Choblannad Sadly Exists


(Wrote back in may)

I REALLY REALLY wasn’t going to talk about this series. . . finished it last night and it’s a stabber. 

Tsukasa fails his college entrance exam instead getting a job at terminal one. Tsukasa is introduced to Isla, android model known as a giftia. These androids live for extended period of time, when reaching there expiration terminal one employees like newly Tsukasa retrieve giftia and erase their memories. Tsukasa is known as a spotter, and aria marksman. If giftia pass their expiration dates they become ‘wanderers’ going on a mad rampage. Tuskasa and Isla new partnership starts rocky but turning into something more, but at a cost.





I pronounce Plastic Memories as Choblannad. A Chobits and Clannad sob fest. The plot, anime I related this series too should be enough indication what you’re in for. 2015 when Seasonal anime truly took off, Snow White With The Red Hair, Gangsta long running favourites of mine from back then. Plastic Memories was among the line up and intrigued by premise, making me instantly think of Chobits, a society where humans and persocom androids exist together as the normal. Unlike main pair from Chobits, Plastic Memories has much somber tone throughout.

The Clannad was added on addition of when you ‘KNOW’ what’s coming. There’s a reason you delay particular anime and didn’t take long to realise why I did. Plastic Memories had been on hold for six years, somehow the timing of now made it feel right to tackle it.



Evil Sad And Happy Balance

Target’s getting away. . . what do you? DIVE


Plastic Memories is a sad series despite the hysterical humour moments, I was above and beyond thankful for the humour, it flowed really well. Terminal one unit were a fun bunch thoroughly lived for their interactions but Isla wins award for unconsciously funny. Who knew highly intelligent android could be pull off clumsy, dumb act well as Isla did, she was never conscious of miss measured decisions Aria made. Aria’s best self moments were things not going right, in her defence “Error” remark was her go to. As her personality shone more It got funnier using the remark more consciously, being coy about her mistakes.

It’s impossible to not grow a strong attachment to Aria full of unconsciously dumb cuteness but she comes with a tissue box warning. you’ll hear no more on that. Sad to say this series is sad, haha I had to do that. and why? What got to core of my feels was whole purpose of terminal one, retrieving giftia, erasing their memories and reprogrammed for another person or discarded. This world’s society is so sad, not one I could live in. Humanoid androids you shouldn’t feel pity or sorry for but Plastic Memories delivers emotional impact you’re not ready for. All cases Tsukasa and Isla are tasked with stab good.

What I find even more cruel the giftia are reprogrammed for other purposes. Displays fantastically the heavy toll of this job for terminal one but you need a strong stomach for it. The giftia have a cruel fate and it’s so sad for people who grow a devotional attachment to them whether for love, friendship or companionship. The tearaway moments made me cry every time.





Memories, even the painful ones should be treasured, not that I fully agree with this statement. We all got ones that we burnt in a fire, the lesson from those experiences we remember but there are some should remain in the abyss. The aspect of memories here painfully sad that transpires, no comfort can be brought to the people letting their giftia retrieved. Holding onto the good times important but burrows eternal pain at same time, human or android in Plastic Memories. I was determined to finish this series. . . knowing the built up blow coming, it’s another Clannad guilt tip by the end I surmised.

Memories aspect was emphasised more introducing the track “Uneasy” from OST plays towards the end more creating a somber atmosphere driving home killer blow. THIS TRACK made me sob, the acoustic strings coming right in just hit full on, so beautiful but a leaving of goodbye sense. Instrumental tracks make me cry more than lyrical and “Uneasy” has it easy with my feels on that note. 


Okay. I feel done talking about Plastic Memories. This is a anime I will never revisit, it’s not one I’ll neither recommend or not. Leave it totally up to you guys, I’LL say this: if in life you need a dire cry for reasons then go for it. This anime left me with a dull ache inside and whole post just addressing that. Let’s end on a positive note the animation was visually pleasing, throughly loved this aspect, Studio Doga Koba which no-one ever gives mention. These guys have a visually appealing animation style, I look forward to watching more shows from them. 
Plastic Memories wasn’t a waste, the humour with somber atmosphere had great balance. Characters were entertaining lot especially clumsy Isla, had one of the best couple moments pouring out devotion for one another. Ultimately 80% is sad, SAD.

Feel free to leave thoughts if you have seen this series, would you watch again!?! 


I’ll see you all next post!!



8 thoughts on “Choblannad Sadly Exists

  1. “…Studio Doga Koba which no-one ever gives mention.”

    Am I a joke to you Lita XD I talk about them… anyway, this show was not for me. I liked the first episode bit the rest was fairly frustrating. Glad to hear you seem to have gotten something from it ar least 🙂

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  2. “Choblannad ”

    That’s a really good word.

    Going into the series, we knew that it was going to be sad. I was ready for it! But the way the last episode showed the visit to the amusement park (if I’m remembering it correctly) was just so normal that it got right through my defenses.

    The mix of humor and sadness worked really well, too.

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    1. I knew it would be a sob fest but I still wanted to see it and know I wouldn’t recommend it all the time if you need that kind of series. It wasn’t terrible series just grippingly sad in its concept.

      RIGHT!?! The name sounds perfect !!!

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