5 Inner Me Concepts That Won Me Over


Finishing To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts recently sparked the idea to look at characters having split personality or entity inside themselves. They cannot control, the suffering of their existence or how they deal on a daily basis with.


I’m sure you’ve seen a thousand times in anime, a power, another personality, scientifically experimented on a character can’t deal with. They don’t want to hurt close ones around them etc. These character roles have to sell them selves good in my eyes to make that emotional impact, the angst-filled journey worth your time. The scientifically experimented through no fault of the character a regular use over, needs make impact ten times harder. Otherwise we would be feeling sorry for every poor victim. Here are 5 individuals power struggles to finding peace or solace weren’t made easy, that sold me fast.



Kenshin Himura (Battōsai Man Slayer)




We’re starting with obvious one I’ve talked about on the blog too many times. Place of top favourite male character has not changed for years now, much like that. . . Jupiter girl, haha. The coverage of Kenshin’s character in Rurouni Kenshin is substantially supported with conviction and wide spread backstory. Bringing everything wrapped up nicely. Kenshin’s inner me concept is about identity his, young days during Bakumatsu Era left him eternally scarred. Countless lives slain he never questioned but only obeyed orders as battosai the man slayer. A tragic event brought Kenshin to sense vowing to never kill again and live as a wanderer.

The little details are what make the difference in anything to give us a compelling character seller. Kenshin carries backward blade symbolising the vow he made to himself, moments of wavers creep in but this blade remains a constant reminder. I loved this standout detail as an aid for Kenshin to not revert back. Can’t forget the part scar Kenshin gave himself as another reminder. Next biggest part was Kenshin regaining some trust for himself and trusting in others. Kenshin looks back at his idiot, selfish youth full of too much righteous ideas as his downfall, without this support pillar, this story of redemption wouldn’t have stood strong. Being given the chance to redeem yourself is beyond hard, past ridicule is hard to erase, Kenshin’s torn battle between redemptional and assassin self is ugly and yet beautiful.



Moka Akashiya (Split Vampire)


Rosario Vampire sad I haven’t mentioned on the blog ever yet, one of the very first vampire series I fell in love with. I just have a spot for this series among my list choices. Moka suffers from having split personality, outer Moka is very sweet and happy, maybe slightly ditzy at times. Moka wears a cross rosary around her to keep inner moka in tact as inner Moka likes to cause a stir all the time. Adding Moka to the this list might be questionable but I refer to outer Moka mainly. Outer Moka is dragged along for the ride because anytime another monster wants to pick a fight, she’s usually. Inner Moka comes to save the day but she is so badass.

As a child Moka spent time in the human world and treated as reject, even coming to monster school it’s the same story. Not winning on either side, rejected by even fellow monsters like her, Outer Moka turns into a pushover. When Tsukune a human attending her school changes everything, Moka finds belonging eventually among a group of quirky monster girls. Inner and Outer Moka are at odds slowly reaching a union of comprise, only make one another more resilient. In the manga coverage of Moka’s self growth is a treat in particular, ultimately selling me her split struggle.



Hank Henriette (Scientific Beast)



Voluntary humans undergo scientific experimentation for theirselves and country to end the war, their not victims in your eyes. They made a choice but what came next was sad. Hank Henriette captain of the incarnates, group of individuals having the ability to change into mythical beasts. Hank is a good captain, looks out for well-being of his comrades always, everyone had a reason taking up chance given to go to war. Chances are stripped away the northern union turn to discard the unneeded incarnates. On top of that Hank’s close comrade Cain betrays everyone and killing Elaine, a doctor who didn’t see beasts – whom Hank loved.

Cain flees with other comrades disappearing and Hank vowing to search and put down his surviving incarnates, before there human souls become a memory. To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts sold it good, Hank’s suffering task to kill his own comrades. Each episode focuses on different individual laying out a sorrowful plea and a pained Hank carrying too many burdensome. Some aspects to the series are very predictable but Hank’s vow storyline is solid, waiting to see when he would loose it wasn’t good anticipation. From raging emotions that wanted to explode any minute.



Anzai Yuki (Half Devil) 



Dare say we all have series, we’re proud to be advocates of. Spread the word for how great it, Devils Line is one of my mine. I have yet to see the anime but the manga is in my top 10 favourites, it’s so bloody good. My ultimate romance vampire and more wrapped up as it was made for me. One prime focuses is Tsukasa and Anzai complex relationship, the existence of Anzai being half devil and human brings vast complications. In a society devils are shunned, unlike you’re blood thirst vampire, devils defer difference in heightened emotions such as lust causing fits of raged blood lust. In this vegetated state, devils are not something you want to be near, confronting scenes of violence appear throughout. Devils Line isn’t for faint hearted, raw themes of abuse, domestic, sexual to name a few.

Anzai and Tuskasa go through no end loop holes to find how their chained relationship can work. The simple of a touch is broadened complexity for Anzai as a devil, just one taste of Tsukasa’s blood, lessened the restraints of any control for Anzai if he goes into a frenzy state. The contents and lengths both take to be together is something you don’t comprehend at the beginning, it’s intense and gutsy. Devils have sucky existence indeed and Anzai’s marathon to reaching understanding for himself is tearing and mentally draining. I have yet to cover this series in a post hope to this year, need a reread of the manga first, this series digs deep in the crevice of suffering and twisted. Full warning before you think to read this.


Kyo Sohma (The Cursed Cat) 


Are you watching new Fruits Basket 2019? Ah, it’s so GOOD!! this adaptation is everything. It was round three for me from original, the manga and now this to watch Kyo’s suffering all over again and tear my heart out. The odd one out among 12 zodiac animals, the cat loner. The emotional scars of isolation and discard run especially deep for Kyo, not until reading the manga I learned extend. I won’t be spoiling for anyone, don’t worry. Kyo’s longing for acceptance is a suck up invest with addition of his fantastic characterisation, it’s a solid win over. His characters backstory is an easy relation and tears are guaranteed. 

Kyo’s acceptance plea tips the scale of a lasting desperation when Tohru enters into his life. Shifts of good change happen but inside Kyo is a runaway and an act of indescribable measure it will take for this broken ginger to feel whole. Just poor Kyo is all you’ll be saying by the end, the investment of whole ordeal is so worth it.


None of the list ideas are ever planned, the randomness thing can set off an idea this is one of those time. You get to learn that the “inner me concept” is one I care about a lot to have a strong backing to sell well. Without that it falls flat all too often.

What are character “inner me” concepts that won you over?

Hope you enjoyed the read !! and I’ll see you in the next post!!



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