AMV’s Rock And Worth Your Time – Top 3 Reasonings

AMV is a what?

Ahh finally I have time for a post and better yet unplanned one. 

What sparked this idea? 

*incoming story time* 

Blogging has never been my main outlet to express my anime love, something came before that. AMV Making. . . Now you’re lost probably. AMV stands for anime music video a fan-made video art form using anime clips. 2013 I first dabbed into this unique space and met my long-time friend who truly got me addicted, a creator herself also. It was strange watching random clips put together with a song but the concept behind it, eventually became clearer, the more I did it. Shame for a few years I didn’t make anything and only last two years I got back into. 

Compared to blogging, this hobby takes more free time than you could think. Recently a friend thought of me, encouraging me to enter a AMV contest for an Australia Convention known as SMASH!. With only a week to make something, four days I completed my piece, just went by like that and I don’t know where the time went. It got me thinking about how absorbed this hobby makes me and why it makes it so?. Some people over the years have asked me what’s the point of these AMV’s. So here are my reasons and why you might watch more after this post maybe?

Series + Song Discovery 

Looking through my Ani List or my anime list for your next watch might be a pain and trailers sometimes don’t give me an interest indication. A constant habit I’ve developed over years before starting a new anime is looking up AMV for it. Overtime this almost ritual has never failed me in choice of watch. You’re viewing someone’s else window to the series you’re interested in and that perspective is valuable. AMV are better than trailers these days when picking a series to watch. The other best thing about AMV is finding new songs. I can’t tell you how many bands I’ve discovered over the years, truly has broadened my music tastes. An example the following AMV above I watched after finishing Hiiro no Kakeru, discovering a American Christian rock band Ashes Remain, really nice tone they in their songs. The song “Change My Life” I used in my own inspired AMV. 

This has been one of the fastest ways to discover new songs and draw on new inspiration for new video ideas. One of the defining reasons for me Anime Music Videos hold strong merit. 


Creation Process 

Blogging you’re just typing words but AMV making is another ball game. There is no starting guide book and I honestly don’t know how I self taught myself. At the beginning your diving head first and tutorials can only help so much. Nearly like blogging you are finding your own style, many like to use to excess or minor effects, transitions in their videos. It’s taken a very long time to find my own style and you will continue to develop as with anything. 

I would be lying saying I enjoy blogging more than AMV making. The creation process of AMV is more satisfactory feeling than writing a blog post to me. Slaving away on a AMV for a week is indescribable to get words out of fulfilment you feel even among the anger breakouts of the your software shutting down. Ah all so worth it, only if you have reliable software by god. After using my Sony Vegas Pro 10 for last 8 years, the bootleg system which constantly shut down on me, trailing through clips at tortoise shell pace and freeze on me. Finally I moved to a newer software Davinci Resolve, which I downloaded to my computer months ago. Avoiding to learn a new system until in last week, I opened my Sony Vegas to do my AMV entry. Then closed down realising it wasn’t worth it anymore, aha. 

Good software is vital for AMV making, why did it only take 2020 for me to give in to this fact? My Sony Vegas Pro 10 was my baby for years and had all the ideal transitions, effect I liked to use. Davinci Resolve has proved to possess to my editing desires and it’s free software to download. To anyone interested. 

The many evenings till 3am I gave up to work on any of my pieces have all been worth it. The creation process is beyond fun getting to play around with clips from your favourite series, how you want. It’s dedication this hobby but the excitement buzz I feel whenever beginning a new idea hasn’t changed. 

Emotional Release + Feels 





Now were onto my favourite part about AMV’s: emotions. This is on different fronts if you just finished watching a great anime and feeling that ‘void” space. I’ve always gone to AMV’s to console me until I can move onto the next thing. AMV’s aren’t all emotional gut punches, the versatility ranges from hysterical parodies to pumping action rushes. Whatever you end up watching will you make you feel something. For me personally, it’s important for me to feel something, my own style is about lyrics matching the clips a much as possible with minimal effects and transitions. AMV’s these days are all about lots of effects I’ve noticed compared when I first got into. Makes me feel old school sometimes that lyrically and clips are what make AMV’s most enjoyable for me.

The most wonderful thing about AMVs are creators personal ties and concepts to what they created. AMV making has been a special creative space to express emotions in times I didn’t know where to turn and pour out to the world my love of various series. Whether it’s for personal reasons, fan-made ship that never sailed every AMV has a meaningful concept to it’s creator, leaving an everlasting impact and appreciation.   


After not making a AMV for 3 months, my amv entry didn’t turn out to bad. I used it as excuse to show off my love for this couple. 

Now you should go watch a bunch of AMV’s from your favourite series, you’ll be there all night. Let me know if you watch AMV’s and is there a anime and song you would like to see be created that you might have thought would go together nice? 

Maybe I’ll take on requests. . . Oohhhhh! 

Did I tell you what a life saver my new software has been. I can finally continue making these with reliance. Goodbye Pro10 we had some great memories but to the scrap heap you go lol 

Hope you enjoyed my spill on AMV and check some out!! 

I’ll see you all next post!! 



  1. It’s always nice to learn something new I guess. I have vaguely heard of AMV’s but never quite knew what they were about…until now! So, more fun than blogging huh? I wish I could have the time to try and get into this, but well as it is I already have way too many hobbies as it is haha😂 That said, I love your enthusiasm for this, and the obvious work you have also put into this post. I especially liked the emotional angle you described, as well…I can be an emotional guy😅 Anyways, just thought this was a great post, and thank you for learning me something new today!😀

    Liked by 1 person

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