A Together Post – A – Rama

Insert *crying natsuya kirishima because it looks sexy and my blogger Peeps mean a lot because lita is a sap*

It’s been a long time since you saw this catchy title. I’ve been meaning to do this for past month from reading some great posts this year. What better time to support and introduce some freshness into the ani blogging community.


Greeting guys!!

Hope you have been keeping safe and well always!!

Last post-a-rama was December. . . let’s face it lot of my content has just fell off the band wagon and it’s cool with me now. BUT this post-a-rama segment I had never planned to let die, my attitude towards blogging since beginning of the year has been random. Random just works for me, most of you who read any of my posts, know this pretty well. Keeping things here low key I’ve loved lately and keeping things organic. I’ll address in a mini update next week or this weekend.

A post in march I expressed the downturn of anime blogging on this platform since beginning this year. Top of what has taken place this year has only added to impact. Which i’ll repeat life takes precedented, now is the time people should be focusing on themselves and only coming back here if they feel ready or wanting to. Hoping for this extra special edition of post-a-rama give you a chance to catch up on any reads and discover new people like always. One note I wanted to make just because sometimes Lita doesn’t leave a comment on your post and only like, doesn’t mean I forgot. Eventually I get around coming back to leave a comment no matter how late. Post-a-rama gives me a chance to write mini thoughts of people’s posts, making up for the comments I couldn’t get to writing.

Let’s see what reads I have you all and how I can sell to you to read!!



Half-Time with Ahiru no Sora Phoenix Talks Pop Culture 

Ahiru No Sora aka Sky ducks a basketball anime not gaining much traction making it’s debut Fall 2019. About a bunch of delinquents and optimistic Sora wanting to play basketball in high school and participate in a school competition. I fell in love this series and idiot main characters, I was so happy to see Phoenix advocating for this series. Addressing agreeable points, the pacing is fair and the main team have rough patches to work through before coming a team. It’s not a haikyuu, but laid back approach why I find it fun, Phoenix addresses their likes even though they cannot process longer series, check it out

Naja from Blerdy Otome talk her favourite boys love anime thus far and great choices she’s chosen. I’m a lover of all the series she mentions, Given, Hitorijime My Hero. Boys love genre is a problematic genre for many but if you’re like me when you don’t care, take this genre as a pure pleasure then check out Naja’s list!! 

What a way to discover certain things in this post. I discovered Ren’s blog last month, coming back to blogging only recently after 4 years. Ren’s post on photography itself was informative and interesting, I discovered a new anime and manga to look into. Ren is very passionate in her posts and lays out both from anime/manga examples, the art of photography itself, significant meaning it has on our life and memories. Really enjoyable read if you like descriptive detail !!  



I watched an animeViolet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll

I recently watched this delightful side film from Violet Evergarden, Sheazer has wrote the fairest review I’ve read so far on this film and love how he has laid out, displayed in a simple reading manner.


Two Happy CatsReviewing Ensky PAPER THEATRE – Craft Time!

Steph recently made a return to blogging, so happy to see. I really enjoyed her post on trying her hand at crafting, putting together 3D paper theatres, she got from Japan last year. It looks like she had fun making them and I want to buy some now !!!


Al’s Manga Blog  – Manga Mini Reviews (Castle Heaven Vol 1, Deko-Boko Sugar Days & The Conditions of Paradise) 

I’ve been following Alyssa’s manga blog since end of last year and love her first impression reviews on the latest reviews. I enjoy reading her thoughts a lot and her blog has become a reminder for what I forget to preorder. I hold her thoughts in a trusting respect, like in her mini manga reviews, not taking long to convince me. It’s needed to be added to my list. Highly recommend following her if you enjoy manga and for new releases.



Reasons To Anime The illegal 10/10 anime

Casper expresses their feelings on people rating 10/10 scores and scoring anime in general. I agreed with the majority that 10/10 rating especially are subjective, much with scoring anime in general. Fact we give series 10/10 because they are favourites but it’s rare for a series to be perfect in all elements. Casper brings up figure 17 newly favourite using as an example much as they enjoyed it, not every element for that 10 hit. It was a eye opening discussion how much self investment we take in regard to scoring anime if that is something we enjoy. 


The BackloggersHow Anime Can Help Us Survive Disastrous Times

I love personal posts on anime, the hugest sucker for them. Generaltofu a member of backloggers expresses how the current pandemic has affected them. Moreover how in the most distraught of times anime is greatest comfort. They go through old favourites, recently they visited and how going backwards brought reassurance. I love revisiting favourites always and that as a anime fan, one of the best things you can do right now. 


Nerd RamblesThe Importance of Reading

I’ve gotten back into reading regularly for past nearly two years which has been great because I was missing out on whole load of good crap. Megan reiterates the importance for her of reading, for our mental health, as an engaging activity and constant learning aid. I support all the points she makes in her short spill here.


Trickster’s Treatise – How We Talk About Anime: The Limits of Subjectivity

This was a fairly decent view point on defining what makes an anime “good’ and on topic of subjectivity. Daniel reiterates the importance of digging dip, having to make effort of research what makes the work good from different elemental factors. Doing this makes you in his words “sharper viewer” and being more mindful towards the subject. Great detailed piece on the subject at hand.


K at the moviesThe Fragile Phantom and Love’s Sorrow – When Good Becomes Great

My experience with this anime was ruin thanks to spoilers from bombardment fans who came my way, maybe second round one day might change that. It’s a wonderful show Your Lie In April undoubtedly. K full on reflection of this series was a great detailed read of their feelings towards the series and break down what makes this anime powerful from a tragic and musical perspective.

I Drink and watch animeWhen Hobbies Use To Be Hobbies

Irina is a well known face in this space and her posts full of humour and enthusiasm at it’s finest. I could pick from so many of her posts I’ve enjoyed but one that hit home was when hobbies don’t stay hobbies no longer. Like that thing called ‘blogging’ haha. Hobbies becoming chores you know you need to stop and take a breather. Irina goes over the common factors why hobbies don’t remain fun sometimes but reminds you keep them fun guys, save yourself a headache.

 Yuri Reviews My Top 10 Yuri Anime

No secret I’m a lover of yaoi and yuri genre. Rock The Vogt lists of their favourite yuri anime was a nice round up of choices and list I’d recommend to anyone who was looking for decent yuri anime to watch. I’ve watch few yuri anime myself so this is great for me.

 Mechanical Anime Reviews – #MechaMarch : After War Gundam X – Hope and Escaping from Past Mistakes

This march I participated in the mecha march once again and was the most successful in my eyes for me. Scott is creator of this yearly event and always put so much effort into it all. His write up on After War Gundam x is just a fraction of example. I’m currently watching this at the moment but got put on pause for a bit. Scott is my go to for the mecha goods, if mecha is something you enjoy then is blog has plenty of that.

Biblo Nyan – Your Name. & the Forgotten Fragments of Tradition

Neha I’ve always admired the way they write their blog posts very informative and on point. Neha writes a beautiful review on Shinkai’s Your Name and every reason to watch this impressive film for it’s storytelling and visuals. Great job here Neha!

The Animanga Spellbook Seasonal Anime Watchers With David Attenborough

Aria writes a hilarious piece in Attenborough style for the process people who watch seasonal anime go through. I was almost tempted to record mini recording of this, Aria let me know if you want this to happen haha.

Nerdification ReviewsApril Wrap Up 2020

I’ve mentioned Amanda here on the blog before in a interview. She covers anime, k pop, manga etc. Going to her blog is a joy, she’s one of the most laid bloggers I know and her blog style. Reading her wrap up made me laugh taking on the light novel I currently just finished and has an  interest in now. I hope you do more wrap up Amanda, I like your book diversity whenever I read them.


Finally I could give back to some of you wonderful folk!


I wanted to give a special shoutout to a new anime/manga blogger Christina from SushiRainbow. She just created her blog this week, I met her through instagram turns out we had a lot of similar interests. Following other bloggers like Nerdification Reviews, me and others she wanted to try her hand at blogging.

I’d appreciate fellow blogger friends out there, you know who you are *winks* Pop on over and make Christian feel welcome, I’ve spoken highly of the welcoming bunch I know you all are and I know you’ll support her. 


I hope some of you are feeling the love and support here. I’ll do my best to do more post-a-rama features possibly twice a month. Every blogger likes to know people to acknowledge what they write and people enjoy it.

Go check out everyone here mentioned and on my fellow anime bloggers page !!  Even just sharing this post will be most appreciated by me !

I’ll see you all in the next post!




15 thoughts on “A Together Post – A – Rama

  1. Ooh this is nice! I’ve been looking for some new blogs to follow but have no idea where to find them all so this post of yours really helps a lot! Thank you, Lita. Stay safe!

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  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! I hope you know that I enjoy your blog as well and I think it’s great that you take the time to showcase and recommend other bloggers on your platform 🙂

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