A Solo Announcement!

Lita Laboratory Has Been Hard At Work !

The Lita Laboratory has been bubbling away in secret on a new solo endeavour! 


Oh ho! 
This is going to come as a surprise for many. But I always like it that way haha. 

Some of you may know that for a long while I was running a solo podcast called “That Nerd Lita” discussing anime on my own or with other people in community. I have since deleted the podcast, don’t think many would have noticed, that’s okay. The podcast lost its’ original purpose for me, wasn’t feeling the same fire and drive like once I did. If I’m honest my name choice for the podcast made it to brandish, though was about me and my taste as well others thoughts. Looking at the name made me cringe. It has bothered I haven’t achieved certain goals within this hobby that I didn’t with original podcast so after taking a break putting my focus else on other things. 

I decided to start a fresh for myself!:


My new solo endeavour podcast. Maybe you’re thinking? will she stick to this one with all I do like the blog and other podcast? Dam straight, the past month I’ve been planning content ideas and such so this has been in the works for a while. You’re looking at the podcast name? very simple right? Normally I like to be out there to grab attention like through my blog titles but the name reflects the intention behind it.

What’s this podcast about? 

This podcast is about taking a pause to appericate whatever is on my watching radar in a world among the shiny new anime. I’ll be discussing from to current season or something from 1991, mostly importantly undervalued, less covered anime. The unknown series is my main interest with anime and a goal I’ve not achieved to my own satisfaction. I’ll also be discussing manga!

How often can we see episodes?  

I will be updating as regularly as possible, lengths of podcasts might vary but I’m intending to do short sharp episodes from 20 to 30 minutes. I’m making the time for this podcast so I’ll be smashing it out despite all I do. 

When can we know about a new episode? 

I’ll post on the blog whenever a new episode goes up and my twitter.

What are you going to do about old That Nerd Lita Episodes?

I will not let these fade into the background, I’ll be posting those on my youtube, definitely do a seperate post including all of them!


Guess What already? 


The first episode is already live on Anchor and Spotify!

Listen Here

I’ve debated about putting up on my youtube, please let me know if you’d like me too if others don’t listen to podcasts on anchor or spotify. 

I’m already hyped with this new solo podcast though won’t lie my first recording for it had a lot of trial and error. But I feel much more comfortable with the solo thing than I did year a bit ago. It’s not for everyone doing solo, having a cohost makes things easier, more fun. But I love talking about anime anyway and I need another outlet to have if I don’t feel like writing a blog posts sometimes. 

Hope you look forward to more rambling from me! 

I’ll see you in the next post! 



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