The Mugen Train Won’t Let Me Get Off Days Later. .

HALT !! this mugen train hasn’t got off at my stop yet. . . keeps looping over and over to leave me distraught

(Spoiler Free don’t worry you’ll be safe, with only a spoiler hypothesis by my friend)



Until last Saturday it had been over a year since going to the cinema, last time seeing the new My Hero Academia film with my friends. Ironic were in the same month seeing another anime film. Finding out Demon Slayer had been brought to the aussie shores, My friends’ eagerness to see the new Demon Slayer Film had to be rectified immediately despite the dub wasn’t showing only in sub. We all like watching anime in dub together. Australia is in an extremely blessed position right now to be able to go to the cinema, that feeling has crossed me every day this year so far. It washed over me entering the cinema getting to see this film, moments like this I embrace to the fullest. That’s all you can do.

Demon Slayer has become quite the hottest ticket since debut in 2018, I love it like the rest, has a great, compelling sibling story unlike others who have never gripped me. I remember scrolling through twitter astonished within a week of this film continuation debut, it has knocked Spirited Away off highest grossing Japanese film after years at the top. I personally think it’s a coincidence that Mugen Train toppled Spirited Away but this perspective is completely subjective. The massing love for this film of getting to that rare spot didn’t surprise me though, before thinking and after hasn’t changed. This film does deserve every high praise it’s given in anyone who gives it.

Me and my friends weren’t expecting a two hour movie and Steph mentioning in her review of the film’s coverage from manga. I completely agree it was a great call to turn this into a film. 


I saw this film last Saturday. .

6 days later I’m still like this. Oh so is my friend haha.

I have never experienced such intensity for quite some time. This film does all the things the phenomenal factor will do: laugh and cry at the same time because I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. This film left me no time to figure that out. Within the first five minutes: IT’S ON BRO switch is turned on. Studio Ufotable have truly set a new standard of animation befitting for today. There is no question this film, a part of derailing Spirited Away has 50% to do with the mind blowing animation alone. Visually magnificent in every sense, me and my friends didn’t know where our eyes were supposed to be looking. One corner was flashing yellow spirals, other auburn embers of red, had your brain buzzing. Getting to see Rengoku abilities hit beyond my expectation: a fire that couldn’t be contained. His fight sequences were my favourite, spiralling embers of burning mental will, bedazzles you.

Part of this film’s main presentation was set on Rengoku because at the end of season one he appears and is given no coverage. All I knew about him was the guy with fire hair that reminds of yugi’s hair style. In a span of two hours, maybe less me and my friend wanted a figure of him for our collections. Rengoku had an intense presence throughout, practically the guy’s expression the whole time tells you what kind of person he is. Someone who has an unwavering will of justice and mental strength that has been carved and built upon for a long time. I really can’t say too much about him without going into spoilers, I’ll do for another post. The film for me just did enough to form an emotional attachment towards him but his coverage could have been layered upon more. But we want figures of him so that’s enough for us haha.

Dream psychic mental outlook into the minds of everyone setup had an inception film feel. If you have never seen that starring Leonardo de caprio then recommend you do, great Sci Fi, mind messing trip. Our Demon Slayer babies are pushed to breaking point in this film. The window into Tanjiro’s mind tortured me, swimming torn he felt day in and day out. Looking into his soul scene was beautiful reflecting the beautiful person that he is, think of clearest blue sky and water. As for Zenitsu and Inosuke mind in-look, predictable and what the hell is going on thinking you’ll be left with. This perspective of the film was just another clever device to love the main cast even more, soon as the film began the usual bantering and Zenitsu eye popping scenes have the lungs gasping. Demon Slayer has an over-the-top handling of characters but all emotions expressed have a deep humane relation, intensity that won’t allow you to ignore. Till you are swallowed in. 

The demons of display to challenge the demon slayer squad were as disgusting and vile as ever. The appearance of Upper Akaza, the Upper Moon Three, in particular had me absolutely livered. COWARD is all I’ll say on that loser. Me and my friend were cursing a lot, surely that is a good indication there.

By the end of it all me and my amigos were left in tatters, well least one of my friends was haha. The “Are you okay?” question we both asked but no words were coming out. It was My Hero Academia film scenario all over again but way worse this time. Any Demon Slayer fan needs to see this. I’ll tell you that, no questions asked. It was a thrilling trip that felt like me and my friends needed right now. My friend actually came up with a spoiler hypothesis of his that he thinks going in season two for later in 2021 were going the “Avatar Last Airbender” route. Hmm. which is an interesting idea.

If you have chance or are able to see this film near you please do! Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on Mugen Train!

Wow I covered something NEW in season for once isn’t that special LOL

I’ll see you in the next post!


P.S Yes me and my friend I don’t think will recover or get off this train.


  1. Goodness, I’ve been waiting so long for this 😅 I read the entire manga after just watching the first season, but even knowing what happens doesn’t make me less anxious for it to finally come out in the US – when it’s safe to go to the movies anyways 😖

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  2. I haven’t gotten into Demon Slayer (only read the first chapter I believe), but I hope to get the manga box set coming out and then experience the anime. Judging from reviews and the box office, this film seems like it set the gold standard for how manga-arc-as-a-movie adaptations should be done.

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    1. I agree in your comment that is has hit a new standard for acr as a film haha oh my god. I’ve not read the manga, I really enjoy the anime, it evokes a lot of humane relation connection to it’s characters that I don’t think I would feel the same if I read the manga.

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  3. I saw the anime on TV on Toonami and I thought the anime was good. In a way like Krystallina, I’m thinking about buying the manga box set too. I need to read the chapters and get caught up on the story. I did this movie was impressive. I’m waiting until America shows this in theaters .

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