These Top 5 Fathers Are Just As Cool !!

Goku and Gohan a classic but favourite

 Us aussie’s celebrate Fathers day later in the year so might be weird seeing this post. Already I thought a post dedicated to this day I had done, turns out not. Today is a day to celebrate the dads!! 

Happy Fathers Day !! 

To who is actually celebrating it. haha

I’m in a very sentimental mood today anyone would be. These dedicated days like mother and fathers day are great distractions and bring perspective of family into prime focus. These days are about appreciation and I have nothing but highest appreciation for my own dad, he is amazing. I wanted to share 5 anime fathers are pretty cool but they might not be a powerhouse Goku. Although I did pick unseen fathers here that don’t get whole mention a lot. 

5. Kazuma Sohma (Fruits Basket)


Kyo was very fortunate to be saved by Kazuma Sohma after his mother’s passing and father’s rejection of him. Out of this whole list this father, son duo is my favourite. Watching either old 2001 or new 2019 adaptation the same warmth resonates within both. I have to say 2019 adaptation has truly expanded the affection of this relationship making it more beautiful. Kazuma has the humble presence to be strict and doting towards Kyo when it feels right. A pinnacle turning point for Kyo, exposing his closet secret to Tohru runs risk of Kazuma losing his son altogether. Making that call, putting all his anxieties and hopes on Tohru may look selfish but all the belief and love was for Kyo. Kazuma may be Kyo’s adoptive father but A father is a father whether biological or adoptive. 


4. Kosuke Niwa (DN Angel)

I really need to rewatch this series in the next year like the rest of rewatches I wish to do. Daisuke at 14 inherits duties of Dark Mousy, Phantom thief stealing ancient artefacts. Daisuke father isn’t around first half of the series but comes in second half. Kosuke was one of those fathers who wasn’t around for a long time and I can’t remember why if it was to do with family curse? But despite not being around Kosuke places family in the highest regard. Kosuke had approach Daisuke can make his own decisions while dealing his alternate self Dark and stealing artefacts. Kosuke is scatter brain but serious when necessary, Kosuke would only step when he felt he needed to or if Daisuke needs him. Kosuke comes to his son’s aid at one point and seeing his content smile. His family is always highest priority. 


3.  Kaoru Awayuki (Pretear)


A failure novelist and the drink became Kaoru crutch after Himeno mother’s passing. Kaoru was a dad after that who tried always. Finding love again and remarrying hoping it would bring light into Himeno’s life. But Himeno finds it hard to adjust and Kaoru’s constant optimism was beginning to run out with every effort bringing his family close together. Kaoru’s efforts are misread by Mawato his new step daughter who alienates herself a lot, scowling up Kaoru for trying to replace her biological father. Despite all the knock backs he tries every chance to unite his family but this doesn’t happen till last few episodes. Especially finding connection with Mawato. Kaoru is your embarrassing and jokey father where nothing seems to beat him down but dedicated man. Kaoru reminds me of my own dad’s positive outlook on things and why I have a soft spot for this anime father. 


2. Sai Nanohana (Jubei The Ninja Girl) 


Jiyu was truly daddy’s little girl. It’s another after her mother’s passing, Sai absorbs himself into his work and becomes distant from Jiyu. Suddenly Jiyu finding out she is reincarnation and successor of a Samurai brings the two closer together slowly. Sai wants nothing but the best for Jiyu, generally a laid back guy but defiant and opposing of Jiyu turning into a samurai, fighting enemies. Through this experience Sai learns he doesn’t really know his daughter. Getting himself involved in her situation brings out his suppressed feelings, showing how stern the guy actually is. Trying to navigate towards an understanding with Jiyu and her ability to changed into Yagyu Jubei works out for the better on Sai’s side of things. He forgot a lot of important things but just needed to find that reconnection with Jiyu. When they do, it’s a tear fest, watching scene with these two makes me emotional a lot. Because
underneath Sai is a great dad but succumb to the lonely idea after loosing Jiyu mother of raising her himself.  


1. Gildarts (Fairytail)  


One of my favourite ever scenes in Fairytail, is Gildarts one guilds S-class mages is Cana’s father. When he finds out, it’s ball your eyes out time. Cana hid the fact for longest time, out of fear and rejection. Finally when both begin to act like father and daughter, their relationship dynamic changes to how it should have been in the beginning, closeness Cana deserves with Gildarts. Takes a while for the news to settle in Gildarts is a dad but takes the reins with ease, Cana always coming into perspective. I love their bond so much because it reminds me of my own so much. Out of all the daddy’s here, Gildarts is the most powerful, if there was one anime character I would relate to my own dad, it’s Gildarts. The same fiery temper and sternness but can be pretty laid around his own family. So Gildart is a pretty special character to me hehe. 

Like I said this post has sentimental attached in here so you might as well let me know which anime character you relate to your own dad? I know not everyone’s family situation is the same, thinking about that. . . I know I’m lucky is the only way to look at. 

Happy daddy day! 

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 




9 thoughts on “These Top 5 Fathers Are Just As Cool !!

  1. I definitely think of my dad as an amazing guy as well! In that regard I have been blessed by having two absolutely wonderful parents. I think I could compare my dad to Max Jenius from Macross, as he’s always very calm and level headed, something my dad definitely is too!😊

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  2. Wow, I didn’t know you have a different Father’s Day! Kinda like how we celebrate Father’s Day on August 8th in Taiwan because “8/8” sounds like “papa” in Mandarin. 😂 I’m only really familiar with Gildarts, but he sure is a pretty cool dad.

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