Blog Update: I’m Back, Oops


A quick blog update as I just up and activated ninja mode. It’s deactivated not to worry.


Hello darlings!


I can call you darlings right? 

It’s nice to be back writing for the blog, long story short, life, life and life took me away from here for past month. I don’t really have to say how insane the world is right again? but we all do what we must to keep ourselves sane. My time away wasn’t wasted I was still watching anime and reading manga etc. Lots of anime actually more than reading, got to a good chunk of series.

The best takeaway for me was refreshed approach to everything in my life and including blogging. You’re going to be seeing a lot of more random appear here, following this post, I’ll be publishing another post of what that might look like. The most excited kind of content I’m excited to write about is: Unknown anime. This original goal has never happened during my blogging time, but I’m not going to feel bad because experimentation is all apart of the journey. I’ve already created a list of series to slowly get through, I already have completed two series. So a post on those two you’ll see during June sometime.

Over the next week will be spent playing reading catch up of others blog posts from over May, whole months worth >.< oh my goodness.



Drama Talk 

I can’t remember when it was in some update post I announced no longer covering, K dramas, J dramas etc. I’ve completed a few dramas over past month and like to return the drama talk. Dramas are massive indulgence next to anime I can never seem to not watch and wish to share on here once again. This is permanent fixture to the blog, and excited to bring back. The first one I’ll be discussing is a action K drama sometime in June.



Here is a feel good tune for you all that I’ve been obsessed with lately. Pokemon goodness what can I say? I am a pokemon loser

That’s all for now I have to say update wise, I’m still tinkering with couple of things not blog related that have been left in the dust, I’d like to restart on a very casual basis. But I’m not rushing myself. 

Least your informed the blog wasn’t dead, I always owe you guys that at least.

Take care of yourselves during this crazy times and self care people, SELF CARE!!
I speak from the past month for myself. 

I’ll see you in exciting posts to come!! 



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