Keeping You Updated ~

Just a quick check in of where things are at. It’s been a minute. But we’re still alive over here and resilient.

Greetings Blogger friends and followers!

Hope your doing well. You are safe and are doing the best for yourselves.

I just wanted to do a check in and let you know where things are going for the blog, because as you can imagine. Things are just… insane, only word I can use to describe for current climate of things. My own motivation took a nose dive after OWLS July project. But I got some of my mojo back now. It’s understandable for how quiet the ani blogging scene has become I’ve noticed for ages now.

But we’re still here doing our thing and I wouldn’t have that any other way. Now some good news I have a bunch of content planned for rest of the year to eventually come out. The accumulated notebook has gotten so full. As usual it’s completely random what will come out. Im pre planning some content for September particularly, looking a busy month due to work possibly, I’d like to be prepared in case.

Top of that I owe some tagged posts and nominations people have kindly tagged me into. I’ve been meaning to get to for ages so hopefully I can get some out for September because I really want to do them!!

I don’t have any epic plans towards end of the year for the blog at the moment. I’m keeping things very chill, I’d like to keep it that way till then. I’ll inform you of course if anything changes.

Segments like what’s on the manga docket? Will not be dying as I enjoy writing those a lot and drama content will continue. So those segments are not going anyway. I haven’t done a post a Rama for a long time, hope to compile something but not at the moment.

Well That is all I wanted to say for this update!

Here is my favourite nerdy purchase recently!!! I couldn’t bring myself to drink out of it.. so it’s my pen holder on my desk now. I know you all will have a mug in your cupboard… somewhere you can’t drink out of lol

Please let me know how you guys are doing down below in the comments as it’s hard to get to talk everyone!!

Ill see you all in the next random post !

Lita Kino


17 thoughts on “Keeping You Updated ~

  1. Hey, Lita. It’s great to hear from you! I’m glad you’re doing okay. Definitely miss seeing you around the reader! Life has pretty much been a ride haha. Right now, I’m just looking forward to the weather cooling down come September and October (it’s like 110+ these last few days, or maybe weeks? It’s been killer *sobs*). I LOVE your mug! I have a Death Star mug that I use for random anime drawings when I can’t figure out what to watch next. I used it once and then got paranoid of dropping it while washing, and never used it again (after washing it, where it slipped out of my hand, of course. Luckily it didn’t break.). It’s a beast of a mug and probably my favourite one.

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    1. Neha!!! thankyou for you comment my dear !! I know you’re aboutto have your open heart surgery and wish you all the luck!!. You’ll be in my thoughts my dear. Oh it’s coming up to spring here in 2 weeks and IM READY FOR IT gimme warmth LOL haha but I can’t believe it will be spring in two weeks it’s maddening. death star ahhhhhh awesome !!!!! I would love to see a photo of it. i only have a massive mug that is mermaid theme but think it’s about time I get a new one. Much love Neha !!


  2. Sup! Nothing too out of the ordinary for me lately, but my old job brought me back recently. Working remotely has been something, but that’s just how it has to be right now. Just fortunate to have my job back.

    Hoping this week I’ll actually catch up on anime and manga I’m behind on. And stay caught up!

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    1. Hello !!! Justin, thankyou for commenting !! I should take this moment I loved your website and hope to listen to your podcast sometime this month, I’m excited:) I’m very happy you’re settled in stable work for yourself. ahaha caught up on anime? are you kidding me that’s impossible LOL I am behind on a few series but i just go with the flow honestly that’s all you can do especially for right now. Otherwise I feel like if I planned my anime out all the time would take away the fun. I’ve been there.


      1. Ah thanks for saying Lita! Hope you enjoy the ramblings from me and Helen haha

        I’m going to do it! It’ll happen if I believe hard enough lol


  3. Thanks for the update! All I can say is hang in there…this has been one crazy year for sure. I love that nerdy purchase by the way! I’d definitely not drink from it myself either, but just display it😊
    As for me…I’m also trying to hang on. Health is unfortunately still an issue on my end, but I’m lucky to have a vacation at the moment, and spend some time here on the blog😊Always nice to see you Lita, looking forward to your new posts😊

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    1. As always your comment I knew I would see. I must read one of yours this week and along with others I haven’t. My bad for reading many posts in the past 2 months. I’ve learned it’s out of my control so many things are right now. I hope your enjoying your vacation time!! thankyou for letting me know how you’re going and you’re churning that blogger content like no tomorrow wohooooo i so look forward to reading !!!

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      1. Somehow I missed this comment🤔🤔 Must be one of those weird WordPress glitches that don’t make sense sometimes😂
        No worries, things really are out of control this year in so many ways. Blogging is a hobby that’s fun, but never more important than real life. So please don’t worry about reading posts. Take care of yourself first, and really I hope things will go better for you soon 😊


    1. Awww thankyou so much !! yessss my gundam mug is just awesome to look at on my desk, I was need of something anime extra for ages now. Keeping yourself busy that is good. oooo which next books are you working on? thankyou for commenting to let me know how you’re going!!

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      1. You’re welcome. That would look awesome on a desk or on a coffee table or if someone made an otaku-themed coffeehouse. The last anime-themed merch I got was a Kimba the White Lion shirt that parodies the Simba cave painting. Yeah, I’ve been promoting these new cell phone novels in my Hollanduscosm series. They’re sequels and side stories to my Hollandus Landing book. Here’s a link to the first book which you can get for free or pay-what-you-want.

        No problem!


  4. I’m glad you got some of your mojo back, really looking forward to the content you have planned for the rest of the year! For me, everything is a bit up in the air, especially work wise but we’ll see what September brings 🙂

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    1. ahaha your always looking forward to whatever I do such high expectations you have of me LOL I certainly have some mojo back hoping this weekend I’ll get some posts done for september Ive done one so far, it’s a start.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more 2020 won’t be a favourite but I can’t let every moment be shrouded in negative all the time. Hope your taking care of yourself krystal!! thankyou for comments to let me know how you’re going !!

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  5. The mug I won’t drink out of is one from the first educational instutition I went to (and by that, I mean I was 4 or 5 when I went there) – when I read the back of it a few years back (where the names of the attendees of the graduating cohort were printed), I discovered this one guy who’d been on the periphery of my own existence had gone there too! Small world, eh?

    Otherwise, you already hear from me on Discord. Still celebrating Sept. 5 this year like I do every year – this year is special because Crunchyroll’s virtual con is then, too (this voice actor I’ve been following lately is a guest). It was announced recently (as of this comment) that the one anime I’ve been waiting for all year (it was meant to be airing in summer ’20, but a COVID delay happened) will be competing with Haikyuu on the day it comes out in fall, so I’m nervous…

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    1. Oooo first education institution awwww thats cute 🙂 ahahaha someone went there that’s funny!! I don’t think I heard about september 5th on discord I’ve been scarcely on there at the moment but crunchyroll con I want to check out if I’m able. speaking of 2020 seasonal october run is looking sooo bad ass mainly my god. INUYASHA haha sorry got little excited there ahaha. oo which one is competing with haikyuu? you can tell me 😉 thankyou for commenting even though we do talk on discord still I appreciate it !!


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