Filimena Let’s Swap! | Fiancee Of The Wizard Vol 1

It was Yen Press happy release day today for this shojo, isekai I had been waiting for. Immediately preordered my physical copy then decided. . . this needs talking about now. That’s why digital options exist, my heart is too full of joy now. 

{Spoiler Free for you ya’ll}

I think my favourite manga of 2020 has been decided already

Original Story: Syuri Nakamura 
Character Design: Keiko Sakano
Translation: Karen McGillicuddy 

Most isekai protagonists are reborn for the great destiny of a ‘chosen one’, save the world from an evil. The path for a nearly thirty year old woman was not to be a hero but a wizards fiancee?. Reborn after a unfortunate accident (usual drill) our main female now known as Lady Filimena Via Adina eldest daughter to a noble family. Takes some adjusting 30 year old mind within a child and whole unknown world to her but she soon fits into this new life. Filimena’s father and head of Launcent family have been good friends for long time. Filimena is introduced Launcent’s new adoptive son; Egiedeyrus or Edy feared by people due to his black hair, exposed to nothing but alienation. Filimena quickly warms to Edy and forms a special bond through reading ancient grimoires. Down the track their friendship takes a turn, resulting sending Edy to wizard academy with the promise Filimena will wait for him till he graduates ? 



Wizard/Fiancee Perspective 



Fiancee Of The Wizard goes beyond the marker for awaited anticipation. Before learning the plot, the divine manga cover and title had me, can we mention again how epic that manga cover truly is!. God. After reading the first volume my heart was filled to the brim of deepest joy, anticipation paid off here. First volume is a very solid setup introducing our loveable main protagonists, Filimena is a kind soul and earnest. The moments you see Filimena as a child are hilarious, she may not be a chosen one initially first thought but sees herself as special having mature mindset for her age. Remembering there is a 30 year old residing in that child body. Filimena almost at times feels like she has one over on everyone around her at times, I love it. 

I like that Filimena accepts her new embrace on life and dedicates the time learning all about this magical world and her families heritage of librarians, whose duty is to guard ancient grimoires. Filmena quickly warms the heart of safe-guarded Egiedeyrus or Edy and the two form a treasured friendship also shared interest of reading. Edy instantly reminded me of Kyo from Fruits Basket rejected by this own parents, fearing limitless power people born of black hair possessed. In this world people with black hair referred to as ‘black’ treated as outcasts, out of fear, deemed dangerous for their unruly powers. Exactly like Kyo, Edy was taken in by a powerful magician belonging to an elite group known to all. Edy finally finds acceptance with Filmena and walls come down slowly. 

Unexpectedly an incident changes Edy and Filimena friendship, placing a wall between the pair. Edy crashes back to original abyss he was in. Piling on the self guilt but somehow realising feelings he couldn’t see before for Filimena. Edy finds a determination among his guilt, he ask Filimena to wait for him. As Edy is forced to attend a wizard school and will return once he’s graduated. I like this world’s custom of simply asking a lady to wait means your automatically engaged, funny Filimena doesn’t realise at first. 


After this point this is where the pair go through a lot of waiting and angst. Reunited seven years later nothing panned out how I imagined. There was a lot of unexpectedness and continually was surprised the direction of Filmena and Edy relationship was taking. Many moments that just knew how to irk your annoyance but in good way, added to my growing enjoyment throughout the read. I absolutely loved the use of Filimena and Edy thought perspectives from either side to build up such a strong bond between two. It sold me from first few pages. There are many moments especially regarding Edy that leave impression there is more to what is going on and this two sided perspectives worked so well for the story. Among the angst, equally are adorable moments that sway the heart good, also amusing referencing from Filimena, she has to communicate through letters and complains the easy access of email and phone she had. 

The art style needs a mention here, absolutely gorgeous, shojo aesthetic to the max. Learning about magical world was very interesting, this world’s appreciation for spirit magic and simply conjuring through ancient books. The world focus worked alongside progression of Filimena and Edy relationship wonderfully and invested in both focuses. 

Fiancee of the wizard is a must pick up for any shojo fanatic and those who love romance in general. May even sway those non-romance lovers even, there is a great balance of many things going on here. The story is so solid, two main characters who are beyond endearing and constant sole affection for one another that never wavers. Volume one has started on a very strong note and salivating for the next one because.   .   . oh man!! This shoujo, isekai is a rare blessing to receive and collectable you’ll want on your’e shelf.  

Now that order button awaits of if you were like me and couldn’t wait, one digital click away!

Ahh today was such a great day because of this book. I’m ashamed I forgot this title came out. After reading it, I couldn’t waste a minute to not convince you all to give this shojo, isekai rarity a try. 

Tell me in the comments if you are going to pick this up now! It can be a short comment of even just “Yep” and I’ll be dancing in my chair!!! 

Yen Press you are my favourite publisher for many reason, this can be another!!! 

I did my best to sell you this title to you all and now I’ll see you all in the next post!! 




4 thoughts on “Filimena Let’s Swap! | Fiancee Of The Wizard Vol 1

  1. Also joining in on the “cover is beautiful!” train. Blue is my favorite color but I also like pink, and I think they go well together. So while the style looks really nice, the colors really make me like it.


  2. The art looks so beautiful and the premise is interesting too. I haven’t heard of this manga before, but I’m definitely adding it to my reading list. Thanks for sharing, Lita! ♥


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