My 5 To Keep Ani In Your Life

That moment you had no time to think about anime today.


Every anime fan needs their daily anime fix in some shape or form. Whether watching single episode or pinning yaoi hotness over pinterest boards (that’s not me no..). I wanted to share how I squeeze in my anime fix. 


Title of this post is super cheesy but I love how it rhymes?

Teen me: “I have my whole life to watch all the anime”
Now: “Yes!! 1980s Macross super dimension is completed

Innocent child thoughts at a better time in your life, when first entering into the abundance that is anime. Everything is new, shiny and full of wonder, my wonderful years from 13 to 17, never crosses your mind, life has a time limit at the end. I was swallowing every new anime experience in sight, moving onto the next without thought. It’s the most blissful kind of thinking, that I’m trying to gain back now. ahh

Then.. adulthood comes.
Time has a limit.

Narumi’s shocked face has been on my days where anime didn’t cross my mind till my eyelids want to give way. In my prime of reaching nearly 30, my daily anime fix is more important than ever to me. . . I m p o r t a n t.

I make that time for my anime, you make that time for your anime. Here are five things I do to keep the ani in my life. 


Gym Ani Groove

I need to watch this anime!

Life is busy, life is stressful we all know that. The “I’m too busy” classic motto is an exhausted saying I’ve stopped telling myself these days. What I’ve learned in my prime 20’s, the things most important, ya
MAKE the time for people. Anime is extremely important to me, I make that effort it daily no matter what is laid ahead. You can accomplish your daily anime fix by the smallest feats. For those days life just won’t let you breathe, exercising or gym is best source of relief.

I average 4 to 5 visits to gym weekly since restrictions were lifted, ah I felt alive again. My gym routine has completely changed focusing more on strength and resistance work, where before cardio took precedence. It was easy to squeeze couple anime episodes on treadmill but cardio machines aren’t in my routine right now. Helping me through my current routine is Anime openings.

My workout playlist is all over the place as is my music taste but 1/4 contains kick ass anime openings that let me focus. I like anime openings than endings, no particular reason for that just majority in my playlist are opening songs. Don’t think that matters much anyway. The list will grow but anime songs in general bring a fantastic essence to your workouts like Kpop. I feel the utmost satisfaction just from listening to my favourite openings during a workout, my fix filled.

Here are a few favourites: 


 Here are more tunes here

Brekkie and Lunch Swapout 

It’s a boring activity scrolling through my phone during breakfast or lunch to me. My mind rather be concentrated on the yummy food in front of me and anime. So swap out the phone for a anime episode or manga chapter. If you work 9 to 5 then fitting your anime fix during lunch should be no feat. I usually look at my phone after my meal and anime engagement, then no guilt lingers not getting my anime fix. Much like my gym time this important daily is another small feat to, it’s honestly the easiest to include during your day.

If time allows get through half episode or manga chapter only then nothing to cry about. I’d cry millions tears I looked at my phone whole lunch period than watching or reading something. To me feels like time is wasted.



Blog Scroll through 


Kill two birds with one stone: reading bloggers posts and discussion time. Blogging is a time consuming hobby but it comes with reaping benefits. Least every other day, after dinner or before I’m about to have nightly binge. I’ll check out the wordpress app, these times are the usual for me but depends on the day. Most of the time I’ll read and comment in the mornings. Reading others thoughts is the stem for my ever-growing inspiration and endless watch list. It’s hard enough to keep up with other bloggers and discussions, I get more anime talk from my blog than twitter or instagram. Those social medias are just convenient on the like basis, than people actually commenting mostly instagram in this case.

Funny fact: On a particular day I may have planned to start a series and reading someone’s anime review, I’ve scrapped my plans entirely and watched reviewed show instead. Recently Scott from Mechanical Reviews got me to watch Super Dimensional Macross, dropping all my plans. He’ll be pleased to know.



Time Timer

Passing By Clocks Anime Dark Fast Slow Time GIF | Gfycat

Time is only your enemy if you plan and treat it that way. Productivity means more to you as you get older people. Least thing I was making time for was manga because life to me would be so much easier just watching anime. No. . . loving both is conflicting. Ha I’m not even kidding saying that, most nights I can’t decide if I should continue my show or read. This is torn apart daily basis, what do you think I op for? watching dramas, HAHA.

I am hopeless these days. I block out time slots for everything now. Mostly I do this for manga, setting 1 hour timer to read. I can’t tell you the satisfaction it brings to fit in one of many things you love.

Not every evening is like this.

If I’m on a bingeing streak then nothing will stop me. My manga time slot I opt for afternoons if the case. Sometimes I’ll block out half evening for anime then other half for dramas.

See how liking many things is torture?. . when you reach my age YES!

Somehow it all works out.  . somehow



Window Shopping Scrolling



It’s midnight, I can’t sleep what do you do? scroll through ebay and amazon. My inner collector me I can never control. If a day I’ve done none of the above, we resort to online window shopping. 70% is uneventful and other. . . well bye money. This is more of a bad habit than an ideal daily fix but makes me stupid happy seeing what prices have dropped on my amazon wish list. What new listing on ebay have appeared. Me and ebay have a special bond for years, half my collection is ebay. LOL

Ahh just writing about this makes me wants to. This is the dumbest thing on the list to get my fix but it does work. 

You can’t tell me you don’t do this on a weekly basis *points to you*

I will find out muahh !!



Some of these you have probably heard before but please do share below:

How do you get your daily fix? Do you treat time and anime with kindness?

I need to do more lists, looking through my category other day, it’s pretty bare. Hope you enjoyed the read and inspires you to make effort for your anime!!

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 



  1. Making the time and the effort to include anime in your schedule really is the first step indeed. This was a fun post! Thank you for sharing 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have an old IPod filled with anime music that I listen to when I’m at work and in my car, many days will sneak an anime episode in at lunch, and try to set aside 30 min to an hour after work to try to watch a couple of episodes. It is crazy how much more stuff I would watch/read if I had the time. It is a lousy cycle where you want to spend your time enjoying your hobbies but need to work in order to afford to enjoy yourself. Great post on a topic that I’m sure many of us can relate to.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I browse WordPress during breaks and while on commutes, plus read whatever interesting things drop into my emails.

    For anime, I just watch what I want when I want and stick manga into the gaps (because I’m a much faster reader than I am a watcher…unless I’m reading it in Japanese, in which case checking up vocab/grammar takes a while), meaning after a full day of volunteering (7 and a half hours, with 2 hrs of that being breaks), I’ll want to watch or read some stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

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