A Drink, Hell Of A Year – Join #The25AniCheer

Did someone hear Christmas?

We’re on the cusp of festivities, 6 weeks now ya’ll. Are you looking forward to it at least? what Crap year it’s been and I’m refusing to let end on a sour note. 

Happy for you all!

Before getting into the details of my event I wanted to extend my happiness to my American friends through blogging and who I know on any platform. I am thrilled for you all for the presidential outcome and new direction you’ll be on. I was watching like rest of the world like, the nervs were real and the conclusion is better than anyone could have hoped for. A massive positive, congrats! 

Boiling xmas here we come. . well for me anyway lol

I couldn’t resit creating something. ah canva is so fun! 

I must be crazy to plan some big event now? WHY YES! and you guys can join in if you want! 

December has and will always be my favourite month of year, not because of magical essence, eating till you bloat and drinking like you don’t remember. .  actually nah it is that! ahahaha. No other two plus summer will be here people, boiling season, yay and maybe. . . a birthday in there turning a ripe age. Will I tell? maybe when we get closer. 

Fair to say this year has been crap and even going into 2021 some of that will continue still but I’m not letting it ruin December and you shouldn’t either. What did I decide? Create my own merry event for me. Now I know December, bloggers like to participate in 12 days of anime or the 25daysofManga  but I’m extending to anyone who wants a change and give mine go: The25AniCheer

My idea is not really original as there so many of these events/challenges on social media but all I wanted here was simple.

The25AniCheer What’s involved? 

25 short blog posts for 25 days. 1 to 25 December

I wanted this event to be as simple as possible and just be about some cheer and spirit because this Christmas 2020 is going be different for so many. The pull of positivity should reign supreme here and this events focus. 

You can blog about whatever you wish focusing on anime, manga etc. My posts are not going to be super long around 500 words I’m aiming and varying subjects on anime I haven’t had chance to talk about, xmas watch list, anime favourites, christmas episodes, anime collection update etc of secret things. Talking about series that I hold dear with the addition at the end of each post a favourite xmas song and xmas tradition or food I love. Maybe Christmas drink too, ooo. It’s going to be a random mess but who follows my blog is used to that haha. 

I will be aiming to post the full 25 days but if you wish to join in THERE is no obligation to do full 25. Even if it’s few posts spread out or whatever time you have spare. Don’t treat as a challenge but as a write relaxation or retreat of sorts. You’re not required to do in-depth analysis here but let the pure fun have some freedom. 

That’s all there is to this! Simple right! 

Can you do this on other social media? 

Yes just give a short spill and post whenever you wish! Feel free to use hashtag #The25AniCheer so I can everyones posts! 

I’m giving advance notice here so if you wish to participate there is some time for you guys! I’m looking forward to this and feel free to use the main image too on your posts and such.

You can see how casual I am about all this and it’s staying that way. 

Let me know if below you will be joining and can’t wait for 1st December for all fun to begin! 

Drinking time!! 

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. Well, with the way this year has been going, it’s very nice to see the final month is going to bring some cheers! Terrific event! I don’t know if I’m able to join in, as on December I’m having Sci-fi month over on my blog, but maybe I will try and bring two or three posts bringing some Ani-cheer as I really like the idea for it! Good luck, and let’s hope the final month will be better. As you said: at least the presidential elections went in the right direction, so maybe this will be a turning point! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s all good I created this event for myself really anyone can feel free to jump in:) hehe I just want to celebrate December !! if you end up joining Michael awesomesauce ill look forward to it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay, can’t wait for some holiday cheer! Looking forward to what you and others come up with.

    And it’s such a relief to have the elections over with!! Can’t believe there was a question, but I know from signs and volunteering it was going to be a tough fight. So great to breathe a sigh of relief, but still some major challenges ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thankyou Krystal ❤ I can imagine how much relief you feel. I was feeling relief for your country and all friends here. some hurdles for your country but I believe this is for better regardless of others views. ^^


  3. 25 posts until December 25th? That sounds fun. I think we needed something fun and take our minds off of 2020. I’m too late to that, but hopefully I can all of your posts. 😀


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