I Stopped Using Soap, Why Did I? – Sweat And Soap

I was prepared

I’m late to the soap party of weird here but cater to my adult why don’t you? heh.

Reading this reminded me I miss my favourite soap. 
I miss using my favourite soap. 

As the name suggests imperial smell of divine, smell of this UK brand is kind of intoxicating. This soap made me feel like royalty as a kid. 

Sweat and Soap has been mature readers favourite all year and only recently reading first volume, the other week. Not a Josei title that will cater to all but a cheeky title bringing weirdest premise together and making it work for our inner little pervs. Why this is not suited to all? Asako randomly approached by leading perfume genius Kotaru wondering where a strong smell is coming from and saying he loves her smell, can I study you? The most weird and unflattering impression to make. Asako has massive sweat problems and masks them with the company she works for soap, her only solution. High perspiration issues are not something to laugh at, from Asako perspective I completely related to. Having that connection making me just love her character more, definitely wasn’t cool of Kotaru in her face like that. But I could tell these characters were going to be loveable wasn’t going to stop reading. 

I knew things were going to get weird fast, Kotaru’s hound dog noise for intoxicating smell and Asako looking high from being told someone likes her smell. That’s where the weird stems from but it’s hot I’m not going to lie. Hot and weird here, a premise that’s different among other Josei I’ve read. Wouldn’t call it unique but some strange to bring into the mix within the genre. It’s hard to find titles like this that has right balance of smut and plot. Sweat and Soap makes it work somehow and I love it. Now Kotaru isn’t a soap perv, maybe a fetish for good smells which isn’t bad thing. Underneath weird first impression Kotaru cares a lot about his work as a product developer and has a sweet heart. He just came off strong and doesn’t know meaning of personal space. 

Things develop fast between Kotaru and Asako, half way through their seeing each other. Sometimes this relationship progression does not work but for this pair, it does. Asako’s insecurities brought on from her sweat problems are not fun, will I sweat through this clean shirt within 20 minutes? Kotaru’s sweeping saviour words he likes her scent, washed some insecurity. Though the dude seems weird at the beginning. A part of Asako held back, was let loose from those words. A different kind of acceptance take here but it was liberating for Asako of something affecting her on the daily. On top of pair’s love for company in their own way. Brought a solid connection together even though things are not comfortable at the beginning, thats why I think it works the fast approach to this couple. 

This josei title maybe weird for the premise but main characters make for a fulfilling, smutty read. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants some weird in their smut manga reads. Basing this just from volume one I was confident after stronger impression this series left towards end. 


I knew I was going to like from get-go, I’d want on my shelves.
If Kotaru was right in front of me?. .  no comment

I was surprised the connection I made to this smut title on two fronts which by the way girls. You should try out this brand Native. They are amazing. 

Hope you enjoyed the read and you may notice my attempt at trying to blog daily at the moment. I feel like it’s going to be one of those short lived phases but I really want to try. haha. Wish me luck!

I’ll see you all in the next post! 



  1. The first chapter of this series kind of annoyed me, but it got better as it went and I thought the later chapters were pretty sweet. I actually think it could have stood to be a bit more raunchy though 😉

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    1. i completely understanding from reading your first volume review the first chapter might not sit well with people it didn’t sit well with me at first. Ooo yes raunchy some more would be nice see what happens when I get into the next few volumes!!

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      1. Haha it is weird, but you continue to read it. Maybe that’s the key of continuing the story. It’s weird, but you want to know what happens next XD.


  2. Some many moons ago when I was writing gay porn I was asked to write a story about dirty sweat socks as a fetish. It was a web site that was all jock sports gay sex stories. Like everyone else, I was a bit taken aback at first. Then I actually managed to wrap my head around it. I have a really sensitive nose and I totally get liking how someone smells, so it was just a matter of attaching that to a smell I might not normally personally enjoy. I told a friend about it once and she said I spend too much time with animals… 😛

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