Content Truths: Pleasing Yourself and Those That Follow

You can’t help what you wish to write about and here we are. This might be a segment thing I can feel it turning into.

I see you there, and what truths I have to say. haha

Expressing your passions, interests, hobbies on content platforms like here on wordpress, youtube, reddit, instagram oh so many is a wonderful thing. Having a place for yourself to converse with others where you might not in real life. I think that is an often reason people are gravitated to social platforms because they don’t have or know anyone to indulgent in things they love. In the beginning there are good, honest intentions for starting up a blog, youtube wherever to just talk about what you love but once you begin to pick up a following. A fine line is drawn for yourself of pleasing, satisfying yourself and for those following you.  

Yukino loves acknowledgement haha doesn’t mean we don’t

I’ll talk from a blog perspective here but same applies to all social platforms. Yukino from His and Her Circumstances is a great example for this post as someone who doesn’t hide fact she loves praise and applause from her fellow classmates. That kind of idolisation is hard to get hard to get away from and Yukino turns into a facade to hide the real her. One truth no-one will care to admit that though like I run this blog for myself and love of anime at the same time: everyone has element of selfish to be noticed, acknowledged. Every creator has that selfish feeling. Exposing ourselves like we do on the internet, you know what your’e in for when you jump on blog band wagon for example. Once you have been doing this a while, I’ve found that unruly desire to be noticed, heard just grows more and more. Hardly anyone would admit this fact. You don’t want to come across as a selfish ass. Just natural this feeling happens, doesn’t mean your good intentions for talking your passions has diminished. 

Some do not desire to be noticed within a community but to just do their own thing. Still that selfish desire builds.  No matter what reason for you want to start up a blog and talk about anime. So much is colliding all at the same time wanting to be noticed in this big space which at times seems hopeless. Also to feel like you owe your followers something for keeping up to date with what you do. I’ve experience this feeling of I’m not writing for me anymore but the readers, followers. What they want to see, what they expect to see. This does major damage to your own passionate drive and pretty soon your running on autopilot for others, you lost yourself there.

So many creators asking their followers what they want to see isn’t a bad thing, it’s a great to make them feel included. At same time I’ve seen many, previously followed doing it constantly and I ask where is what you want to create anymore gone? Youtube truly is the worst for this, constant cycle that keeps repeating. The clash of building your space and inclusion, satisfaction of those follow you is so tricky to find the even balance. To be honest I don’t even have my own answer to this. For me it’s not until you go through this kind of crisis you find some clarity. My own conclusion has come to putting my needs first and placing a schedule among my life for me to keep my blog running. I know who has followed my blog for a long time, I know those that will stick around always. I can’t control who unfollows and re-follows, people are going to come and go. You to make everything about your terms, you can’t satisfy all the masses if they want you to do this or do that. You can’t satisfy your entire following, you can only do you and stay true to reasoning for joining a social platform to talk about what you love.

I’ve had this on my mind for ages, ages so I guess this will turn into a segment because I have loads of other truths, cans of worms to open up which others might stay away from talking about haha. Way back in early days would I touch anything like that but going through the majority, I feel like talking about it now. 

Do you shy away from talking about certain topics that open that can of worms? Do you just want to talk your passion and avoid a community? feel free to leave a comment

I’ll see you in the next post! 




  1. “don’t have or know anyone to indulgent in things they love”

    Occupational hazard of being a loner. Probably true of a lot more people than me in the blog-o-sphere. My hikes are solo. So is my anime watching. Blogging as a substitute for taking someone with you on the trip.

    There is always the praise one gets for writing a good blog. Each like is another small dopamine hit. Each follower is a bit bigger hit. Positive comments peg the happy-meter. Even a view is a tiny happy event.

    I think both motivators are important. You write a post about your hobby to share it. But what is the point of that if it isn’t appreciated? OTOH, what is the point of the appreciation if it isn’t for the genuine “you?”

    Unless what you are sharing is the pure act of writing and the content doesn’t matter. There’s some of that around too. A lot of “daily prompt” stuff is that way. There is also writing purely for the sake of having the conversation. Digital small talk.

    Lastly, there is the emotional dump post. A fair amount of that too. The purpose of getting something off your chest to clarify one’s thoughts. Or maybe to relieve a burden.

    I think there’s a bit of all of it for everyone. Just don’t get fixated on any of it. Not because it’s wrong but because it isn’t as happy.

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  2. Do you shy away from talking about certain topics that open that can of worms?

    Oof. I do. I of course have ~thoughts~ about certain topics. But I usually avoid talking about it in-depth on my blog because I know I can’t handle the potential onslaught of comments disagreeing or trying to sway my opinion. So for my own mental health, I usually avoid them. The occasional couple times I do go for it (most recent my rant about CLAMP) got way better responses then I thought I would get.

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  3. This was good to read. There’s elements of my personality where I want to be taken seriously and respected in whatever I do. This has been a good platform for me to talk about different subjects across different blogs.

    I don’t shy away with talking about certain topics even though I used to be the opposite. Some topics would be plagiarism cases (like this recent Top 7 list I made:, racism, cultural appropriation, lesser-known parts of history and other subjects.

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