Grail Not The Prize | Fate Apocrypha

They’re so cute ugh!!!!

A boy chose to oppose.

  • 25 Episodes 
  • About: Where the grail isn’t main focus 
  • Light Novel Adaptation

7 servants and masters, one holy grail, root premise where it all began for fate franchise. Before my eyes from my first time viewing 2006 adaptation. It branched out into trilogy’s, sequels, It has become so huge, Fate Zero and Unlimited Blade Works changed everything for franchise, exposing beauty of a battle royal of mages and historical figures, that gets the endorphins going. I don’t know why now the sudden interest to explore fate franchise more, where BIG or POPULAR series I’ve avoided for years. A real problem I definitely have developed. But this year an overwhelming feeling of anxious and itch prods me to finally bunk down on those series I have looked away from. I am fulfilling this feeling as I write this, at same time a longing joy to watch the saved, dashed away goodies I’ve accumulated. 2021 seems to be the year I’ll complete a crap ton of anime. 

From all the sequels and prequels Fate Apocrypha had been one that stuck out with most interest. Honestly it was the visual alone that made it first watch pick, then reading Matt’s review on it made me more curious after. I was not wrong in my choice to begin with Apocrypha, an unexpected spin on holy grail premise we aren’t used to seeing. 


A Grail Like No Other

Fate Apocrypha didn’t want to be a copy and past fate version of those before. Seven servants and mages weren’t enough? Let’s throw in there another 7 of mages and servants. Double the fate fun but with a splash of a two faction focus. The black and red. A greedy leader of Yggdmillennia Clan stole the grail during the third holy war, fast forward sixty years later Yggdmillennia and mages association are at the epicentre of a new holy grail war. I went into this blindly like most of my anime, knowing only foot notes of the plot. Apocrypha had a slow start within first 5 episodes, the main storyline isn’t confirmed until after that when you notice the extra summonings. Then when Apocrypha had me and the story just flew from there, myself in disbelief how much I truly enjoyed it. 

Apocrypha had a few little surprises up their sleeve, unusual alliances are formed, servants are not the genuine article that will catch you off guard when you least expect, really made things more enticing, building to something epic. This series gave me that same feeling with 2006 adaptation and the reminiscing memories rising up. Something that stayed true, the fate series always does a wonderful job of appreciating the characters, particularly historical figures of centuries past, learning of their hidden desires to obtain the grail. Apocrypha honours this tradition towards all characters, there is a lot of shifting focus on different servants during the series but making everything come together. Really hard to explain such a thing because watching it just makes more sense. My best take on it: the fate franchise makes building an emotional attachment towards characters, so easily. I tried not to get too attached because every character faces many befalls and betrayals. Down right crushing for what they wish for the grail to make reality. One death made me ball, the atmosphere and use of green stained filter during scene was perfectly on point for a sob. 

One in particular Sieg a genetically created homunculus with no purpose than to serve under  Yggdmillennia clan. Little did I realise Sieg would become such a main focus during the story because my eyes fell towards main female Ruler (Jeanne d’arc) because at the beginning you are lost on which main character is the spotlight focus. Quickly Sieg and Ruler become a fire duo that I could never get enough of, the development of Sieg from a pot of emptiness to full of spark, it warms the heart. Ruler played a very interesting role during this grail war that takes a new turn leading to personal involvement in the war itself. Oh Apocrypha did so many wonderful and cool things within the story, where the grail was a minor focus and everything else took precedent

Battle Galore 



Talking fate here it wouldn’t have such a strong standing without those epic servants duking it out. If you have never experienced a fate battle then you’re in for an heart wrenching ride. Apocrypha rose to the challenge and kept that iconic uptake flawlessly. Fate battles are: my heart recovering from the first epic blow then another one comes with no recovery time. An irritable itch comes waiting for that grand calling of servants noble phantasm, the cherry on top. Animation was so superbly solid on nearly every battle front and when it comes to fate for me, I do care that the animation has to look good. I’m not good at describing animation but that is the best I’ve got to spotlight Apocrypha’s, I’ll only ever mention animation as a focus if it stood out to me. The story and characters are what I’m focusing on more and Apocrypha got me sold there. 



This scene ugh…

Fate Apocrypha I can say with confidence is GOOD. Ended up being one of these series I had give a real chance as nothing is made clear at the beginning but once began to build up. That fate epic factor people do expect comes blazing through. This sequel in an alternative time on as a self contained plot supported itself well, there is a brief reference mention from the past but it was a great reminder to where the grail roots stemmed from. Fate Aprocrypha was really fun and entertaining watch that I didn’t expect, every character was not left sidelined, so diverse in personalities that made comic relief aspect work during dramatic, important moments. Most thing I loved the true focus was not about solely the grail about personal values and issues each servant, mage had to work through but also about a boy with who knew no life, was given a chance to live but chose to place his involvement in a war that he nothing to do with. A burning thirst for himself was born and carried him through. 

Favourite Character:

Astolfo. . . He is just such a laugh and fantastic supporting character. Jeanne d’Arc is second I’m sorry but he made me laugh throughout.

Now I am keen to finally dive into Unlimited Bladeworks and Fate Zero. Apocrypha reminded again why I do love this franchise and how reluctant I’ve been to watch all the fate series in a hurry, there would be nothing left. Haha that is why I leave certain series till later, now you know. Maybe you didn’t ask to know but we’re honest here. If you’re not sure where to start in the Fate franchise check out this write up by Madman Australia that does a decent round up. But personally I say Fate Stay Night 2006 adaptation which gets forgotten about as the article suggests too. I will cover that series once I’ve done a rewatch, it’s been a long time. 

You can watch on Netflix or buy on home release!

Does Fate Apocrypha peek you’re interest if it didn’t? 

I’ll see you in the next post ya’ll! 



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