Is The 90s Up To Par AS Others Say?

I got asked a question on twitter couple weeks ago surrounding interesting issue on 90s anime that I hold strong feelings towards. Twitters characters weren’t going to cover my answer haha. 

Lizzo from Soul Dreamin’ Entertainment a fellow blogger and content creator put forward to few others and me the following: 

Answering this interesting question on 90s anime sounded easy to me but more thinking I did on subject, it’s actually more in-depth than first realising. More time on this blog, I’ve spotlighted 90s as my favourite era of anime, what I’ll watch above anything else, cannot turn myself away from. Over years on 90s anime discussion even more now discussion of is it worth for newer fans of today to be exposed to prime boom of this era? and from what I’ve seen sitting on a 50/50 front. This question also reflects upon 90s baby like me who holds such love for a treasured time, What I didn’t notice in the shows I love, have same strong standing? There is a lot to answer here. 



 Roots To Appericate

 Pokemon, Yugioh, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Digimon, among your staples for 90s fan but these staples in particular holding timeless standing and were in 2021. Nostalgia a huge half the reason and other passion of fans. Heaviest of rooting from USA where half my exposure thanks to Toonami. The 90s era was a time full of experimentation for original companies like ADV, Bandai Entertainment and many more. Back then everything was shiny and new until reaching early 2000s then 90s explosion sizzled out. My kid memories with this era are priceless for the introduction into what I learned later on: anime. Now older and surrounded in a newer generation the worthy standing of shows from 90s has come into question more. As shiny new anime is churned out by bucket load setting higher expectations with each passing season.

The 90s had a mix of evolvement of laser discs, VHS tapes and introduction of more dubs, the stem of where sub vs dub has sprouted from. Almost all the 90s baby fan population watched there shows in english dubs. The bigger dubs became pushed forward for the next companies coming along like Viz Media. English dubs whether you hate them or not played a major part in cultivating the way of dubbing. I’m just giving you foot notes here. For people to say if 90s anime are as good like fans me preach about, I don’t like to view it that way. The 80s, early 2000s, anime of now they are have or are bringing their own value and influence. It’s not to question if different eras are worth it or are good, I don’t preach about 90s era like that. Instead encouraging people to appericate for what it was. It’s important to not forget the roots of anything. 

90s anime era has much good to offer that you won’t see in the anime of today. I personally have a deep interest in complexity of storytelling of this era, variety spills out everywhere within different genres. Prime example I’ve mention few times 1993 Vision Of Escaflowne Tying together a raging war, pending romance and philosophical approach, everything intertwines making for an interesting Isekai. 1994 Mobile Fighter G Gundam a self contained Gundam away from universal timeline offering gundam street fight and sinister background plot with edge, balancing out during 49 episode run. You’ll never find such offerings of short OVAs, 90s era has treasure trove of them making a mass impact though not long. 

The anime generation of today cannot give me shojo trash ride to satisfy me like 90s shojo does. Ludicrous of what occurs in these shojo spectacles, 1994 Marmalade Boy 50+ episode run is one hell of heart tugging ride of questioning feelings will tell our robot phone then to I fell in love with my crush’s ex. 90s has some weird titles really pounding hard on whacky and kind of manic. Some stories are real messy like Ceres The Celestial Legend others emotional heart stoppers. 90s is a mix bag of complexity story telling, messy confusing, emotionally draining stories also. I am sad I didn’t get to grow up with many 90s titles like others did because the variety of whacky, emotive stories on offer will have that edge for me over a newer series. 

Not Clinging Only Treasuring

You know I never saw 90’s Sailor Moon series in full not until I was 15? Ever since that time my eagerness to watch as many different 90s series keeps growing with every passing year. My love for Sailor Moon has not wavered after all this time, I made a Jupiter tiara when Sailor Moon Crystal came out back in 2014 to experience Jupiter debut once again. My sappy dedication haha. Gleaming 90s Sailor Moon at its prime like many shows were astounding childhoods before us, there could be no wrong. Till you’re older and. . . all the sailor scouts are fourteen years old, the age gap of 14 and 17 between Serena and Darian. Realising details like this as I got older did make me see Sailor Moon differently but not in a negative sense. 

Learning of such things to do with different 90s show I watched once as a kid, gave me a whole now fascination towards 90s anime. My original love wasn’t dampened, the interest turned up a notch. Things I learned about my childhood anime showed many flaws but isn’t this of what I just described in paragraph above to be a continuing cycle? 90s anime had it’s fad boom phase just like the ones before it, all sparkling, blossoming gems then no longer shiny cover with rust. Early 2000s, 2010s, the current and in 2030. The same thing will keep happening, will question the anime of today was it good as people say it is? Past, present each era of anime has its’ own timeless value and influence. 

The standard of anime today does play a role for newer generation towards dipping there toes into older era of anime. We shouldn’t be shoving in new people’s faces different eras has their own exclusive club “we appericate more what you can’t see”. I believe there has never been a time of more influence for older anime, the amazing company Discotek Media whom I adore with all my soul. Bring a continuous outpour of classics, rarities for rerelease or never saw a home release. Streaming services like Crunchyroll adding older titles. The accessibility of older anime we have now is something as a 90s fan like me do appericate that much more.   

In late 2019 was first time I watched YuYu Hakusho in my life. Old school shonen classic that more than preserved the way of shonen during 90s era. Sad I didn’t get to watch it as a kid but access to shows like this as an older fan is an appreciation I can’t put into words. Compared to as a kid I’ve never felt more excited to dive into older anime. My mindset is different how I view older anime with particular characteristics how cheesy it can get, predictable at points. I’m watching at the moment 1994 Blue Seed that classically possesses these traits but never affecting my enjoyment. Because certain characteristics of can make you love it more despite knowing what you know. So I’m not watching all older titles and clinging to 90s ways because anime today doesn’t have that finesse. I’m watching more older anime because I treasure the value and influence it has. If I’m clinging to anything should be my own curiosity to explore as much of 90s era as possible.  

Me when I’m watching a new 90s show. 

I’m really glad I got to dive into this older anime discussion particularly 90s era. All I feel I can do for newer fans to older anime is run this blog, try be of influence and talk about those aren’t covered much. Because there seems to be so many that haven’t, haha which only excites me like a kid. I hope Lizzo you enjoyed the response and thanks for asking an interesting discussion question. I couldn’t help but want to give a proper response. 

Feel free anyone comment on Lizzo’s question, more insight is always needed! 

Hope you enjoyed the reads my dears! See you in the next post! 



  1. I think the 90s in general is going to be remembered as a pop culture decade. I mean, look at sitcoms like Friends and Full House. Some of Disney’s biggest hits were in the 90s (Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King). Blocks like Nickelodeon with Doug and Rocco’s Modern Life and TGIF with Boy Meets World. So it’s no surprise that 90s anime is also rather well-liked.

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    1. I’m with Krystallina in that the 90’s really did see pop-culture just kind of take off and a lot of that was fuelled by technology changes and accessibility that have only continued to improve in the decades since. Of course, being a teenager in the 90’s I kind of look back with nostalgia goggles so it is kind of impossible for me to be objective about it. I don’t think 90’s anime were better than current ones, but they were pretty awesome (when we could watch them).

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  2. It’s an interesting topic. The 90s is when I started being aware that what I was watching was anime, but a lot of what we had in the UK was VHS releases of 80s anime. So, with the exception of Ghost in the Shell and Ninja Scroll, I started with the likes of Akira, Fist of the North Star, and so on.
    Then, the 90s also have me Cardcaptor, Pokemon, Digimon, abd Samurai Pizza Cats.
    I think I look at both eras with nostalgia now. Some of the animation was great for the time, the stories were fun… I wouldn’t necessarily put them above modern stuff all the time though. All eras have some standout titles after all.

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    1. Awwwwwww this is so nice !!! Oh my god. I feel so humbled by your words. That most meant a lot to me to write on a subject I’m very passionate about and to hear you enjoyed it awwwwww Thankyou muchly. Lots of great content in this post to check out soon!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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