Guns Blazing To Achieve

I’d planned to write a review on No Guns Life but the inclination to write reviews these days just doesn’t spark any joy to me but more the minor aspects that stick out than whole production of a series, sometimes.

I have a secret goal this year for myself, think mentioned last post haha can’t remember. I’d like to complete good chunk of anime this year, ones I’ve meant to finish and from my backlog. The other day completed my second No Guns Life. The dub I grew soft spot for and held off till now but I’ve written a 3 Reasons posts to give this action, dystopia a chance. No Guns Life is a really great action series so far as end of season two, story is far from done. Focusing on Juzo Inui a man with no past memories only from his solider days, an extended with gun revolver for a head. Juzo takes on cases with involvement of any extended, people experimented on into lethal weapons during last great war. Tetsurou young  CEO of Beruhern corporation becomes Juzo next case to help but coming with a label saying trouble.

Society is divided by the populous, those with robotic limbs or not. The introduction of this technology had noble intentions and full of good hope, how ideals begin within the group started the chain of chaos in this series. The aim of a once ideal is snuffed out from selfish greed of two or three individuals, the sole original professor turning to other means to bring his idealisms to light. Episode 8 and 9 in season two shed some clarity on the inner workings of why Beruhern wanted to capture together Tetsurou and Juzu though both knew for Tetsurou power: Harmony. The ability to take control of any extended, both final key for professor Andy Wachowski ideals to be realised. 

“Achieving Justice Without Putting Your Life On The Line Is A Pie Dream”

Characters like Professor Andy Wachowski speak of “wanting to make the world a better place” in his case help extended people. But more often than not, their aspirations are either trounced on or taken advantage of. Wachowski still had pride and truth in his ideals reaching up to the point of the episodes focus but went the wrong way about it. You become twisted and so do your ideals, Wachowski ignoring the sacrifices he has made getting to his current standing. Tetsurou calling him out with such tone deaf words “You people throw around the word sacrifice so easily”. In other words a form of running away. “For the greater good”, “It’s must be done” You’ve heard from characters like Wachowski use such terms but some were just making a dash for it. Sacrifice used as a cover up, refusing to acknowledge the sins or acts someone has committed. 

Wachowski turning to a form of rebellion that only created victims, not helping any. It was warped from both sides of Tetsurou and professors confession on the theme “To Achieve” some of the statements were not all wrong. Though professor Wachowski is still full of crap, haha. “Every action has a reaction, ripple effect”, “Lashing out with no fear of reprisal, only makes you a tool” Some of those remarks were all true, last remark he was aiming at Testsurou past tendencies to rush head first into danger. Thinking of nothing else. Tetsurou felt powerless of constantly being protected and his power never aided Juzo.

Juzo gave Tetsurou the harsh treatment of acting alone, but also wasn’t going to baby him, if Tetsurou wanted to reach his ideals, it had be all or nothing. Tetsurou and Professor Wachowski kind of scolded each other during their discussion which was funny but everything said hit the mark for me on topic of “achieving your ideals”. Make or break, all on you to realise your ideals and whatever way you go about it, the justified or underhanded route. No-one will pick up the pieces for you from a first failure of what you wish to strive for. I like the relit fire in Tetsurou eyes expressing to the professor he’ll not abandon his own justified morals and go path he chose. 

No Guns Life I’m going to miss for a while season 2 ended on a fitting note for when things continue on. This series got me to continue on for characters and extended world, found the story settings intriguing obviously a gun head protagonist. Though I preferred season one a bit more than 2 but all round was very satisfied. 

Hope you enjoyed this different angle for a post, I realise I will never review every single anime I’ll watch unless sparking the urge to. Ones that won’t get a review I’ll mention in lists or other posts, honestly I’m just getting real lazy to write reviews. . . 

You seen No Guns Life? what do you think of it?

Till next post! 



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