Where The Kino Corner Goes From Here?

My new years blog thing is late to the party but I had give a lot of thought about the direction of things, some big changes. 

My plans for 2021: 


Sounds good? 

We’re done. 

*this image was perfect for this post*

Greetings/Salutations Friends, Followers of my humble blog! 

I hope 2021 will be kind to you all as I’m entering at a cautious pace and plus I’m not a massive new years person. Just before the new year rolled around I had noticed a swarm of new people to the blog, so I welcome you, hope you will be entertained, get a laugh out of my posts, enjoy my passion and honest truth. 

Between Christmas and now I had a good chunk of thinking time about this blog, really where to go from here? There is some mysterious aura new years has that you can never explain that has you revising many areas of your life. My blog was last on my list but if this post is finally up: means I’ve decided. Last year my blog got muddy and sporadic with posts, activity in general, it was rainbow vomit. Taking a slight glance at my old goals for 2020 the only that prevailed was being more active on my blog which was my main goal anyway, I’m very proud of that. 

While most bloggers have many aspirations and goals they have set up, I have no inclination to erect goals anymore for the blog. Compared to when I first started nearly six years ago, free time had no set limit: now it does. You’ll learn for yourselves if you continue to blog for a long period, time becomes not a luxury but precious. The past year or so has displayed this fact.

The Changes: 

My main desire for 2021 is doing less. This blog and podcasts I run is quite enough for me, the post I wrote up on hobbies and doing nothing solidify the lessening desire I have. Maintaining what you already have going matters more to me than producing an endless stream of new endeavours that overtime have fell short. 

Turning Anime Only Blog – This is decision I wrestled with for ages but from now on my blog is going to be anime only. Balancing a coverage focus of manga and anime doesn’t work for me, I’ve always been a anime watcher than a manga reader. I believe this change is going to make a massive impact. I think I am over having multiple focuses, now doesn’t mean I’m dropping manga all together. I still read it consistently in background, every now and again I’ll do manga posts like in lists or something. That is all I have figured out for now. I’ll let you know where I’ll be posting manga thought things in another post, promise on that! 

Unknown Anime Gems – When has this change never been on a blog new year update! There are many gems I have yet to discuss here and turning to a anime only focus, this should be regular occurrence. I prioritise a lot of anime watching during my evenings these days so haha there should be no excuse. 

Some Light Novel Coverage – I have only taken an interest in light novels over past year, while yet I have to dive in (only reading two). They are truly fun and leave unexplored avenue of stories that peak my interest: Shojo Isekai. I’m more than open to other genres of light novel so hope to read more light novels than manga this year and do odd post covering that. Either my AniList or Goodreads, you can follow up on light novel stuff, but you’ll see stuff on the blog also. 

Complete My Shelf Backlog – I got a shelf full of anime I bought and never watched for too long, hoping to bring that down fast! so more reviews, posts there haha. 

Honestly not planning to have any big plans for 2021 but to be chill, blog much as I can and be random as hell. I know at least every week there will be a post but likely there will be more than out. Reviewing anime is not going to have a set format, when it comes to reviewing anime for me really depends on if I need to break down the series or feel like doing a ramble. That’s how my structure usually is, my space is not on a professional level. I do have a really good feeling about blog for this year and will flourish more. 

Hope you stick around and look forward to lots, lots and lots of anime only content with other things thrown in there. 

I’ll see you in the next post!! 



  1. Aww look at you focussing! I took somewhat similar decisions but more in sake of structure.. I kind of make content now on whatever I will like.. could be a week with a lot of Pokémon or a week with a lot of anime.. and making everything a bit about my experience. I am sure your decision will pan out a bit better but I think we will both have a fun year so lets Kampai to that!

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