Recognition I Don’t Deserve – Blogger Recognition Award 2020

When’s the last time I did one of these. . . can’t remember? Do I think I deserve it? No can I stay in the shadows ahh

Thankyou Mistress Of Yaoi, BiblioNyan, Phoenix who have nominated, you’re finally getting a reply. It’s nice to be doing this again especially since the ani blogging community has been so quiet as of late, on my reader it has anyway. 

What is this blogger recognition?

No-one I have seen has really specified what this award actually is so I can give my own definition right? From what I can gather to given acknowledgement of fellow bloggers especially for small bloggers. Just keeping a blog least active every month deserves recognition in my eyes. But this word exists just as bit of community fun take it for that. 

Award Rules:

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2. Write a post to show your award.

3. Give a brief history of how your blog started.

4. Give two pieces of advice to young bloggers.

5. Select up to 15 bloggers you want to give this award to.

6. Let your nominees know that you have nominated them.

Oh Why I Decided To Blog

January 10th 2015 I entered into the wordpress world of blogging because google blogger is and was useless. A anime enthusiast known as lilac ran a blog Lilac Anime Reviews reviewing anime. I loved reading her thoughts and approach to anime, on my about me page I mention she is inspiration for wanting to blog in the first place. Lilac was the first spark along with my own passion to wish to express my thoughts somewhere that wasn’t real life and hopefully meet some fellow anime people. My blogger road has taken different detours ideas that either were big flop or success. Five years so far has been long enough to learn how I wish to blog these days. 

Just Some Advice 

Simple Is Your Best Friend 

Stick to one focus for your blog. You’re allowed to takes detour from your one focus but I completely derailed from my old anime focus one year into blogging and writing other things I hadn’t planned on. It’s going to happen, blogging is about experimentation but experiment within your one blog focus, to keep things fresh and fun. Short posts are winners. You’ll learn fast some people have short attention spans these days, getting to the main point of your post, you’re a winner already. Designate one block of time out. Some bloggers like to be organised with a schedule, I’ve been there and we don’t mesh. We all have lives but you want to be dedicated to a hobby commitment like blogging. Block out an evening or few hours for your blog once a week. If you’re goal is get one post a week up, you’ll be set. 

Initiative Benefits

Every blogger wants that recognition from their fellows but to get it you have to take the initiative. I had to at the beginning. You would have to be extremely lucky to gain a following on your on or meet anime fellows with no effort. All that is required is by typing in that search engine “anime” “anime blog” “aniblogging” and discovering there are others out there who seek the same notice as you do. Liking, commenting on people posts is where you will reap the benefits. Give it some time, but within the first month of my blogging I met a few amazing blogger friends and it was so easy after to meet and discover others. Blogging is community and without that taking that initiative, I think blogging would cease to be what it is. A little effort is required but your blog bud will blossom pretty fast.

Recognition Nominees 

SushirainbowStill a new face to the blogger space and deserves notice. She’s become a good friend since I met her on instagram

Blerdy Otaku – Really cool individual and love their whole blog. Someone I discovered in past two months definitely deserves some love.

Al’s Manga BlogAlyssa runs a cracking manga blog doing a lot of first impressions, I enjoy her blog a lot and manga people will love to check out!

Nerd Rambles Megan I’ve known for a long time now and has lot of personality to offer through her posts. I enjoy reading her thoughts!

The Little Book WitchI discovered Sarah this year and really enjoy her coverage on various comics and manga. She deserves some love for her fun book blog!!

Laurel’s Code I’ve followed this nerdy blog for a fair while now and enjoy their variety coverage.

OtakuBrit I’ve followed this blogger for a long time, they blog not often but I still enjoy their blog when they do post. !!

Thankyou again to the darlings who nominated me and my nominees do not worry if you aren’t able to do this. I wanted to give you some love!! but if you end up doing this link me, see what blogger advice you got.

I enjoyed doing this but the rest of those tagged nominations might not get done…. there is more than 20. . . oops.

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. Oh I think you definitely deserve it. In fact I don’t even have to think twice about it! Congrats on this one. As Krystallina said, I also have a huge backlog of these, so really no worries! You gave some great advice. I also tried a schedule at some point, but eventually for me that didn’t work either. I now just try to have a lot of posts written in advance so I can just publish whenever I want 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! It was so much fun reading your answers, especially the advice you gave. Thanks for taking time to do this. You’re one of my fave bloggers and I appreciate you very much. ♥

    Liked by 2 people

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