OwlsMiniCon – Scott and Hideaki

If you didn’t know I’m apart of a group called OWLS bloggers currently were running our own mini convention!!

Look out for me reblogging my members projects they worked on !!

Check out our first up from mecha buddy Scott a presentation on Hideaki Anno, informative spill here.

Also check out our schedule: https://owlsbloggers.wordpress.com/2020/07/12/july-is-owls/

Mechanical Anime Reviews

Hello everyone newer and . Welcome a part of our OWLS mini convention with a really long name. You know, OWLS – The Mini CONmmunity: Anime is Never Cancelled. That’s almost a light novel title. It is also my birthday. Since it is my birthday, I got the honor of posting on it. Not a bad thing for something I’ve spent almost a month working on. In an attempt to act like an oldtaku in the place of people who are more qualified but not attached to OWLS, I’m here. I suppose that I am the closest one to being one in the group. At least I am among people who are involved with this month’s tour.

The concept of this post is simulating some sort of power point panel presentations you would see at conventions. In real life this might be some sort of actual thing with me talking…

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