Into The Garden Of Absolute Delight


I feel the post is about to turn a tad poetic but other night I returned to a wondrous garden where flowers of are constantly blooming.


Solace In A Garden


With all my might I tried not to compare Violet Evergarden to one of my childhood films but Eternal movie went making that bridging connection. One of my favourite franchise chain of films from 90s produced by warner brothers, you may have heard or seen a few? The Little Princess, The Indian In The Cupboard. These films are special to me full of much heart and enchantment but my favourite was 1993 The Secret Garden. My gran bought me movie and must have been around 10 I saw it for first time, every rewatch itched closer to my heart.

Amy the story centre of film reminded me of Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden. Guarded individuals with low trusting levels towards others due to an event in their lives. Amy’s stubborn nature was amusing relaying back to Mary, following both transformations to see their inner shells was hard to not compare the two. Mary orphaned loosing her parents in an earthquake, casted off to a distant uncle in England, she’s never known. Mary often forgotten of, closed herself off until reconnecting with her mothers old roots and her secret garden, Mary discovered unexpectedly. Amy trying to make ends meet, taking a war orphan Taylor only to be unexpectedly separated from as a heir to noble family. Forced to attend all girls school, to become a lady and marry off, Amy becomes trapped like Mary.

Until a garden of solace comes to Amy.





Violet Evergarden has an impeccable way storytelling of others, reminds me of Ancient Magus Bride Chise encounters with human and spiritual beings. The difference I like more with Violet Evergarden is unspoken raw of letters. Combining people’s stories, letters and animated by my favourite Kyoto Animation, tears are guaranteed. Continuing on from the series, this side film enforced once more how every beautiful element exists within this work makes me cry. There hasn’t been a anime film to make me cry here much as this did, example: Taylor delivering the mail with Violet during her stay. The music, townscapes, seeing how happy Taylor was, made me ball my eyes out.

I loved this film was split into two parts from Amy and Taylor POV, Though felt Amy’s first half an hour focus was rushed a little during Violet’s stay. The film is only 1hr 30 mins, no harm to extend to 2 hours wouldn’t have hurt, there is a minor connection build up to Amy, just felt lacking. First half film has some touching and beautiful moments but my favourite: Violet as a princess knight. Violet dressed up in a white suit and ballroom dancing with Amy, is a nosebleed moment almost. I have no shame admitting that, 100% behind.

Second half of the film was more enjoyable, skip 3 or 4 years and young Taylor comes in search of Violet. Taylor is a character that should have annoyed me, you feel it, the happy go getter. BUT The dub for Violet Evergarden saved that annoyance, Taylor and her energy could follow me around all day, I’d welcome. The “constant butt in” approach was kept to a minimum with Taylor, having no-one in the world and handful of Isabelle  memories to cling onto – she’s a poor baby. The gut punch of Taylor and Isabelle connection didn’t go all way for me compared to main series but still made me teary as hell.





The minor focus on Benedict Blue, Violet’s coworker was one of my favourite parts surprisingly. Taylor’s POV changed Benedict own outlook of his job as a mail courier, a novice notion Taylor quotes “Mail brings people happiness” why she wishes to be a mail courier. Mail does bring me happiness when the anime goods come in heh, but Taylor’s sweet child ideal is a rub off that works well onto Benedict. Plus dam those sexy heels strut well, every scene glimpse: mail couriers sexy moment.

Aside from watching too much anime, period dramas are another I love to collect and watch, that social class representation is important to me. The separation of worlds of class always hits hard if done right and story grabber, Amy and Taylor bond strained from social class division is established well but sad. Add the letter exchanges between pair, a connection is still there but bittersweet in this case.



She Feels Like A Garden



Violet may have taken a backseat for this film but presence stronger than ever to me. Violet is still on a journey coming into her own as a person and journey, I loved this film gave chance to show Violet is sprouting into a new person. Violet’s character generally cannot express how her presence either series or film makes me so damn happy, possessing this innocence and pure factor that I will never possess. Bit of a sinner over here but aren’t we all, haha.

Gardens are full of happiness, Gardens are full of light both Amy and Mary found solace but in different ways. Buds, seeds can be destroyed, cut down but amazing ability to blossom again. Violet herself acted as perfect essence, aid of a garden that I would welcome into my life any day. Whether you watch this side film or series, prepare to enter into a garden of absolute delight, visually and full heart felt story-telling like you’ve not experienced before. Kyoto Animation bringing the finest gem of their chest right here!



Violet Evergarden I suggest watching when you feel emotionally ready, recommend to not watch if you’ve had a crap day. Less you need enforcement of tears. Forget how many times I cried just how beautifully visually everything was, and now I’m going to think of Secret Garden every dam time now.

You can watch on Netflix! 

Hope you enjoyed the read and peaked your interest!

I’ll see you all in the next post and stay safe and well!! 



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