Unknown Time: Forget Swords We Need Nobunaguns Stat

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You would think this is by Studio Trigger piece, it is but not done by them.



13 Episodes 
Studio Bridge 
Manga Adaptation

Highschooler Sio a lone wolf and average geek, her mundane life turned top side on a school trip to Taiwan, aliens suddenly invade known as Evolutionary Invasion Objects” (EIO). In the midst of trying to save her friend Kaoru, Sio is caught up in chaos and learning she is a reincarnation of ancient icon Oda Nobunaga, transforming using AU ball holder into massive gun. Sio learns of secret organisation DOGOO set up to fight invaders through selected chosen individuals taken after historical figures. Sio decides to join DOGOO but she should have rethought that?



Trigger Crazy Alike


Nobunagun I discovered few years ago, me and a friend started randomly watching up to episode 3 and forgot about it. This week I rediscovered and picked back up, curious from first impact it made. First episode makes you think: Studio Trigger. Pizazz and BOOM unite in an explosion set up for episode one, Nobunagun lays out the grind work of it’s plain premise, using subtle catch off guard fashion. This series shot up fast in my favourite first episode delivery. Nobunagun is like Fate Stay Night meets trigger, the historical figure character influence resembled the fate stay battle essence but in a crazy wild approach.

Surprisingly this is not by Trigger but Studio Bridge, known for 2017 Royal Tutor. A small studio with few works but created an uncanny trigger dopple ganger almost. Nobunagun is highly energetic action full of plenty mad crazy from battles to the characters. Top of the action, the retro, fluorescent visuals keep up with the series loco story pace, almost each episode facing a new invader and DOGOO deducting a fast battle solution. The alien aspect is interesting concept as the invaders evolve intelligence but whole thing falls into the background. All my attention went to characters and battles.



Fiesty Female And Quirky Historical Squad



I believe Nobunagun is my first Oda Nobunaga interpretation because boy. . . there are so many adaptations around this historical icon either as a character or story. To do a whole post spread on that topic, half century would have gone by. Oda Nobunaga was a man of high principal in his endeavours, this trait was represented with fire and vigour through Sio main protagonist. It’s been a while coming across a spunky main female. The essence of Nobunaga in her veins didn’t deter the attention from Sio herself. Sio at heart a otaku military fanatic, that attribute aids her during battles more way than one. Sio is quite little tactician. It’s a moment when Nobunaga take over happens, blazing red eyes and insane smug grin, transforming into massive gun. A great chill rushes down your spine.  The rushing adrenaline from Nobunaga within gives Sio’s character major sass factor and growing confidence boost with every battle.

The addition of Oda Nobunaga flashbacks showing how a war lord would face the situation made the shared connection between Sio and him work all the more. As kick ass Sio is in gun mode and relatable, otaku side she is still a teenage facing unrealistic pressures. The series brings you back to this known fact, Sio crying over no signal to text family or friends arriving on secret island, heavy expectation DOGOO have for her. These moments were an extra and important element to Sio’s character that sealed the deal, utilised greatly and appreciated not to forget mental impact upon her. Sio was a fantastic, fun female lead with hidden layers, Sio is one of the best perks and reasons to watch this series alone.

Historical figure influence put to this series characters was out there. Funimation Dub truly brings out unique personalities meet Jack The Ripper Australian edition, purple girl Galileo, Sir Issac Newton ready to kiss your face off. Terms of accents for each famous figure, some spot on, others questionable. I will say Jack’s Australian accent near best I’ve heard so far, better than Priest John from Ghost Hunt try hard put on. Each historical interpretation had a whacky addition to their characters but made for incredibly diverse cast. Showing off best they were all geniuses in their right or just plain insane.

To have passed on the heritage from any of these historical minds, be very interesting experience. I loved the series power up concept, everyone looks wild. . .? haha I believe that terminology is so last decade ago. But ‘wild’ was the first reaction to characters outfit designs and AU weapons. All the E -gene holders look like they just came back from a mad rave. Everyone’s outfits and AU weapons were a key attraction shining brightest during battles, and particular individuals alter egos. No stopping Mr Ripper on a slicing rampage, but Jack won my heart early on. Violence factor is a ultimate high during strategic, bloody battles but it was exciting all the time.




Just look at the cutie. I love her!!


Nobunagun I feel is going to be a hit or miss, it’s a crazy mess haha. The alien perspective in the end felt lacklustre but battles were entertaining as hell. Sio is a subject of spotlight her instructor took pictures of and photoshopped in a bikini handing out to the soldiers and Newton wanted to french kiss everyone were mild fan service moments only. If you’re worried about fan service it’s very mild and harmless during my watch anyway. I find always 50/50 walking into obscurity gems such as Nobunagun going to be something special or fall flat. This series falls in middle for me but has high appeal as entertaining action. Colourful characters who are their own creepy historical genius in their own right and explosive battles with decked out weapons. Did I mention the wild suits everyone wears?

Nobunagun may not be a Trigger work but it sure feels like it. Plus that anime opening, dope as hell it went on my workout playlist so fast!!!



I was suppose to have this finished last night but thanks to Miss Naja for trying to distract me during a phone call. I hold you accountable. 

I truly adore this wild gem and if you’re in need of some wild factor, this would be for you!

Here is first unknown anime I covered

You can watch on AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, Hulu and Funimation!

Hope you enjoyed another unknown coverage and heres to more !!! 

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



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