How I Treated My Anime? A Way?

can’t decide on a seasonal show, LETS DO IT ALL!!

This is a nonsensical essay thing on something that is important to me when it comes to my hobby: anime.
The early days of getting into anime, shiny discs were flying in and out of the DVD player with no questioning and hesitation. Just me and sole concentration of series I was bingeing carefree with my friend. Those times are a precious memory to me that I feel like I have betrayed these days, for one entering into the blogging world and sharing my anime voice on social platforms, have changed how I treat my passion itself. I won’t sit here and blame myself for happening, as my sheer enthusiasm to connect with other fans, people back then was full of good intentions. Somewhere you will get lost or I also in the whirlpool of multi-tasking series at a time, “You should watch this” add to your endless watch list, seasonals. None of these silly, small things should affect you but they do. 

what I was like Me deciding what to watch

The point it got real bad me sitting there, staring at my TV screen, crunchyroll is open, staring over at my anime shelf was last year. The root of it all getting aboard the manga train on instagram, posting more frequently about what I was reading. Quashing of what anime I wanted to watch when wanting a break from manga. Seeing everyday on twitter constant pour of new anime being announced, it’s insane what’s coming out on conveyor belt. Constantly adding to my plan to watch list of 615. In addition seasonal anime up  keep killed things more for me, Seeing everywhere people wanting to be apart of the big conversation. Trends reign supreme over us with no effort required, so easily. This invisible force appearing that you were missing out because you’re watching an anime from 1999. Almost appears as this underlying sickness no-one can control. 

 Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is prime example, announced in May last year, I was stupid excited, watched the first episode then inclination to continue on was gone. It was something wanted to save for later, so as my inner binger was saying. It became a reoccurrence watching many first episodes then not continuing on because I don’t think there was a spark of urgency to, not because I wasn’t interested. After this a feeling of overwhelm overtook me towards end of last year to how I had been treating my hobby, almost felt ashamed at one point. Letting it get to this point, from many outer influences crushing my passion a little, alarmed me.

Funny to write about how to treat your anime, everyone can do whatever they want but the volume of anime at our expense these days and invisible urgency people feel to consume talk of the town shows. Dreads me to think they’ll drown in overwhelm like I did and loose interest, others may not but we’re all different how we choose consume our entertainment. At beginning of this year I squashed reverting back to staring into confusion of what to watch, readjusting to one series at a time. I can manage to watch a slice of life on the side but no more than that for me these days. Last year being contained in that consumption cycle to watch things for blog, post my thoughts after a volume of manga to instagram, fulfilling old recommendations from friends. Taking on that load is not a hobby, it’s a job. Hobbies aren’t jobs, having this blog in the past has made anime feel like a job at points because I got all consumed. 

Sure, I may have been overwhelmed to a point of questioning how I was treating my anime but trying to do all the things, caught in that web last year guess just showed how invested anime has me at heart. But I don’t want to get to that point again. Anime I can’t help but to treat with respect and care more than I’ve ever. So how should I treat my anime? like those carefree earlier days that I cherish because it was just simple back then, compared to now. One streaming or one DVD at a time.

Thankyou for reading my ridiculous thoughts on a strange topic but that’s what this blog is for, a thought dump. So are you someone staring at your screen and don’t know what to watch? Keeping up with trends or being apart of the conversation do you feel urgency to do? Share your thoughts on this strange topic with me! so I don’t feel like a weirdo ahaha lol 

I’ll see you in the next post! 


  1. Exactly right there with you. To seasonal anime or no? Where to start in the endless ‘backlog’ of titles? What you have on hand, or what is available to stream? The choices are endless, and that’s the problem. Everything is too freely available, and so I can’t make any choices so I don’t. I watch shitty Youtube content instead about creators I don’t care about lol.

    But I agree, once it feels like a job; that’s when you gotta take steps back and re-evaluate. That’s why I keep slapping the word hobby on to my blog. I’m a hobby blogger, nothing more. I do this for fun! And when it stops being fun, that’s when I have to stop.

    I hope this relates back to what you said, otherwise this is just a weird string of thoughts I wrote down after reading your post lol.

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    1. haha shitty youtube content I don’t care about lol god that’s accurate made me laugh while reading your whole comment. you exactly like me slapping the word hobby hobby everywhere on this blog. if everyone turned hobbies into income ventures then enjoyment would plummet to zero. the term “doing for fun” I feel like doesn’t hold up as much meaning these days I have noticed, I don’t think it never enough, if you don’t have some kind of engagment whether in comment section or in discord, it would feel meaningless even more. Don’t you think?


      1. God, I’m doing the same thing again while replying to you. The endless cycle lmao. I think a lot of people forget that blogging is a legitimate hobby. So many people equate blogging to being something that gets monetized. Like it’s fun to get engagement because there’s not a ton of people on hand nearby to me that like the same things, but it’s not essential for me. My favorite blog posts that I’m really proud of have no comments, so it goes. I liked writing them, and I’m proud they exist in the void of the internet~

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      2. Yes the monetise option. . I wish that would just burn sometimes I’ve thought ahahahaha for this hobby. I’m happy to hear some posts are out there in the void but I’ll never personally put out half assed stuff these days, I like my posts to come from a geniune which has never changed.

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  2. I personally find that I enjoy shows more when I can binge them instead of watching on a weekly basis and I also put some anime series to the side this past year so that I could wait til I could watch them all at once. I just find it more fun that way.

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    1. Yesssss binger right here !!! I am so a binger, the wait kills me for weekly anime to finish airing. the only ones I’d watch weekly are slice of life because I don’t mind, mostly ones about everyday life.

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  3. That is a tough predicament. I certainly remember the days of blindly watching random DVDs. Granted, I mix it up with lots of things anime and non-anime related, and my work schedule doesn’t allow me to watch whenever I want, obviously. Recently, I’m just focusing on my 2021 review goals.

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    1. yess blindly watching so many years ago as I said in my post is something I hold close and prioritising anime like I use to from now on. I wish you luck with your 2021 goals !!!! I’m sure youll smash them out.

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  4. Humans are creatures of “what ifs” and “grass is greener on the other side”, so I get it. If it’s something that is updated weekly, we may be more partial to thinking, “This might be better all at once!”, and if it’s a season/half-season dump, we might think, “I want to watch some of it now, even just one episode!” We are so fickle; we’re never happy!
    But yeah, as far as what to watch, there’s so much now that it’s easy to fall into analysis paralysis. When I have time to watch something, first I got to decide what service to boot up, then if it’s time for a show or movie, and then what to watch. And then I still might go into do I want to watch something funny, popular, etc. I have taken too long to decide that I end up moving on to something else completely!

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    1. LOL god your comment was so accurate and made me laugh lol That has been me past year watch something else plans go out the window OH DEAR!! LOL I am happy but between you and me I don’t think people in anime community those everywhere will be happy ahahaha

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