glued, this fate series indeed the black sheep of the fate family.


Green –  The Pilot’s Love Song 

It’s been a long time since I first viewed this series but only one that came to mind for this one. I just made this harder myself trying to stick to the dang colours and less know series. Unexpected part here of loving this so much as I did, had a really adorable romance aspect and fresh factor was really utilising the aspect of flying, planes as a key part of the setting. I tried Last Exile long time ago my introduction into aviation part of anime but that was a bust. Then I came across this gem of a series with an endearing angle on war and aviation.  


White – Cells At Work: Code Black 

White shouldn’t have been allowed in this tag, very hard. Lucky I have an ace in the hole here: white hot blood cells. Just this season of anime gone, I barely heard much talk on sequel series to Cells At Work. I loved we got opposite of a good functioning body then abused one. Cells At Work or this one are both slap in the face of what we do to our bodies. But Code Black takes it to next level where you want to pretend:  “Noo I never did that”. These cells are living in literally hell from the smoking, consumption of saturated fat and on going problems this body is going through. Relief is minor for these cells and highly, highly recommend you see this but if you’re avoiding for what I just described I can understand.  


Who Gets To Spread Color?

Two Happy Cats

Shoujo Thoughts  

Takuto Anime Cafe


I think I did okay at sticking to the colours, meanings and lesser known series? maybe? If anything this showed me how lacking in unknown shows I’ve watched as of late. I just completed second season of Food Wars and Sailor Stars. . . I’ve been catching up on those I just left. 


Hope you enjoy this colourful Friday !! What I needed right now to write about something happy.

I’ll see you in the next post!





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