You Only Get One Watch Shot

 Only so much should have such waiver when it comes to watching anime. 

Sometimes I’d give to go back to being 17 and those carefree newbie days to all the anime I was consuming by the mile stone, without walking into a new internet chamber: Irina’s recent post addresses. The digitised explosion of the internet in any interest, area has more influence over us than we realise I think sometimes. The moment creating my twitter, this blog somewhere concisely in my mind, myself knew the exposure that would be coming but none I regret. The internet chamber I’m speaking here of: anime watching chamber. 

While needling you make small mistakes of knots, you can unravel easily but you can’t do the same with your’ first new anime experience. The single influence of my one friend was all I needed to check out Full Metal Panic, Escaflowne nothing else was in my face. In every fan’s face, A library pool full of reviews, spoiler posts, on countless platforms have replaced that youthful, genuine single influence. The perspectives from others affected under this spiralling cycle. Waterfall of feed overtaking our fresh desires to check out a new anime and leaving us drowned beneath over pool of rating numbers, biased opinions and so on. This is what people, new fans are entering into now in my eyes. I’m from the stone age of 90s here expressing a worry for whenever someone is wishing to check out a new series. 

I’ve always taken it seriously for whenever someone has wanted my view, thoughts on particular anime. I love recommending, expressing the main themes of what gripped me. All you hope you do for that person is if end up checking it out. Recently I’ve been watching Emma Victorian Romance with someone I met through youtube, the other day we had a call discussing the first season. She wish to hear my thoughts on this series because she knew I liked romance and anything to do with England. It was a great conversation we had, throwing other recommendations back and forth on other interests as well. Those private engagements with people are worth more to me than any other outside influence. Emma was series had been saving for years to watch and influence my friend brought to finally watch now reminded me from my early days. 

The value of first watches towards new anime is becoming background noise from the echoing of noisy internet chambers, depending where you step into. Hardly anything new here I’m addressing you don’t have to tell me that but what’s going to scar most. You’re intrigue of interest towards checking out new anime from outside sources, that might not align with your own perspective, views. But you do anyway because can seem like an addiction to know: is this worth my time? In any of what I’m saying I do trust the word of fellow blogger people whenever they have lead my curiosity towards a new anime. Their source I do trust and offline conversations with friends in real or online. 

It’s been a mixed bag for me since starting up this blog, joining twitter my own interest and perspective of others to checking out a new anime. Still is mixed for me these days but lately it’s been off my own curiosity, I just chose to limit the amount of outside influence. I know those I can ask for some insight if I need it, I trust. You should go to sources you trust if you need some extra input before firing up a new show. You have the power to allow what has influence over you or not. First watches are something I value highly in this hobby of anime, especially if there is a series you have been saving for right time to start. Like Emma Victorian for me. Everyone in the blogging space here has purest intentions for expressing their perspectives, they should always, never stop. You never know who you will help out. But you should be decision maker for checking out a new anime, listening to your own curiosity as you don’t get a redo. 

Yay really hope my point got across because the mind was running around all over with thoughts, bit of scattered mess this post but I thank Irina for highlighting a very important issue and giving me a push to write this post. I have been meaning to write for ages now! 

Do you hold first watches at an important value in hobby of anime? Do you allow only so much outside influence? Do let me know! 

I’ll see you all in the next post poppets! 


7 thoughts on “You Only Get One Watch Shot

  1. When I first started blogging about anime, I would look to others for guidance and inspiration since I didn’t know anything about reviewing or chatting about anime in any cohesive form. And it definitely impacted my perception of first-time viewings. I even stopped re-watching shows for a while. But after years of struggling with that, when I started to respect other people’s perspectives but without sacrificing my own (not feeling guilty for having a different experience basically, especially with first time watching), I began to enjoy anime SO much more. It opened a bunch of new doors for me and my delight with the it, as well as how I like to review them, whether they’re long and analytical, or just a Top 5 Reasons to watch because I just wanna fanhuman about it haha. I dunno if this makes sense.

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  2. Damn Lita! That was a quick response. And such a a great post! I think my experience has been mostly positive, I’m way more into anime now and I always liked it. But some days can get really overwhelming and I just sort of shut everything off.

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    1. I’m glad you liked my response or enjoyed my post. It was in the moment thing i pumped out before I had to go to work otherwise I would never have wrote it 😂 that’s how my blogging life goes at the moment before I go out the door FINISH A POST LOL

      Yeh I have days where I’m like I can’t deal today of you social media nope lol

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  3. First watches I think can be really unintentionally important, especially like you said the timing and what series it is. ‘K’ despite it’s flaws, is an important anime for me and helped me process a really difficult time in my life. Similarly with ‘Naruto’, I never expected a series I watched afterschool because nothing else was on, would end up influencing my life path the way it has.

    I do think that outside influences can be a double edged sword. I use a lot of outside influences to find new series I might be interested in reading. However, I tend to avoid any commentary about a series I’m watching unless I’m fully caught up on currently airing episodes and ready to converse, good or bad, about it. It’s notably easier for me to add my 2 cents on a conversation when the series is rather bad. lol

    It’s certainly food for thought when thinking about starting a new series!

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  4. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want spoilers before watching for the first time, but depending on who you surround yourself with, you can be hit with spoilers before you even sit down to watch even the freshest of episodes (due to things like Netflix Jail). Outside influences are good for figuring out what you haven’t seen that you may like and for surrounding yourself with likeminded people if you want to do so, but you have to respect those outside influences have different watch histories and lives to you in the process.

    I think surrounding myself with people who like anime on the internet means I’m more likely to say “I’m getting around to finishing [this anime]”, but I’m also more likely to have finished an anime due to streaming now. Also, it drives my hype for things I like to levels which people may find annoying, but in turn, I know (more of?) what to avoid so I don’t unintentionally burn out.

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    1. Outside influences are good doesn’t mean what I wrote here I have righted off fellow people’s recommendations I still seek such guidance always !!

      Very important point that everyone does have different ways they include they’re anime but something that is just forgotten about, from the demand of those that have good intentions saying have you watched this or that?

      Believe me like you, Scott and everyone has given me motivation to bump up certain shows to watch in the past and even now, like that human lost post I owe you that is still sitting in my drafts lol

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