6 Years and I give you my Top Ten favourite anime. . . what????

I’m sorry what?!?

 Wait. . . this is a post most bloggers would avoid writing. . . about favourites ?? I’m sure you’re confused. 

I was trying to find the happy wordpress years notification you get but never took the screenshot. Well whoops lol

January 10th 2015 is when this blog happened and it’s been six years, erm I have no idea where that time has gone. Anyone who has a blog knows better than anyone. The dedication it takes to keep the momentum and upkeep of running one, with some passion. Otherwise it will feel like a drag. I’m still here which is a good indication to me we still like doing this, will make it fit in with life somehow. Who knows for next year if I’m still here, taking it one year at a time. Your reasons will change every time, mine is: 

– I still like doing this (More anime still needs to be spoken about)
– For the regulars and followers who I know read, I owe to them 
– I love entertaining and making people laugh still 
– I wouldn’t feel like me without doing this to be honest

Blogging has become one of those things I’ll just do, till for whatever reason I don’t. Maintaining my passions are important, I don’t have the time to spend wasting comparing myself to other blogs. Of where others are at and I’m not, all the mind play crap, we don’t have time here. 

Now this post is going to be look like a contradiction. I wrote a post in 2016 on how are you suppose to pick anime favourites especially top ten. Announcing I’m done doing favourite lists, CANT pick one. With my older mindset I actually have a staple top ten now, love of ten that have not changed for a very long time. I believe people’s top ten are held highest regard for sentimental reasoning such case with mine. People don’t share their top ten’s to be howled at of why is such a show on there. It’s there god damn favourites, they only wish to tell you why, not have a verbal brawl with you over it. People share their favourites from curiosity of others, which I know after all time, some of you have probably wondered.

When will she give us THE LIST? 

I give to you 3 years late in no particular order. HAHA the best way to celebratory excuse! 

10. Full Metal Panic 

This one is no secret. I’ve mentioned numerous time but probably will never review properly because favourites you can only say the positive. Fans overlook the flaws always. You know It’s true? This has been a favourite for ten years on the dot and I’m still manic for the metal. I’ve rewatched several times over the years, constantly come back to for characters. A military maniac solving things through military means is one of the cleverest protagonist angle, an oddball of a guy that make him extra unique. The mecha action is strategically entertaining and kick ass dramatic moments make impact when it counts. Ah so much to say but the reason I love it so much the balance of plot and comedy, serious and funny parts. It has a grand balance that fit my taste for an action serious. I like action series to have some funny moments like No Guns Life has this blend as well. Full Metal Panic I’ll be manic for always. 

9. The Vision Of Escaflowne 

Another not so secret series I’ve mentioned many times here. and if you type in my search bar haha. A series that started me on the path of exploring old anime and proving series can be more than what they seem. A complex of storytelling with a love triangle, war element and physiological state of the characters. Really a perfect blend for my taste and probably where I like my isekai to have some romance shoved in there, no matter how small. Fantasy ride that sends me high. 

8. Nagi No Asukara 


The most beautiful anime I have ever watched to date. This series got me to following P.A Works wherever they go.  A group of youth acting all too serious with their feelings when they shouldn’t be. Water visuals that have me wanting to cry every time I look at it. A incredibly unique underwater setting that makes those visuals gleam, gleam people. Romance aspect that looks like a hexagon, pentagon that looses me every time still now. A gorgeous series of youth essence in an underwater sparkly world that thinking about makes me turn into a puddle just thinking about it. 

7. Inuyasha 


One of the first ten anime I ever watched when discovering there is more than Sailor Moon out there. Feudal adventure that is enjoyable more for me with every rewatch. How many times can you rewatch 167 episodes? ten times for me haha. The dub for this particular series is massive reason why it’s in my top ten, Kagome and Inuyasha’s voice actors chemistry playing these two fiery characters is best banter. Inuyasha has one of the most devilish, devious villains throwing all they can at our main group and never wavering on his relentless pursuit. The filler episodes are good, hysterical mini scenarios that happen in between the big journey. The bond among our half demon, monk, demon slayer, fox demon and young female protagonist is solid, a force of sheer will that is dynamic. Inuyasha has all the making of a damn entertaining long running series that is worth the time to invest in. 


6. Munto TV

Started me on my love of Kyoto Animation and love of unknown anime. A very special place this series has been given with me. Maybe the shortest anime I’ve ever seen and may never get a continuation but after over ten years left a hell of an impact. A flawed work that was Kyoto Ani’s debut into the world and long time friendship. 


5.  Mobile Suit Gundam Seed 

This is a funny story I watched Destiny before Seed because someone didn’t know Seed existed. My friend few years ago sent me a massive package of anime she wanted to go to a good home. Among those were the original boxsets of Seed and Destiny. It was then I finally watched everything in the correct order and Seed blew me away plot wise. The war on genetic hate between the zaft and earth forces, the morality of justice coming into question constantly. For me it was reignited how Destiny made me feel. I would love to put up both destiny and seed here but that would be cheating. Seed though had an energy during its battles and character focus that bumped it up into my favourites. Seed got me to check out more other Gundam, though what transpires in the series. I’ll gladly rewatch anytime. 


4. Snow White With The Red Hair 

Kimi Ni Todoke had top spot for romance anime favourite. . . though it’s second now. Purely because I finished the manga this year and love manga way more. That went to top spot for manga romance instead. Snow White another regular mention on this blog so would be no surprise here. The anime stole my heart in time at all giving us a fairytale book series but with assertive, strong willed power duo: going outside the stereotype. I would love to see a full adaptation from manga but what we get stands alongside just as strongly. Shirayuki and Zen are just a delight coupling, how much admiration and respect they hold for one another and push each other to be there best. That is what made it reach in this top ten. 


3. Kyo Kara Maoh! 

I really must do a post on this series soon though I’ve been saying that for years now. This series one of the first comedy genre anime I watched and introducing a cast of majority just men. The dub is what made me invested truly and have a strange love with Kyo Kara Maoh!. Usually it bothers me if there isn’t an enough female in a cast, past tense this is but this anime was the first to make me ignore this fact. I love this world’s strange customs and comedic aspect, that makes my lungs hurt every episode. I’ve come back to this series for a pick up and has never failed. A diverse Isekai where everything starts with a boy’s head shoved down a toilet and enters the demon kingdom as the supposed 27th demon king. 


2. Rurouni Kenshin 

A story of redemption for a damaged man that just tore at my heart strings and I was invested. Kenshin will always be a special, I knew that right off the beat. Kenshin started my interest for my love of Samurai anime and following backwater journey’s of protagonists coming from nothing or tragedy and rising up. A journey I love to relive whenever possible. 

1. Dragonball Z

I woke up at 6am for this before school more than for Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon would make sense to be in this list but for me that anime is another realm. The Dragonball Z mornings are something I really lived for and you shouldn’t deny a fact like that. The long drawn out 8 episode fights till you get a conclusion, Goku’s mad appetite, the next saiyan power ups still after a decade get me pumped. More than Sailor Moon, Dragoball z was heart of my Childhood along with all the childhood shows that are boys favourites, Gundam Wing, Yugioh. Does that make me a weirdo then? 

Did she really just give us a top ten anime …. my god

If I had gone into super detail about each we would have been here for a week. Because this had been such a long time coming post, I just felt lax in giving such specifics. These series I’ve come back to over the years many times and sentimental value is why they stick in my top ten. 

Now of course. . .doesn’t meant to say I didn’t struggle constructed this. Because WE GOT LOADS OF FAVOURITES. Pain is real, any anime fan should know this. 

You can look out for more favourite lists, I think I decided on Isekai as my next one. I’ll be more detailed in that one though haha. 

Happy six years to the blog and we keep going! I’ll see you in the next post! 



7 thoughts on “6 Years and I give you my Top Ten favourite anime. . . what????

  1. Happy 6 years! Ah the dreaded favorite anime list… I still don’t think to this day I could cobble together one myself (so many titles I’d want to re-watch first) so I always enjoy reading other people’s! Quite a few titles I recognize from you talking about earlier, but Nagi no Asakura and Munto took me for a loop since I hadn’t heard of either one before!


  2. Happy 6 years lita!!! 😃😃🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊.

    Can’t go wrong with esca and dbz!!


  3. Kenshin is great. It’s still on my top eight list. 🙂

    FMP is great as well. I just want a fifth season.


  4. Congratulations on 6 years!

    You’ve given me more anime titles to add to my backlog. Especially Mobile Suit Gundam Seed — I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t read that!

    Please don’t tell Scott!


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