Blogger Cheer! Part 1 – #The25AniCheer

This year I’ve barely done any of my usual post – a – rama segment, I don’t know what’s happening with at the moment. Many deserve some overdue recognition!! 

Ever since end of year last year, the blogger scene I noticed took a down turn. Since then familiar ones and friends have disappeared one by one. Nothing can be helped there. People move on, or life takes precedented. Blogging is a committing hobby and space requiring a lot of initiative, hard work to reap any of the benefits. Also this year has been a total damper, having massive affect. I have lost some of my motivation for blogging this year, just a tiny bit because of all I just described. There have been only handful of reasons I’m still continuing over here and one of the biggest is remaining faces in this community. Also the people who read this blog, the likes don’t show the true fraction of that. These have kept me in going particularly this year. I wanted to show my appreciation to bloggers in this community !! 

animegoodreads – They have been a new face I’ve seen this year and tagged me in a few tags, (which I am sorry I haven’t done any yet ^^’). They run a really fun anime blog and I love their anime analysis posts. One of my favourite posts by them is on sports anime Run With The Wind, great piece on this anime and I want to watch it even more! 

Sushirainbow – Christina I met through instagram beginning of this year, commenting on each others posts turned into talking every week and becoming a good friend to me. She got on board the blogging train creating her down apparently I’m to blame haha. Christina has been very encouraging, supportive towards me this year and I appreciate that so much. Check out her weekly check ins of what she’s been reading or watching!! Also her instagram reviews!  

Two Happy Cats – I was thrilled you decided to stick around the blogging scene as we have been friends for long while and leading to meeting in person last year!. We’re even closer, Steph has been around the blogging block long as I have and has loads of figurine and Otome knowledge to share with you. One of the best people to go to for that !

The Review Heap – Ash is another fellow aussie I met late last year and a really awesome dude. I got to know him more when he joined OWLS, Running his blog, he also has written his own novels which is impressive. Ash always has fun ideas for his blog posts, he has tagged me in few posts this year and I couldn’t get to all of them, I appreciate you thought of little old me. 

K at The Movies – K I got to know more this year and he is indeed a mystery. Talking with him more he is a really nice dude and throughout the year has approached me to include me in different things. That is so sweet and I appreciate you thinking of me every time K. K is a huge laugh and hope you don’t change. I’ve never seen a blog going into such detail when reviewing interesting films I’ve never heard of and I love his approach to each post exploring every inch he can.  

JonSpencerReviews – Jon I’ve known for a long while in blogging community and he is one of the humblest out there. He puts a lot of effort into his blog and running all these events to include others. Jon does a lot for his blogging fellows, he is selfless in this act and deserves recognition for that. I’ve truly enjoyed our interactions either through comments section or voice chat with other bloggers. It’s always fun and so is his blog. 

Al’s Manga Blog – Alyssa is another new face this year, I quickly became a frequent visitor to her blog. I love her coverage on new manga she is reading, doesn’t take much after reading things are added to my own list. She has become a regular face on my blog and leaves sweetest comments. I hope she continues what she does and if are looking for a cracking manga blog, her is it! 

Phoenix Talks Pop Culture – Phoenix I’ve been following for over a year and is just so awesome in general as a person and their blog coverage. Living in Japan I am always hearing of manga, dramas I’ve never heard of and ideal blog to check out for all things Japanese. Phoenix has featured me several times over the time I’ve known them and I’ve appreciated every mention, I love your blog, don’t change what you’re doing! 

The Moyatorium – Moya I’ve gotten to know more this year and she is just cool. She is just like me in a random feel approach towards her blog and why I was drawn to her blog in first place. Moya you shouldn’t change this approach and continue to be your cool self. I’ve loved getting to chat with during discord sessions and interactions together!  

This is just part one, I don’t know how many parts there will be until I’ve gotten through everyone. (should take 3 parts). Hope people know I appreciate them through these sets of post! 

Christmas Song Of The Day:

My family don’t like this Christmas song but I put it on purpose just to see their faces every year, haha. This song is about letting loose and Train’s leading vocals really evoke that, shake off 2020 ya’ll and this song for the ones in this post! 

I’ll have part 2 coming up soon! and I may have said this event was for me but not entirely. 

I’ll see you in the next cheery post! 




  1. Thank you for the feature! I’m super flattered about the kind words you wrote. (yes, I might have blushed a bit while reading lol) I’m slowly going to look through everyone’s blogs and hopefully discover more to follow and read!


  2. Thanks for including me, it’s very flattering company that I don’t think I stack up to but I appreciate the gesture. So thank you for the kind words, I will try to adhere to them, except maybe to never change. I like to think I’ve stayed true to myself but everyone changes…eventually so I only hope change is for the better. Thank you, best of luck with your holiday festive posts.

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  3. Thank you for the sweet shoutout! If there’s one good thing the pandemic did, it’s that it really gave me a chance to bond with other bloggers, particularly on Discord. Loved getting to know you too, and I hope I get to know you even more!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the shoutout Lita! It’s so sweet of you to use your platform to promote other bloggers and your comments about my blog made me really happy 🙂
    I hope you know that I love reading your blog too!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Pretty cool to see mention some bloggers. I really need to go back and blog more and read others. Life been tough. Besides what’s going on in the world, a lot has happened to me in these past months. Lol

    I should pay a visit to these bloggers. 😁


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